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Because I Got High

-Scene 1-

Kurt felt most at home in the dark. He could often be found, or rather, not found, on the campus at night. His natural abilities allowed him to disappear into the shadows quite effectively; he always took full advantage of them, as he was doing now. Teleporting from tree to tree, he alternated between exploring the grounds (a very different place at night), enjoying the solitude, and keeping an eye on the twilight activities of the school. Kurt is currently enjoying the 'floor show', as Evan is attempting to wow Kitty with some particularly choice boarding moves. Kitty is the very image of passionate interest. She clutches her books to her chest, stares skyward, and keeps checking her watch. Finally, with heaving shoulders that indicate a sigh of utter relief, she turns back towards the school, followed by Evan, who's scrambling to catch up. Recognizing his cue, Kurt readies himself for teleport to the kitchen. He doesn't make it. He stops cold, distracted by the play of the shadows on a crouching figure below. "Toad?!"

Todd , having been staring off into space for quite some time now, jumps at the sound of someone's voice cutting through his hazy thoughts and bringing him back into reality. He quickly composes himself, however, and brings his body closer to the ground, ready to defend himself. "Who's there, yo?"

Kurt teleports to a limb just above Toad's head, wraps his tail around the trunk, and drops. He hangs there, upside-down eyes giving curious looks to right-side-up ones. "Your friendly neighborhood Nightcrawler. And can I ask what you're doing here, 'yo'?"

Todd jumps back in surprise, slamming against the tree trunk in the process. If he felt any pain, though, his face doesn't register it; instead, it goes through a quick variety of other emotions: shock to confusion to recognition to, finally, settling on laid-back--complete with half-lidded eyes and a lop-sided grin. "Yo, blue-boy. I'm just relaxing out here, yanno? I like to come here and chill sometimes, s'at okay with you?"

Kurt wrinkles his nose. "Not really, no. I doubt anyone up there," he points at the institute over his shoulder, "...would. People tend to be freaked out by the thought of an enemy 'chilling' around their home."

Todd blinks, his smug expression fading into that of genuine shock as he looks around. "Wait a minute, how did I--" /Play it cool, yo/ he tells himself. "Er, I mean.. yeah, I come here to chill. Ain't no crime in that, right? It's not like I done anything wrong." He stands abprubtly, only to double over in a coughing fit immediately after. "I--" cough. "I--" cough. "ARGH! I was just chilling, yeah, but I already told you that. I'll," he looks around again, more than a bit confused, before continuing, "I'll just go now." Coughing a couple more times, he turns on his heel and stuffs something in his back pocket, not entirely sure of where he's going. "Security..cams..lasers," he mumbles to himself. "How'd I get past 'em.." A small, child-like giggle escapes him as he wanders around, aimlessly.

Kurt watches Toad weave through the trees. "Last time I checked, trespassing WAS a crime." Tolansky goes from west to east and back again, some times swaying clumsily and others barely missing a tree. He seems even more rebelliously relaxed than usual. Kurt decides it's time to put a stop to things. He debates on whether to call someone down from the institute, but Toad's behavior has him confused, and curious. "Mind if I ask what you think you're doing?"

Todd snickers. "Ya got me," he says, then shakes his head in an attempt to clear his thoughts. "Aw Jesus.." He stops only a few inches away from where he began and idly scratches his head, looking around. "Eh, can you help me get out of here?"

Kurt eyes Todd, cynically. "It's not that hard, just keep walking until you hit the wall. What is up with you anyway?"

Todd closes his eyes, as if the directions are complicated and he's trying to keep them straight. "Um.. which way is the wall? And, what do you mean, what's up with me, yo?" A nervous giggle. "Nothing's up, I'm just--am I talking too loud?" Todd coughs a little, then continues, "'cause I feel like I'm talking too loud.. and too fast," though, he's actually talking at a more relaxed pace than normal, "and Jesus, the moon is bright."

Kurt blinks. "Are you..er..feeling all right? You're not sick, are you, because I sure don't want to catch it." He backs away a few steps. Todd sighs, giggles, and growls in frustration, all in a matter of five seconds. "Look, you have to promise not to call the cops.. promise me that, I'll tell you what's up, and you can get me outta here, yeah?"

Kurt doesn't need long to mull the offer over. If he were being truthful to himself, the idea of the cops crawling around their happy home made him more nervous than Toad's presence. Better the enemy you know, and all. But that whatever Toad was doing warranted police? That was disconcerting. Still, Toad hadn't shown any aggression yet. As long as things stayed that way... "Fine, no cops. Let's go, you can give confession while we walk." He beckons Toad with a wave then starts for the east side of the wall.

Todd releases a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding and obediently follows the other boy. "Okay, see--" he tries, but how do you start a conversation like this? "--see, I don't really know how I got here. I kinda.. um, borrowed something from Lance, and well--am I talking too loud? Never mind. Fuck."

Kurt asks, "Borrowed? Borrowed what, what's going on?"

Todd growls. "Do you always ask so many questions, yo?" He abruptly stops in his tracks and pulls a baggie out of his pocket, waving it in Kurt's face. At first, it almost looks empty, but a closer examination reveals what looks to be green grains lining the bottom. "This, okay? I borrowed THIS."

Kurt gapes. "What are you...where did he...Do you have any idea how much trouble you can get into with that?!" Even as the words leave his mouth he realizes how stupid they are. "Never mind, this is YOU we're talking about. Trouble is your middle name, ja?"

Todd stuffs the baggie back in his pocket and casts a heated glare in Kurt's direction. "I ain't looking for a lecture, fuzzball. You don't now what it's like to be in my shoes, so back the fuck off." He resumes walking, still clueless as to where he's going, but at least it's something to do... he feels so twitchy. "It's hard at the boarding house," he adds, hoping Kurt will start leading him again. "Your mommy works us hard, yo."

