Kings and Orphans
By: Ultimate Sorceress

"Fujin Kazeno to the Headmaster's office. I repeat, Fujin Kazeno to the Headmaster's office."

Fujin sighed. All she wanted was a vacation. One three-day vacation, was that to much to ask?

"Sorry Kazeno, looks like that vacation will have to wait." Cid told her. Apparently it was too much to ask.

"FINE. NEEDED WHY?" She was very good at getting her point across with few words.

"We need you to go undercover with our new SeeD. Squall, come in." Said SeeD stepped into the office. Fujin whirled to face him. The young man was a few inches taller then she, brown hair hung messily in his eyes, simply stared at her. Expressionless, heartless. Good, maybe he wouldn't be a complete nuisance after all.

"Kazeno this is your partner. You are going undercover in Delling investigating the recent string of murders. Assuming a new identity, you will gather as much information as possible. We don't trust Delling is telling the truth. They said the murders were not linked in anyway. The form and presentation of the murders are much to similar to be considered coincidence and we will not have a serial killer on the loose, running about able to enter Balamb at will. He must be stopped." Cid pounded the table for emphasis and Fujin yawned. Cid always did bore her to tears.

"What makes you so sure he is a he? Couldn't be a woman?" She asked. After the initial shock of her using 13 consecutive words in a complete sentence he sighed and continue, knowing she was just being difficult for having her vacation ruined.

"As of right now you are no longer Fujin Kazeno. You are now Emmie Lou Jones. The new SeeD and Sorceress transfer from Esthar. We've already negotiated a deal with Esthar and that is why Squall is here. One of their best with one of ours. His name is Jade Morgan as of now. He is undercover as you boyfriend who transferred with you. The rest of the information and new identities will be found in your room. Report to the docking bay at 6:00 am sharp. Don't be late. If anyone suspects that you are NOT dating and are NOT what you appear, it will be our heads. I suggest you two get to know each other."

Fujin and Squall exchanged distasteful glares.

"That's an order. Dismissed." Cid thundered. Fujin glared at him one last time and stormed out, 'Jade' hot on her heels. She tried to 'lose' him in the crowd. He was quick and easily stayed with her. She gave up and sat down in the cafeteria, Squall sitting facing her. She glared at him with her good eye. Squall glared right back.

"Don't like you." She told him.

"You can't not like me when you don't even know me." He pointed out. She got up.

"Watch me." She growled and left. She didn't know that Squall had never said that many words in one sitting in his life. Then again, she probably wouldn't have cared if she had. Fujin headed to her room. She found the bag with her supplies: Green contacts, blonde hair dye, her briefing and some new clothes. She read the brief.

' Blah, blah, blah, investigating murders in Delling, Blah, bublah blah, new transfer to Delling. Blah , blah. Lose the eye patch Kazeno.' She rolled her eye, looked at the hair dye and groaned. Sun kissed wheat, the box read. Perfect. She could walk around looking like grain while she dated jewelry. Perfect. Sighing she headed to become Emmie Lou Jones. 'There goes my I.Q.' She thought bitterly as she let the dye settle for the allotted five minutes. While she waited, she put on the contacts. The left eye's discoloration was covered well. She liked the bright, sparking green. She finished her hair and dried it in her typical style, not quite ready to change it yet. Well at least she looked different. She had to resist the urge to put her old black patch back on. She put on the tight black min skirt and the velvety royal blue strapless top. Did Cid enjoy making her look like an idiot? She pulled out the netted tights and the boots with impossibly high heels. 'Yes he does.' She thought. 'Well now that I look like a performing monkey in heels, lets test out Cid's new identity' She took a step and fell. 'After I learn how to walk.' She thought frowning, and tried again. Failing miserably. Some one laughed. Emmie Lou looked up and cursed.