"Rescuing Yukina...From Me!"

Story idea thought of and written by Phoenix Kaen

A/N: I thought of this story while washing dishes, weird huh? In this story, Yukina lives at Genkai's temple and Genkai is alive. There's not much romance in this either so don't expect any Kurama/Hiei, Yusuke/Keiko and maybe only a slight hint of Kuwabara/Yukina. Another thing I don't know the time difference between Japan and America so I will pretend the time is the same. Oh yea also don't mind if I spell a word wrong occasionally. BTW, where's Genkai's temple located? Makai, Reikai or Ningenkai? I don't know much about YYH.

Disclaimer: Yoshihiro Togashi along with some companies owns the anime/manga Yu Yu Hakusho.

Warnings: Occasional swearing, mistaken sexuality jokes, and bashing of little brothers.

Summary: Yukina is transferred to my world when I accidentally wished upon a star, now I have Hiei and the gang after me...just wish I can survive the oh-so-naive Yukina, Hiei's sword and my mom's suspicions.


I went down the stairs after I finished my dinner and went into the kitchen to put my plate in the sink. I was about to climb back up the stairs which is located near the entrance of my room when mom informed me that I was going to wash the dishes. I grumbled a minute or two before settling down on the living room sofa and waited for my brother and mom to finish eating, while watching TV.


Yukina was enjoying some tea and cookies when the sliding door opened and in walked Yusuke, Keiko, Botan, Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara, Shizuru and Genkai. Yukina knew that even though that it might be hopeless to ask but she wasn't about to give up now. Yukina got off the mat (A/N: That's where ppl sit when they're in a temple, right?) and ran hurriedly over to Hiei while Kuwabara stood there with his arms outstretched and looking confused. Yusuke couldn't help but laugh while Hiei smirked at how Kuwabaka would think that Yukina would hug a baka like him. (A/N: Baka/Idiot)

"Hiei-san, did you find my brother yet?" Yukina asked. In her heart, she hoped that he would at least have one shred of news as to his whereabouts.


I hate doing the dishes! Paul, my evil little brother got out another plate and said that he needed it for his piece of cake but I knew that he purposely did that so I would have to wash more. I gritted my teeth as he slowly got out a knife and slowly walked to the fridge and slowly got out the cake. I sighed and muttered quietly so mom couldn't hear me. Paul hurriedly cut the chocolate cake. I smirked to myself because he heard what I said and knew I meant business. But then he did something I didn't expect him to do: that evil genius!

"Hey mom. Do you want a piece of cake?" he asked, throwing a mischievous look my way. "No thanks!" she yelled from the living room. Thump, thump, thump.

"Hey Dave" Dave, my little brother but older than Paul came downstairs and threw the plate in the soapy sink causing the water to splash me. "Ha, ha" my baka brothers taunted me. I stuck out my middle finger and mouthed 'Go to HELL!'

I felt a slight pressure in my tummy so I ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs and yelled at mom ,"I'll finish the dishes after I go to the bathroom!" If I didn't tell her, she'd probably assumed I was trying to get out of doing one of my most hated chores. I didn't really have to go that bad so I decided to watch the stars a little bit. I peered outside the only window of my room and to my disappointment only saw few dots. 'Oh, well. At least there are some stars.' I smiled a bit and leaned on the window sill.

To my amazement, I saw a shooting star. "No way!" I gasped out. There's hardly any stars out but a shooting star! Wow! 'Better make a wish before it burns out.' Even though I don't believe that kiddie stuff, you can still dream right? 'I wish I have somebody who's so incredibly naive so him/her can do my chores.'

"Mom, Ruri isn't in the bathroom, she's just lazy!" Paul yelled from the doorway of my room. I turned away from the window and lunged at the little snitch.


Yukina is in her room, tear gems kept falling from her crimson eyes and landed on the floor. 'I can't believe that after all this time, they still don't have a trace of my brother. I wonder if I'll ever see him.' In the living room, the Uremeshi team and the others were feeling sad for Yukina not being able to know that Hiei is her brother except for Kuwabara. He was just sad because his darling Yukina was down and that he wished he knew her brother. (A/N: I don't know how to spell Reikai ?. By the way, is that how you spell Yusuke's last name? Uremeshi?) Yukina stopped crying and looked at all the tear gems she had made. They were scattered on the floor next to her feet. She bent down and started to pick some of them up. Even though she stopped crying, she couldn't help but sniffle a couple of times. She had gathered most of them when she reached for the last one except it didn't looked like any of her blue-ish white tear gems. It was more silver-ish white and it was glowing.

Being a curious koorime, she put a finger on it and felt a warm sensation running throughout her body. It was teleporting her to another place! "Ahh! Help!" she cried. Hiei was kicked down the paper door of Yukina's room and saw at that moment, his little sister being sucked somewhere else. The others finally caught up with the miniature youkai and saw an empty room with tear gems scattered about. "Yukina!" Hiei finally breathed out, just recovering from the shock of his only living relative gone somewhere.

Kuwabara, pushed Hiei aside and ran inside and looked about. "Where's my lovely Yukina!" he yelled, pulling at his hair.


I finished the dishes and now had an arm ache and backache. What can I say? I'm a lazy girl. Just one chore and that's enough to exhaust me. I took out the key for my room and unlocked it. I always lock my room door so my pesky brothers wouldn't go in and steal things. I even locked it when I'm home and not in my room. I turn on the lights and saw on top of my unmade bed, a girl who looks about my age. Except, she had weird hair color and her clothes were even weirder. What was this girl doing here?

"Um, excuse me." I cleared my throat loud enough for her to hear and closed the door. Mom would freak out if she saw this girl. She looked all around in my room then at me. She looked afraid then created some kind of blue thing around her. Is it my imagination or did that looks like ice around her?