Kurt glares, his fur bristling at the mention of Mystique. "Oh please. Try taking lessons from Logan, then we'll talk about working hard." He pushes past Toad, shoving slightly with his shoulder as he walks off in the direction opposite Toad's wanderings. "Do you have any idea what that stuff does to you?"

Todd mumbles, "I wasn't talking about working us hard physically..." His jaw tightens when Kurt pushes passed him, but he can't muster the spite to push back in his relaxed state. "Hey, don't treat me like I'm some ignorant kid here. Of course I know what it does to me--it calms my fucking nerves, okay?" He shoves his hands in his pockets, intent on keeping quiet, but adds as an after thought, "Not that it's any of your business, but tonight was my first time, okay? This is how Lance deals and he seems pretty controlled when he's stoned--'course he did grope my ass a couple of times--so I figured I'd be okay. Which I am. I'm totally relaxed and in control." To demonstrate this, he trips over his own feet and lands flat on his face.

"Oh yeah, some control. You can't even manage on your own two feet. If this is what your first time is like, think of what the rest will do to you." Kurt reaches out a hand to him. "I don't even know why I'm bothering. The less coordinated you are, the better for us when we fight."

Todd snorts. "Hey, the first time is always the worst.. or the best, depending on how you look at it, I guess. And like I said before," he pauses for a moment, blankly staring at Kurt's outstretched hand before continuing, "I ain't looking for a lecture, yo." It finally dawns on him that extended hand equals offer for help, and without further hesitation, he wraps his hand around Kurt's. On contact, however, his muscles stiffen as something sparks inside him... and all he can do is wonder if Kurt's fur has always been this soft.

Kurt pulls Toad to his feet, not noticing the sudden change. He rolls his eyes and continues leading the way, pausing occasionally to make sure he hasn't lost Toad. They walk in silence for a while; but neither is very comfortable with silence. "Why here, anyway? You smoke some, then decide it'd be fun to come get your ass kicked by the whole institute? If that stuff made me think it was a good idea to waltz into your boarding house, I'd lay off it for good. Assuming I survived the encounter," he finishes, with an accusatory glare.

Todd is enjoying the view--and as much as he wished it did, "the view" did not apply to the scenery, but rather the thin, blue eyeful ("Eyesore," he corrected aloud) traipsing in front of him. He'd never really taken the time to LOOK at Kurt before--/And I ain't gonna start now, yo/ he admonishes himself, shaking his head to clear these ridiculous thoughts. Kurt was a guy, after all. And blue. With a horrible German accent. And a swishy a--"Ehh," Kurt is saying something, he finally realizes... something about going to the boarding house and asses. "Huh?"

Kurt stops long enough to give him a disgusted look. "Yeah, that stuff's not affecting your brain at all." He rolled his eyes as he said it.

Todd breaks away from staring at Kurt's backside long enough to register that elfboy was making fun of him. He stops for a moment to look insulted (though it doesn't matter, as no one sees the gesture), then leaps forward to catch up with Kurt. "Hey, back off. Like I said before, you ain't got no idea what it's like.. you got your cushy little MANSION with free food and friends and me, I got.. I got SHIT. Besides," he pauses for a moment to look Kurt up and down, noticing the tense muscles (as well as just about everything else), "you look pretty stressed yourself. Maybe you should try some."

Kurt exclaims, "If I'm stressed it's because I'm having to lead one of our most annoying enemies back to our front door after he traipsed so casually through it and all of our defenses!" He throws up his hands, exasperated. "I don't know why I'm even here, I should've just gone in to dinner while Logan came out to kick your scrawny butt back over the wall!"

Todd notices that said wall is quickly approaching, but he doesn't really want to leave yet. Kurt's always fun to mess around with, especially when he's annoyed. Without further thought, Todd jumps in front of Kurt in an attempt to stop him, puts on what he hopes is a winning smile, and waves the baggie in the other boy's face once more. "Try some. You'll feel better. Trust me."

Kurt takes a long look at the small bit of greenery left in the bag. He'd be lying to himself if he denied that he was curious, if only a little. He's heard the stories; some of them intrigue him. And there are things, plenty of things, he wouldn't mind forgetting for a while. Things he'd love to be able to just let go of, toss away with a relaxed laugh. He thinks of his mother, who Toad had been so kind to bring up, and frowns. Then he takes one last look at the goofy grin on Toad's face...and points to the wall. "There, setting you safe on the path home, as promised. Go on."

Todd frowns, disappointment written clearly across his face in bold letters. He glances at the wall over his shoulder, then fixes his gaze on Kurt again. The fuzzball really does have a nice face, he decides. A nice neck, too. And he can't forget the chest, of course, toned but not buff.. and a nice, trim waist--perfect for sliding one's hands around--and oh, what a lovelyLOOKUP, his mind shouts, but it's too late. "Uhnicepants," he stammers. Then mentally beats himself up. What a stupid thing to say.

Kurt finally notices the glint in Toad's eye that's been aimed at his back for a while now. A not-normal glint. A violent shiver runs up his spine, and his tail begins to twitch in reaction, switching back and forth jerkily. "What are you looking at? They're, uh...they're not that interesting, so lay off!"

Todd shakes his head, wondering why the hell these thoughts are plaguing his mind... "I, uh, I.." but nothing else comes out. His eyes rest on Kurt's, and he knows he must be flustered by now, but damn, his mind is hazy and his body is warm and blueboy's lips are looking mighty inviting.

Kurt takes an involuntary step back. The situation just went from weird to just plain freaky, and he doesn't trust the look now screaming from Toad's eyes, any more than he understands it. "Dude," his voice is shuddering and uncertain, oh god. "Did I pull a Pinocchio or something, why are you staring at me like that?"

Todd decides that a nervous Kurt is definitely an appealing Kurt--well, not that any other kind of Kurt isn't just as appealing, but Toad realizes that he has a heightened affinity for nervous Kurt. Without breaking eye contact (in fact, the eye contact becomes more intense), he advances on the other boy, feeling the heat spread from his face to the rest of his body. "Has anyone ever told you that you're incredibly sexy when I'm high?" That didn't make sense, but he wasn't exactly thinking with the right head...

