Harry was laying in his cupboard under the stairs, staring at the ceiling. The night he came back from Hogwarts, he was beaten by Uncle Vernon, and thrown in there. Harry cursed and tried to go back to sleep, but his thoughts kept going back to Wormtail. 'Wormtail, you took away my happiness, and my dream. You WILL pay!' thought Harry as he started to drift off to sleep.

"Get up you lazy boy, get UP!" yelled Uncle Vernon as he grabbed harry by his neck and threw him against the wall. As he began kicking him, he said "I will not have a lazy murderer in my house!" 'What?! How did he find out about Cedric Diggory's Death?' thought Harry as he passed out.

Cold water was thrown on an unconscious Harry to wake him. "Dad said to wake you and give you this list. Have them all done by the time he comes back from work, or you'll get a repeat of what happen this morning!" Laughed Dudley as he started to walk away. Harry got up and took a look at the list

Wash all dishes

Mop all floors

Dust everything

Weed the garden

Paint the house

Paint the fence

Clean out garage

Have Dinner ready

And I will be checking everything!

'At least this list isn't as long as the one I got before" thought harry as he went to the kitchen to get started on the dishes.

Uncle Vernon arrived promptly at 5:00p.m. sharp, just as Harry finished dinner. "Boy! You were suppose to have the table set by now!" yelled Uncle Vernon as he walked into the kitchen. "What is that suppose to be?" said uncle Vernon, pointing to the chicken Harry just pulled out of the oven.

"Its chicken sir" Harry said "Don't you see the wings and legs?"

"Don't you get smart with me boy! It doesn't look like a chicken! And its burnt!! Come here you!" Uncle Vernon grabbed Harry and dragged him to the living room. "Dudley, go get me my belt, the butcher knife, and your Smeltings'' Stick"

"Right away father" said Dudley, running upstairs.

"I'll make you sorry you were born boy!" said Uncle Vernon as he started to punch, kick, and slap every part of Harrys body.

Once Dudley got back, handing his father a belt, a knife and his Smeltings' stick, he went back into the kitchen and came out with a bowl of popcorn, as if it were a show to watch harry receive his beatings.


~Same Time...At Malfoy Manor~

"Oooooooooh" moaned Draco Malfoy, currently in a bloody heap in the middle of his room. 'Father's such a bitch, he should rot in heaven for all eternity.' Thought Draco. Narcissa came into the room, a platter with food and medicines with 2 house elves walking behind her.

"Draco, honey, get up and eat something please, eat while I tend to your wounds."

"Mother, if father see you here, you'll be in even worse shape than I am. Please, I've been through this before, it isn't anything new."

"No, Draco, I will tend to your wounds, weather you like it or not." Just as Narcissa handed over the potion, and Draco was about to drink, someone apparated in.

"Narcissa, what are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay out of this room!" yelled Lucius as he backhanded Narcissa. She hit the wall with a nasty 'Crack' and fell to the floor, blood trickling down her face.

"Mother!" Draco got up and ran, actually more like limped as fast as he could to his mothers side.

"You bitch!" Draco got up, stuck his hand in his robe and pulled out his wand.

"Growing a backbone aren't we Draco?" laughed Lucius. "Don't worry, it won't last long, Impervio!" Draco had a funny feeling in his head. It got all cloudy, and he thought he was floating.

"Get up and go to the kitchen, once there, grab a knife and do the most damage to yourself without killing yourself." said a far away voice. 'Okay, lets go' He lifted a foot, about to go to the kitchen when another voice said 'STAY!' 'Okay, I think I'll sit here instead.' Draco sat down, and started humming a tune. Lucius walked over and backhanded the boy. Then he accioed a whip, and beat the boy down, and, he placed a spell on Narcissa, so she would have to stay and watch him torture her son.

"Worthless boy, get up!" Lucius Malfoy walked around a puddle of blood and a crumpled up body.

"Mmm" was all that Draco could manage to get out.

"Cruico!" yelled Lucius as he kick Draco again and again.

'I bet the golden boy has never been through what I've been through. Why did my thoughts go onto him?' thought draco as he passed out.

~Meanwhile at Remus' house....~



Both Remus and Sirius stumbled out of their bedrooms and into the hall.

"Moony, we gotta go check on Harry! I know somethings wrong, I don't know, but I think I had a vision"

"I know what you mean Padfoot. After we go and check on Harry, we have to go to Malfoy Manor."

"WHAT?! WHY?!"

"Padfoot, you don't understand. Lucius will kill Draco if we don't. Draco doesn't want to follow Lucius' foot steps. He actually, deep down, wants to help Dumbledore, if you can believe it. Its hard to believe, I know, but its true."

"Okay, lets just go and get them and bring them both back here. Hopefully, Dumbledore doesn't kill us when he finds out. I don't think the Ministry will care, as I am a free man now" He said with a smug grin on his face.

"I know Sirius, wait till Harry finds out, he'll be so happy!"

"I know"

"Lets go"


They walked outside, and apparated to the front door of #4 Privite Drive.

~Inside #4 Privite Drive, Vernons POV~


"Who in the right state of mind would knock on my door at this time? Its 1 bloody am for crying out loud. Its probably the boys fault, I guess it wouldn't hurt to kick him a few times before I open the door."


"Moony, something wrong, why would it take this long to open the door?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean, lets just go in, Alohamora"

They weren't prepared for the site before them.

~Harrys POV~

'What happened? The last thing I remember, is Vernon beating me and passing out. Oh, right, that's what happen' He tried to get up.

"OWWWWW!!!!!" yelled Harry, as he fell back to the floor with a loud Thud. ' I guess I better just stay here for now.'


'I wonder who that is' Feet are heard on the stairs. 'Great, just my luck, Vernons coming down for a second helping'


'What is going on? DEATH EATERS!!!' He tried to get up once again, but failed. 'Shit, and I don't even have my wand on me, I have to get it' He, with his arms, dragged himself to the cupboard under the stairs. 'Too much pain'

"Boy!" Vernon was walking over to Harry. "I thought you might want a second helping before I open the door, and you best not even scream."

The door was opening just as Vernon was kicking harry, and bringing a knife on him...


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