Chapter Nine---Hidden in Plain View

" I warned you can't win. But you and your little girl friend here weren't going to listen to me...Such a shame that you can't follow the rules." Squall and Fujin held their arms up, backs to a killer.

"What rules? You don't play by the rules." Squall muttered through clenched teeth. A souless laugh crept down his spine.

"Of course I do. It's my game. They're my rules. And you're the ones not playing fair. I warned you." Fujin turned just as a single shot shattered the silence. Squall rushed to catch her as she fell, a figure dashing out the door. Blood stained Fujin's shirt as she struggled to breathe. Her eyes were coated with pain and her hand was fisted in his shirt, as if he was the only source of strength she had left.

"Fuu? Stay with me...don't you dare close your eyes. Stay awake!" Within minutes Squall had called 911 and the sound of sirens filled him with an uneasy sense of relief. Fujin hadn't released her grip on him as she coughed up blood onto his white shirt. Squall's mind was numb as the paramedics rushed in and took her away. Somehow, he found himself on the ambulence, her grip on his hand never failing, her eyes locked onto him. Slowly and painfully, she laced her fingers with his, the small gesture snapping Squall back into loud, chaotic reality. He searched her eyes and he knew. She didn't regret kissing him. It wasn't a mistake to her. Now if only she could live long enough to prove it.

Too close...too close...You have to stop this! more! I can't hurt any more people! Silence. We warned him. She was to close to the truth. It was the only way to buy us time. Focus. Dear, sweet Phoung is next. Look at her...look at her!

Tortured chocolate orbs looked at the woman bound to the chair, large almond eyes glistened with betrayal, fear and anger.

You hold the power over them now. You can take what they took from you. Finish it.No! I can't! Please! Finish it!

With a sob, the knife was brought down. And then again. And again.

"Mr. Leonheart?" Squall looked up, fearing the worst. They only called you sir if someone was dead or dying.

"Sir, she's stablized and she should be just fine in a few days. We're going to keep her here for a day or two to check her progress and then we'll release her. Would you like to see her? She's awake." Squall stood and quickly followed the doctor.

Fujin sat propped up against several pillows, paler then before and pouting, looking for all the world like a small child who didn't get her way.

"Fuu?" She turned and gave him a slight smile before glaring savagely at the doctor.

"I'm fine. They won't release me." Squall sighed and sat beside her, taking her hand. She didn't pull away.

"...You almost died...we just want to make sure your ok." Fujin rolled her eyes.

"I'm alive now aren't I? I can't belive he snuck up on us like that. How did he even know who were are...unless...we met him before? don't think its a friend of the girls' do you?" Squall narrowed his eyes in thought. That possibility made things a hundred times harder. The person knew their names and faces. Knew they were being chased. And their were only three girls left. Suddenly it hit Squall. The answer. It stared them right in the face.

"I know who it is Fujin...We can stop him...but we have to be careful...we only have once chance at this." Fujin frowned but nodded, unconsciously gripping his hand tighter.

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