Kurt exclaims, "GAAH!" He stumbles back, trips over a tree root and falls, arms pinwheeling in the air. He lands hard on his ass, squishing his tail and sending a severe jolt up his spine. Instinctively he pauses to rub the ache out of his lower back, then realizes what he's doing and where he is and what one of his worst enemies just said to him, and decides now is not the time. "What, why are you-...if this is some weird new kind of truce I'd rather stay at war, thanks! What's wrong with you?!"

Todd immediately looms over Kurt, leering at him through half-lidded eyes. "Wish I could say, yo; I'm as confused as you are," just, quite obviously, not doing anything about it.

Kurt tries to back up. Toad's current expression is, if possible, even more frightening than what he'd just said. He swallows, and his throat is dry. "For the first time tonight, you don't look it." Kurt bumps into a tree behind him, adding a sore right shoulder to the aching back and pinched tail. A part of him wishes he were Kitty, that he could phase through the tree and keep going. Another part wants to run screaming. A more sensible part tries to remind him that he can escape just as effectively with his own abilities, but the rest of his brain seems paralyzed into...well, paralysis. "Look," his voice squeaks, and he winces and fights the urge to scream. "Why don't you just hop over that wall and we'll call it a night?"

Todd squats down in front of Kurt, some detached part of his mind making sure that he's still at a height advantage, because staring at someone lustfully is just so much better when you're looking down on them. "'Cause." He's leaning so close to Kurt that only a mere few inches separate their faces, and he delights in the fact that blueboy can't back up any further. "'Cause," he repeats, body a-tingle. "Then I'd miss doing this." Slowly, the small gap between them is closed, flesh meeting with fur in a spark that travels through Todd's nerves all at once. /What the hell am I doing?/ the rational part of his mind wonders..

Kurt stops breathing. His eyes fly open so wide it's painful. -What the hell?!- He's being kissed, he's being kissed by a guy, he's being kissed by TOAD, of all the guys who could've kissed him it had to be TOAD? Not that he wants to be kissed by a guy at all. But just saying, if he did it wouldn't be TOAD. Toad was creepy. He was slimy. He had the hygiene of a dead moose! He...he...'has really pretty eyes.' And where the fuck did that come from?! He makes a strangled noise deep in his throat, and tries to push Toad away.

Either Todd doesn't realize that Kurt's trying to push him away or he doesn't care... perhaps a little bit of both, if possible. Maybe more of the former, because the only thing he realizes right now is that Kurt's lips are really soft, the fur tickling his skin just enough to make him smile. Still oblivious to the struggles, he deepens the kiss slightly, all while the small fraction of his mind that isn't clouded with pot and lust screams for him to stop what he's doing and get the hell out of there.

Kurt wonders frantically why he hasn't teleported to safety and sanity yet. Being locked in unwanted, intimate physical contact with one of his worst enemies certainly seemed to warrant it. ...But how unwanted was it? Not enough to trigger his automatic flight reaction, apparently. Not enough for him to put the weight behind his pushing that would -force- Toad off of him. Toad is deepening the kiss, and the part of his brain that isn't panicking is distracted by the taste of pot and, surprisingly, chocolate that still clings to his lips. Kurt's surrounded by the musk of body odor; his nose wrinkles. But, truthfully, it's not that bad. Maybe frog-boy just took a shower (a week or two ago) but the scent is now spice and sweat and lingering pot, just this side of overwhelming, but not- 'What am I doing?! This is TOAD we're talking about here!' He shudders...but doesn't break the kiss.

Todd slowly pulls away and opens his eyes, releasing a shuddering breath. Once again, his amber eyes lock with Kurt's, his subconscious mulling over the fact that their eyes are the same color.. yet his conscious mind entertains itself with the notion that Kurt's eyes are as wide as saucers. And then it hits him. What just happened, where he is, who he's with, how he got there, and /oh lord, PLEASE don't tell me this shit is starting to wear off already../ His body temperature rises, but he knows this time it's not from lust... "Please," he mutters, closing his eyes and rubbing the top of his head--he's still quite hazy after all. "Tell me YOU just kissed ME, or this is all some bad dream I'm gonna wake up from any minute, or SOMEthing.." Of course, he's well aware of what just transpired, but, y'know, it doesn't hurt to ask just in case...

"M-ME? H-e-l-l no, YOU jumped ME. I can't believe you just did that, can't believe -I-..." Kurt's eyes dart around as if searching for an escape route. "This can't be happening. What is WRONG with you?!"

Todd tries to brush off the situation with a nervous chuckle, but only succeeds in making himself feel like more of an idiot. It also doesn't help that the high isn't comepletely gone yet, nor is the ache in his groin... and boy, is he hot. He doesn't think he's ever been so flustered in his life, what with the blood vessels in his cheeks feeling as though they're about to pop. He needs to get cool fast, he decides, and the quickest way would be to take his shirt off. And he does so.

Kurt can only stare, in horror and growing waves of panic. The horror stays, though the sight of Toad's lean, well-developed torso arouses an emotion stronger than panic. "What-" he chokes on the word, has to swallow hard and try again, "what in the hell do you think you're doing?!" 'I've asked that WAY too many times tonight,' he thinks idly, with the tiny part of his brain not busy being terrified or, heaven help him, horny.

Todd blinks and looks at the discarded shirt on the ground. "Oh, uh, just trying to keep cool," which he's rapidly becoming, he realizes, wrapping his arms around himself as the chilly night air makes full contact with his skin. Now he was cold. Lovely. He gazes at Kurt again. Kurt is fuzzy, which means Kurt is warm. But Kurt is also a boy, and an enemy who hates him, but he looks so damn enticing when he's confused and terrified and--and that hint of something else that Todd's not quite sure about, but it makes him want the elf even more, and GEEZ he wishes that this high would either take over his mind or go completely so brain and body could agree on SOMETHING for once! Todd sighs, defeated, and leans in again, pausing only to say, "Feel free to beat me senseless or teleport away, yo," before capturing the other boy's lips once more. He's not quite sure how he wants Kurt to respond, but he figures it doesn't really matter at this point..

