Disclaimer: Nathan Summers and Domino, and basically anyone mentioned in this fic belong to Marvel Comics. Sadly. I'm only borrowing them to, uh... have fun.

Notes: I have no clue why I forgot to post this. I have no memory of doing so, so... I haven't. And, well, the opening paragraph is wholely nicked from one Alicia McKenzie, who is shamelessly amusing.

Dedication: I'd laike ta give a bi--*blammo* Thank you, Dom. This one's for AliMc (She who broke the world), Timey (She who angsted the world), and Allie (She who caused the world to fall off its chair).

Talk Me Down

by Ana Lyssie Cotton

"Hello, I'm Nathan Summers, son of Scott, sent as a child to the future to cure my T-O virus, sent back as a grown man to save the world from Apocalypse, called Cable to signify that I'm a link between the past and the future, and particularly fond of having wild monkey sex with Domino to release tension."

"Nate? What the hell are you on?"

The time-lost silver-haired man blinked at his brunette companion with dignity. "I'm practising my introduction speech."

"For what?" Domino raised an eloquent eyebrow, "The kids already know you."

"For the next enemy we meet."

"Nate, did someone give you Moira's coffee again?"

"Pete wouldn't be that stupid."

Domino snorted, "Right. And he still doesn't smoke."

"Good point. Dom, should I start smoking? Do you think the kids would like me better if I did?"

"You've been hanging around Pete too much."

"He seems to get more respect than me. The kids liked him."

"The kids thought he was a bastard."

Nate brightened, "I could try being a bastard, too."

"And drinking like a fish. Yes, Nate, you could try being cool and trendy, but it wouldn't work."

"I could wear parachute pants and neon."


"And dayglo hightops. It's perfect. The kids would love me."

She stared at him, eyes wide, "Fine. You do that, Nate. I need to, um, go get something."


"A video camera. And Moira.... I think. Maybe a still camera too. I wonder if selling pictures on Ebay would bring in any cash...."

For a moment, the big man stayed silent as his partner disappeared from view. Then he snickered, "She's so gullible."