"Rescuing Yukina...From Me!"

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"What am I doing here?"


"MOM! We're home!" I heard my brothers yell from the downstairs.

'Oh, shit! They're home!'

"Ruri!" I heard my mom yell from her room.

'Oh, great! Now mom's awake!'

"Quick! You have to hide! Take down your shield!" I said frantically to Yukina. But she didn't obey, I knew she didn't trust me. She probably thought I was going to hurt her.

'What the hell should I do? What the hell should I do!' I looked around frantically. I was shaking and shivering all over. I was willing to get down on both knees and beg her. Just anything to get her out of here for the time being. I tried to think of a way to get her to listen to me. I looked at her, she had a look of hatred. As if to say,'If you think I'm going to listen to you, the one who brought me here, then you're crazy.'

"Ruri! Where the hell are you!" I could hear my mom yell but the sound of footsteps followed. It was heavy footsteps.

'Oh, shit! Mom's coming!' Then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. 'So are the idiots.' (A/N: Idiots aka my lil bros.)

"Please! I-I-I" Then something popped into my mind. It was so simple. Why didn't I think of it earlier? It's because I panic easily that's why. I can't think straight when I panic.

"I know what you want." I said casually, trying to get her interested. She had intrigue written all over her face. (Not literally)

"...What?" she asked timidly, almost desperate in fact.

"I know who and where your brother is." I said almost mockingly. I calmed down a little because I knew that I now was in control.

"You-you" she stuttered quietly. I nodded, trying to act like I knew everything.

"I know that you have traveled from your homeland (A/N: I dunno what her homeland is called. Floating Islands or something like that?) and that you have been searching for your twin brother but have failed." I said calmly but I was excited on the inside.

'I'm one inch closer to having a servant!'

She didn't say anything and hung her head as if she was ashamed. I stared at her amazed, as she hung her head, I saw some gleaming jewelry landing on the floor. Was it possibly coming from Yukina?

"It's true, I have been trying to search for my brother but failed miserably. I ran away from home for nothing." she said, voice trembling.

'Oh, god. I hate it when people cries.' My future servant is crying and I'm beginning to feel sorry for her. This is going to be harder than I thought.

"Look, Yukina, stop crying, will you?" I stopped, thinking about what I should say. "I can help you." I stated simply.

She looked up at me, she still looked sad but at least she wasn't crying.

"But only for a price." I said firmly.

"Name it." she said.

"Here's the deal: you have to listen and do whatever I want for at least a month and then I'll tell you who and where your brother is."

"...A month?"


Then a loud thud came from outside my window, we both turned to face the closed window. I gasped, some guy all dressed in black was standing outside my window. He looked angrily at me.

"Hiei!" Yukina yelled in delight, looking at the guy.

"Hiei?" I asked in surprise. So that was Hiei! Yukina's brother and he was standing right outside my window!

Hiei, who had a sword in his hand and I had his sister. I sighed. This was going to be a troublesome day. He knocked loudly at the window but I of course didn't open it. I mean, he had a sword for God's sakes!

"Ruri! Open the damn door!" Mom yelled from the other side of the door.

I looked at the window then the door, the window then the door, and continued doing so until I began to develop a headache. Then I heard glass breaking and I turned to the window and Hiei was breaking the glass window with his sword.

Oh, damn! He's going to get me!

A/N: To be continued!