Kurt is not quite sure how to respond. His brain screams at him, a dozen different things at once, from 'flee' to 'fight' to 'just give in and fuck the boy senseless.' (Needless to say, that part of his brain REALLY scares him.) Regardless, he can now see why Todd took his shirt off. The heat that'd been growing in his belly has been stoked. It spreads across his torso, over his cheeks, down...He realizes he wants more. For all his flirting and bravado, he'd never entertained the merest hopes of intimacy, of any kind. Even with his image inducer he normally shied away from human contact, either to hide himself from those who didn't know, or not to freak out further those who did. But for just this moment, someone wants him. His own longing is almost enough to let him forget who.

Seeing that Kurt has neither disappeared nor ripped him apart, Todd deepens the kiss, pressing the other boy further against the tree, though not enough to hurt him--hopefully.

Kurt allows himself to be backed against the tree, and ignores the rough bark scraping at his shirt and ruffling his fur. That Todd is taking the initiative is soothing somehow; it allows him to give up fault, and shift the blame to Todd, who can blame it on the drug's effects. It's so easy, so clean-cut. Except his pride and upbringing won't allow that kind of cowardice. If he's going to sin, it's going to be on his head, no one else's. He feels himself pressed harder against the tree, wants to melt into it. Tentatively running his fingers through a few strands of Todd's hair (thick and soft between his fingertips) his other hand slowly creeps to the downy hair at the base of Todd's neck. With gentle pressure, he deepens the kiss.

Todd all but purrs at Kurt's touch. /That's it, then./ With the fuzzball responding like this, Todd resolves to throw all rational thought out the window and give in to primal instinct, which isn't hard as the lingering remnants of his high work to cloud his judgement. And make his body tingly... especially where Kurt's fingers are. "Mmm," he mumbles, extending his tongue and tentatively running it along the outside of Kurt's lips. Meanwhile, his hands are busying themselves with coiling around the other boy's waist, as if they had a mind of their own.

Kurt moans into Todd's mouth. He knows how wrong it is, but it feels so right. The hands curling protectively around his waist, the tongue playing teasingly with his own, the lips and the flesh and the silk hair tickling against his chin, jaw, and neck in turn; he's waited a lifetime to feel like this, to feel ANY contact, and now that he has it he needs more, so much more. His tail goes from flying behind him to wrapping sensuously around Todd's waist, pulling him close as Todd was doing. His hands explore, sliding through hair, teasing collarbone, and gliding over flesh.

Todd is very conscious of keeping his eyes closed (but not much else), fearing that opening them again would cause reality to give him one mean kick in the ass and he'd either end up running away or becoming Kurt's personal punching bag. Maybe both. And this was just too good to quit now, so keeping his eyes closed is definitely a good idea, he decides. When Kurt's tail wraps around him, wow, that sends shivers up his spine and out his mouth in a shuddering sigh. He pulls back slightly, taking Kurt's bottom lip into his mouth and nibbling on it slightly, his hands slowly making their way up the sides of the other boy's shirt and gently kneeding the soft fur beneath. Hell if he knows what he's doing, but this is what happens on those late night HBO TV shows and he'll be damned if he's gonna let one of his worst enemies know that he's inexperienced. /And this is NOT what you do with one of your worst enemies,/ that small fraction of reason reminds him, but the rest of his brain mutters a polite 'fuck you' in response.

Kurt nearly cries out at the sensation of nimble fingers tickling his sides. His whispered moan is muted by the mouth hungrily devouring his own, and he hisses slightly as sharp teeth pull gently at his bottom lip. His eyes are stubbornly shut, allowing him to focus on touch, his world imploding until all that remains is lips, and hands rubbing his fur, which has to be the most delicious sensation he's ever felt. They move up his sides, pushing the fur in the wrong direction and tickling him even more, then shift direction, pressing the fur down in smooth motions. He can't tell which makes him squirm more. He wraps his arms fully around Todd's neck, and pulls him close as if his life depends on the contact. His tail moves to return the favor, tickling gently across Todd's creamy skin from all angles.

Todd almost opens his eyes, wants to see the expressions that accompany those delightful little mewls and moans, but no--it'd be sexual suicide, can't do it. But those sounds alone... they're enough to cause his hairs (and a couple other things, thank you) to stand on end, and he answers them with his own groans and whimpers. Especially when that sensuously prehensile tail caresses his skin. Pulling away just a bit more, Todd kisses his way along Kurt's jaw, nipping lightly, idly wondering if he'll choke up a hairball in the morning... he chuckles into the fur, but composes himself quickly, continuing his trail of nibbles to the base of Kurt's ear.

Kurt moans again, and this time it's full-voiced. The teasing caresses leave a line of fire across his jaw, and he's sweating like mad under his fur. He buries his face in Todd's hair, inhaling the musky scent that's becoming increasingly appealing, an acquired taste he's quickly learning to like. He leans into Todd, wrapping his arms ever tighter around his lean shoulders and letting his fingers dance along Todd's back and down his spine. His tail seems to have a mind of its own; its trail is erratic, the only constant a steady drifting from skin to denim. He wants to get closer, NEEDS to get closer. He finds himself pressing forward, trying to straddle Todd's lap.

Todd takes the hint--had been thinking along the same lines, in fact--and softly slides his hands down the other boy's sides, out from under the shirt, and around Kurt's very firm (/and very squeezable/) ass, groping fervently for a moment before pulling close. Very close. TOUCHING close. Todd's breath catches in his throat, leaving him a motionless twit, making little gasping sounds in Kurt's ear. The (/beautiful, heart-stopping/) contact (/with one of the people I hate the most/) has rendered him helpless and not quite sure what to do at the moment.

Kurt gasps into Todd's hair, followed by a sound that's somewhere between a cry and a deep-throated moan. Some part of him still can't believe there's someone that actually wants to touch him, let alone touch him -there-. The long fingers gripping his ass are sending waves of electricity to his crotch, where it becomes all-out lightning as heated denim meets denim and he nearly screams, arching his back and letting his eyes fly open. He sees trees above, looks down to Todd. The boy's eyes are squeezed shut, the dark circles around them standing out in stark contrast with the pale skin of his face. His mouth is open slightly, the heavy breathing pausing with a sharp gasp. This time it's Kurt who dives in for another kiss.

Todd is somewhat startled when Kurt takes the initiative and kisses him again. So blueboy wants it just as bad, then..? Maybe he can risk looking, after all--just a quick peek, no harm. He opens his eyes to mere slits and sees that Kurt looks... hot. In both senses of the word. Removing the fuzzball's shirt would be good. Yes, less clothes, very good. Regretfully, he breaks the kiss and winds his fingers into the hem of Kurt's shirt, entertaining the thought of just ripping it away, but does not act on it. Damned if he's gonna take all the blame for this--he might be high, but he's not completely braindead. He tugs a little, his way of asking for permission. He's forgotten to close his eyes, and somewhere in the back of his mind, he both hopes and dreads to make eye contact.

Kurt is startled when he opens his eyes to find slits of amber, shadowed by hunger. Todd's eyes trap him, take his breath and stun him long enough that he doesn't protest at the loss of Todd's lips. His brain vaguely registers the fingers playing again at his sides, cool against his burning fur. But they're not just playing, this time they're hooked under his shirt and tugging...he stares down distractedly, for a moment not understanding the question the motion is making. All he knows is heat and hands and amber eyes staring down...Realization dawns. The stubborn, rational part of his brain screams to stop, that this is the last step before their actions are irreversible and undeniable. The rest of his brain couldn't care less. The feeling, of flesh and those eyes roaming his body, wanting HIM, is all that matters. He hesitates only briefly before reaching down to pull at the fabric.

Todd keeps his eyes downcast, watching distractedly as Kurt's hands join his own at the shirt hem. All right, so this is it, then; no turning back. He helps remove the offending item of clothing, up over the other boy's head, and tosses it into a heap on the ground next to his own. And then he pauses, staring at a nicely toned chest covered in blue fur--and as much as the thought of a human fuzzball may have disturbed him before, he finds it oddly erotic. As his gaze travels up, his breath hitches when his eyes rest on Kurt's... but it's not as bad as he thought it would be. Far from it, in fact. Kurt's gaze is filled with neither anger nor fear; Kurt's gaze is filled with lust, mirroring what Todd imagines his own eyes hold, and that is a very comforting, very PLEASING thought. Tentatively, he runs a shaky palm down the center of the other boy's chest, never taking his eyes away.

Kurt bites his lip at the touch, his eyes slipping closed for a moment, instinctively. He moans, and places a hand on Todd's, pressing the boy's hot palm against his chest, leading it down, further and further. His back arches and he leans back, his shoulders pressing again on the rough bark of the tree behind him. With his free hand he grabs Todd's neck, pulls him in closer, but still far enough away to afford him a perfect view of lean torso, pale skin, and heavy-lidded, lust-filled eyes.

Todd allows himself to be pulled closer, but muscles tense as his hand is lead down.. and down.. He gulps, uncertain of what to do next. Well, he knows what he should PROBABLY do, but is it that simple? Is there some order everything's supposed to happen in, some code of conduct they need to follow? He suddenly realizes that the pot is wearing off, much to his chagrin as it seemed to make up for the bundle of experience he lacked, but now.. he's just lost. He looks down again (embarrassed, but hoping it doesn't show), down at the hand leading his, and wishes that Kurt would continue leading for a while, just so he could be sure he was doing things right. Hopefully, Kurt wouldn't notice the role reversal too much... /heh, right./

Kurt is surrounded by heat. His senses, just a step below Wolverine's in strength, are overwhelmed by musk and the heady scent of arousal, his own and Todd's. It's intoxicating, and he wonders vaguely if this was how the pot made Todd feel, before. If so, well, they'd apparently discovered something better. Much, much better. Todd's fingers reach his navel, and pause to play with the skin around it, making Kurt squirm, tickling and rubbing the fur both ways. It feels so good, but it's not yet enough. Starving for contact, he tries to lead his hand on, closer to the furnace burning him alive.

But Todd hesitates. Only for a fraction of an instant, but it's there, and Kurt's suddenly uncertain. He knows he wants it now, so badly, but does Todd still...what if the drugs are wearing off, what if he's realizing what he's doing. As what he's doing is engaging in a heavy make-out session (and perhaps more?) with one of his greatest enemies, that hesitation could be just the beginning of Todd coming to his senses...Kurt swallows hard against the lump rising in his throat, and chokes out, "What's wrong, is something wrong?"

Todd is startled to his senses, the voice echoing loudly in his ears. How long has it been since they've actually said anything..? "I," he croaks, having trouble finding his own voice. He brings his gaze up, troops of blood leaving his nether regions only to regroup in his cheeks. He clears his throat. "I, I don't know--" No, no, no, don't show weakness. "I mean," what? Save yourself! "I mean..." He spares a quick glance at his hand, the one over Kurt's navel, and begins moving it in slow, gentle circles, then up, up and to the left, to a fur-covered nipple, running his calloused palm over it experimentively. Damn, that felt sexy. Blood descending, have a nice day. Leaning forward, his face centimeters from Kurt's, he puts on his best leer, his other hand pulling at Kurt's rear again. "I want you to tell me what you want," he whispers. /Aw yeah.. good save, yo,/ he congratulates himself. /Who needs pot to make up for lack of experience when you're Todd Tolensky?/

Kurt gasps at the first movements of Todd's roaming fingers, body pressing into the touch. But the feeling is slight in comparison to the wave that crashes over him at that look in his eyes, that hungry, almost feral look. Maybe he'd just been imagining it, all hint of hesitation was gone from Todd's manner, replaced by smooth, steady hands and slow, deliberate movements. Then he says those words, and Kurt realizes he doesn't know what he wants. No, that's not true. He knows what he wants, he's just not allowed to want it, it's wrong on so many levels that don't mean a thing to him now but won't they later? But now is the present, and sometimes, Kurt's learned, you can't worry about the consequences. He hesitates only briefly, staring into the hungry, heavy amber eyes above him, before wrapping his arms again around Todd's neck and raising his hips until they make contact with unbearable heat. "I want this. I want," he pants, "I want you."

Wow. Those three words alone are almost enough to send Todd over the edge. He never imagined anyone would be saying that to HIM (dirty, disgusting Toady Tolensky, outcast and fist magnet extraordinaire), but someone IS saying it to him, and that someone happens to be Kurt Wagner, Nightcrawler, the X-geek he thought he hated--DOES HATE--the most. And the fact that those words, coming from Kurt's lips, thick with a German accent, has such an affect on him is horribly terrifying and delightfully arousing all at once. But those words didn't give the answer he needed... what does he do next? Take it slow? Should the pants come off? Is someone gonna end up with a sore ass tomorrow? /Oh, fuck it.../ Throwing rationale to the wind, he lets his body take over and leans in, ravishing Kurt's lips, pressing close, grinding, feeling flesh against fur, and damn, that felt good on his nipples...

Kurt growls deep in his throat, presses his face into Todd's shoulder and inhales. It feels as though their bodies are melting into each other, pushing and pressing and rubbing and oh GOD he never knew it could feel like this, his most self-indulgent delusions and dreams never prepared him for the reality. It was rare that he entertained thoughts of anyone wanting to touch him, even in his fantasies, but now someone did. Sure it was Todd, up until mere minutes ago the last person on earth he'd have taken up on the offer, but somehow that'd gotten reversed, and he thought Todd would be, well, WAS, the first he'd accepted. And oh how it was paying off.

Kurt grunts suddenly as he's pressed just a little too hard into the tree, the bark scraping the skin too harshly for comfort. Frowning, he sits up a bit, then lays back on the soft grass a few inches to the side, beckoning Todd to follow with nails scraping against his sweat-slicked chest.

Todd doesn't hesitate, doesn't even need to be beckoned; the minute the other boy lies on the grass (all but screaming, "FUCK ME, PLEASE," in his not-so-humble, lust-driven opinion), Todd settles himself between Kurt's legs, groin to groin. With his hand on either side of the other's body for support, he experimentively presses forward.. and practically melts on top of Kurt. "Oh god," he whispers, fixing his eyes on the pair of golden ones directly below him. Pressing forward again, only once, wanting to see the reaction...

Kurt cries out, the sound echoing through the trees around them and off the wall. The world is nothing but heat and thrusting, a taut body and intense amber eyes burning into his. Todd whispers, his tone that of a sinner graced with the presence of something sacred and Kurt marvels at how beautiful he's become in such a short time. His hips move with Todd's, each jolt sending sparks shooting through his groin and up his belly, his tail twitching uncontrollably and flinging itself around Todd's waist. Panting so hard his chest aches, Kurt runs his fingers up and down Todd's sides, through Todd's thick hair, that falls like a curtain around his shining face. Almost of their own volition they travel down the sweaty skin to the source of the heat. He caresses it gently, almost reverently...

Todd gasps. Muscles like jelly, he collapses on the body below him, burying his face in the crook of Kurt's neck, nuzzling the fur, nipping and sucking at the skin beneath. Curious hands, twitchy with excitement and arousal, explore the soft chest matted with sweat, circling over nipples, collar bone, shoulders and back down.. down the sides, to the hips, and up, using his nails. Down again, further, slipping under the denim, and resting on soft thighs, lightly squeezing. He thrusts himself against Kurt, against Kurt's hand, and he doesn't want to say it, tries everything in his power not to, yet he can't help it; can't help but utter, "Kurt.." his voice breathy, hot against the fur it touches. Hearing that word leave his lips, the WAY it left his lips--it feels almost forbidden (/and it is,/ he tells himself.. /what a way to show weakness to your enemy/), and because of that.. it felt so good, and he moans, thrusting harder...

Kurt feels as if there's a dozen hands on him, not just two very, VERY eager ones. His body squirms and bucks of its own accord, one hand now kneading Todd's denim-covered crotch, the other digging long lines down his slick back, slightly raised reddened welts growing up in the trail of his claws. The attention of Todd's teeth and tongue on his neck is intoxicating, the feel of his hand on his thigh so wrong but so..damn..right. He presses against the warm body above him, trying to melt into the heat. His fingers find the button on Todd's jeans...

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Todd realizes that they've opened a can of worms, and no amount of stuffing is gonna get those babies back in... not that he really wants to at this point, but the fact of the matter remains that there's absolutely no turning back, and he can't help but worry about how he's going to feel when this is all over. Regardless, he's too far gone to care and proceeds to raise his body a little, allowing Kurt better access. The hands that are busy groping furry thighs readjust themselves, one winding around and running inquisitive fingers over and under the base of Kurt's tail, while the other slips out and provides stimulus to the source of heat in the other boy's jeans.

Kurt can't help the mewling noise that escapes his throat on the contact. Todd's fevered skin on the sensitive flesh at the base of his tail, tickling and teasing, is driving him mad, overwhelming his senses as much as the attention of Todd's other hand. His tail winds itself around Todd's wrist, up his arm like some serpentine arm band, then releases it in favor of the warm body above. It twines around Todd's waist and rubs gently but quickly, urgently. Kurt's fingers, meanwhile, fumble with Todd's pants. The belt is already open, but the buttons frustrate his sweaty grip. He growls irritably, gives a tug to the pants and glares at the offending clothing.

Todd tenses when Kurt growls, wondering if he'd done something wrong. He pulls back, searching for the other's gaze and finds it scowling at something below. He looks down to see sweaty, blue hands fumbling with the buttons on his jeans and quickly remedies the problem with nimble (albeit twitchy) fingers, which then go to work undoing the buttons on Kurt's jeans. He dips his head down, nipping at the other boy's collarbone before slowly tracing a path to Kurt's chin with his tongue.

Kurt nearly sighs in relief when Todd takes the hint. Instinctively he presses up as soon as Todd's pants are undone, needing to touch the heat, then Todd's fingers go to work on his own jeans, and he forces himself back to give the boy room, moaning with barely supressed desire. Gripping Todd's shoulder tightly with one hand, he brings the other down, pressing again on Todd's jeans. He hesitates for a moment, suddenly nervous about the step they're taking, but lust takes over and he plunges his hand beneath the denim. Feeling still more fabric, boxers, he whines. But the obstacle's easily overcome; his fingers find the boxers' fly and press through, finally rewarded with the feel of pulsing warm flesh against his. He moans, an animal sound, and begins a series of slow caresses.

Todd stops everything: moaning, moving, breathing. All his senses focus on that one spot, those soft caresses, the fur against his flesh--who knew it could feel so good? Primal instinct tells him to thrust forward and he complies, rewarded with pleasurable sparks at the end of every nerve. "Fuhuck.." he chokes, almost sobs, and immediately, his body comes to life again. His lips attack Kurt's, biting gently, pulling the bottom into his mouth and sucking hungrily. His fingers slide into the front of Kurt's jeans, down the waistband of the boxers, and wrap around their target, stroking slowly. Meanwhile, his other hand can't decide if it wants to stimulate Kurt's tail or grope urgently at the ass beneath it.

Kurt is in awe, enthralled with the noises Todd's making, the breathy sounds; when he speaks, almost sobs, Kurt's ears burn with it, his heart pounds at the thought that HE's wrenching those noises out of Todd's throat. The lips on his are devouring him little by little, and he captures them, his tongue diving into the heat and wet. Then it happens, he feels fluttering fingers snake beneath his boxers. They grasp his feverish flesh and begin stroking, and his nerves explode. He screams, full-throated and desperate, and the sound echoes through the trees. Somewhere there's a sound of wings flapping, a night bird startled into flight. For a moment his hands forget their own movements, all he can do is stare at the trees and the night sky as his muscles tense to the breaking point, his back arching almost painfully. With a whimper he forces his eyes down, back to Todd's eyes, which are still heavy with lust, hungry. He wraps his arms around Todd's neck, clinging onto him for dear life. One hand tangles itself in his sweat-matted hair, the other strays back to its previous post and continues its ministrations. Only this time it's more urgent, more frenzied, his fingers curling around Todd's length and stroking fervently.

Todd gasps sharply, feeling a familiar tingle at the base of his spine, and he knows he isn't going to last much longer. Mind fogging over, he seeks out Kurt's eyes, his own smoldering with lust and desire, becoming glassy as the pressure in his gut builds to the point of being almost unbearable. The pace of his strokes quickens to match Kurt's, and in his heightened state of pleasure, he's almost delirious, gasping and uttering words absently: "..fuck..Kurt..yes..god..yes.." The words burn in his ears.

Kurt wants to squirm at the building pressure in his groin, wants to scream again. Breathless, though, he's left with a tone barely over a whisper. "Don't stop, oh god don't stop!" Todd meets his gaze and what he sees in his amber eyes forces what little breath he had left from his lungs. He buries his face in the angle where Todd's neck meets his shoulder, surrounding himself with Todd's scent and feel. The other boy's just as close to the end, it's obvious in the musk that emanates from his burning skin. Desperately he clings to him; he clamps his teeth on Todd's shoulder, firmly but without breaking the skin. He continues to stroke Todd's member, ever faster. His tail stops winding itself around the boy's lean waist, creeps down to his jeans. With a strong flick the jeans and boxers fall back, just far enough to reveal perfectly rounded flesh, pale in the moonlight. His tail rubs gently between the globes of Todd's ass.

Todd reflexively clutches a handful of Kurt's backside, surprised at the feeling the boy's tail produces: an unexpected jolt of pleasure, up his spine and all through his body. Breath ragged and shallow, he buries his face in Kurt's hair, mewling and moaning and crying senseless words of ecstasy as the pressure boils inside. He pulls himself as close to the other boy as humanly possible, thrusting and grinding and sobbing into blue hair, his strokes becoming more urgent, rapid, and sporadic, and he wishes he could hold out--wishes he could make it last longer, but he can't hold back. His body arches, eyes slam shut, mouth emitting animalistic sounds as he grinds himself into Kurt's hand, riding the wave for all it's worth.

Kurt revels in the sounds diving off Todd's tongue, the mews and moans and gasping, heaving breaths. Knowing that he's the one bringing them out, that that's all because of him, it's intoxicating, adding fuel to the fire that threatens to consume him. Todd seems to be trying his damnedest to fuse his body with Kurt's, who, for his part, offers no objections. Kurt presses against him, compounding his heat with Todd's, meeting him thrust for urgent thrust. That spot at the base of his spine is tingling madly, making his entire body vibrate uncontrollably. Todd nuzzles his neck, losing himself in Kurt's hair, and Kurt looks down to a lean, taut-muscled back and a gorgeous ass, moving rhythmically, rapidly. Suddenly that back tenses, forming a perfect arch, and a feral sound issues from Todd's chest and throat, rolling through Kurt and setting off every nerve in his body. He grips the boy desperately, presses his face against Todd's chest, the place behind his eyes still filled with a vision of dark-circled amber and gasping mouth. Todd thrusts into his hand one last, violent time.

Todd's body tenses entirely as he chokes out a final sob, sparks flying behind his eyelids, breath catching in his throat. As he releases all the tension that had swelled in his groin, the only movements are his hands: one spasmodically stroking Kurt and the other touching, groping, kneading anything and everything on the boy's backside. His body is on fire and he wishes the feeling could last forever.

Kurt nearly screams at the final surge of heat and energy. Todd's hands seem to be everywhere at once, teasing and burning lines in his flesh, and suddenly Kurt feels his release. As the warm fluid spreads between them, it's that last choked cry that sends Kurt over the edge. The world explodes behind his closed eyelids, blossoming in reds and fiery white, every nerve fries, nothing registers but their heat and heavy panting, their lingering whimpers and cries that blend until he's not sure which belongs to who. Tears roll down his cheeks, and he wipes his eyes on Todd's shoulder.

Todd collapses against the body beneath him, his breath hot and ragged against Kurt's ear. Once he regains enough sense, he removes his hands from the other's jeans, absently noting that one was warm and sticky.. he lazily wipes it on the grass and sighs contentedly, swimming in the afterglow of a powerful climax. As reality hasn't quite kicked in yet, he doesn't stop himself from nuzzling the fur on Kurt's neck--something he'll probably kick himself for later, the soppy twit. He feels wonderful. Wonderful and warm. And sexually satisfied, which is the best part, oh yes.

Kurt gives a shuddering sigh as the last traces of those powerful waves wash over him. He relaxes totally, falling back to the soft grass like some ragdoll, utterly spent and totally content...for the moment. The rational part of his brain is fighting its way back through the haze of lust, making its stubborn way to the surface, but he ignores it in favor of running a hand through Todd's soft hair, equally as stubborn and determined to make this warmth and comfort last as long as possible. He wraps his arms around Todd, gentle in contrast to their frenzied movements of mere moments ago, then realizes with a start that his other hand was still wet; there's now a sticky smear on Todd's jeans. Kurt curses under his breath, and belatedly wipes his hand on the grass.

Todd could almost fall asleep like this, with Kurt's arms wrapped around him, their breaths even and relaxed. Never in any of his fantasies did he consider how it would feel after the deed was done. It was like being high, only it was natural, and--let's face it--the events leading up to it were far more exhilirating than puffing some weed. Heh. And now silly notions are entering his head, comparing Kurt to a joint and whoa, the mental images accompanying the thought of smoking said Kurt-joint sure are disturbing. He smirks, closing his eyes and letting feelings of sleep wash over him, clouded mind mulling over random thoughts of nothing in particular. Life is good. Until he hears Kurt mutter something, that is. Immediately, his eyes shoot open and he looks around, as if just NOW registering exactly what happened. His comfortable haze is shattered, transformed to awkward silence as he wonders what he should do now. Should he say something...? 'Was it good for you' briefly comes to mind, but that would sound stupid, and besides, a lump of panic has wedged itself into his throat. Lovely.

Kurt starts at the movement, and looks up to see Todd's eyes darting around, filled with surprise. He swallows, throat suddenly dry. Ice begins to form in the pit of his belly, slowly overtaking the precious warmth that lingered there, and his rational mind finally claws its way to the top, barking a triumphant laugh. He stares at Todd, transfixed by his gaze. His mouth's working, but there's nothing to say, what kind of words could one possibly find for this situation?! The only thing that comes out is a strangled whimper.

Todd blinks, eyes looking at everything but Kurt. "My sentiments exactly, yo," he chokes in response to the whimper. He carefully disentangles himself from the mess of limbs, very aware of every accidental touch. They burn his skin; not in the delightfully fervid way experienced only moments before, but as a reminder of that experience and the utter immorality of it all. He sprawls out on the grass next to Kurt, entertaining the idea of just getting up and leaving when a sudden cool breeze hits where sudden cool breezes shouldn't be. "Fuck," he mutters, buttoning his jeans, glaring at the mess they made on them. He sighs, half of him wishing Kurt would just teleport away, the other half... utterly lost.

Kurt moans dejectedly, and squeezes his eyes closed as if to shut out the reality of the entire night. He doesn't want to see Todd, doesn't want to be reminded of the feel of that beautiful body when there are so many things keeping him from having it again. Idly, he rubs the back of his neck, and casts his gaze to the forest's soft floor, unable to meet Todd's eyes, afraid to see them mirroring his own fear and nervousness, or worse, his self-disgust. His every instinct screams for him to just teleport the hell out of there, but he shudders to think that it'd be interpreted as a rejection. Which it would be, but he suddenly can't stand the thought of hurting Todd, not over this. He realizes random tears are still dripping down his cheeks. He opens his mouth again, tries so hard to say something, anything...it doesn't work.

Todd sighs; the silence is deafening. He sits up, idly pulling at blades of grass, gaze falling on the discarded shirts about a foot away. He grabs them, pulling his own over his head and tossing the other somewhere in Kurt's general direction, still intent on keeping his eyes fixed on anything but the other boy. "Um," he begins, uncertain. "I guess.. I should go now.."

"Wait-" the word's out of Kurt's mouth before he can stop it. His gaze shoots to Todd; he ignores the pang he feels on seeing that Todd's now fully clothed. Desperately groping for words, he runs a hand through his hair, fingers twitching. He doesn't want to say it, but knows that whatever the outcome, they can't just walk away tonight. "What...what just happened, exactly?"

He finally looks--or rather glares--at Kurt. If expressions could talk, Todd's would be saying, 'what the fuck? Are you dense?' "What, you needa rundown? Did you have your eyes closed or something? Fuck." He averts his eyes again and my, the grass is looking mighty interesting... There's a pang of guilt gnawing at his gut for being so short with Kurt, but damnit, he's feeling just as confused and angry with himself, and what better thing to do than take that anger out on your worst enemy, right? /The enemy you all but screwed a few minutes ago./ He desperately shakes his head, trying to clear that thought...

'That's what you get,' crows a cold, cruel voice in the back of Kurt's mind. 'You expected anything better from your worst enemy?' He growls, tells his conscience, or whatever that was, to shut the fuck up, can't you see I'm busy? and clenches his fists, irritable. "I'm not talking about, about-THAT. Mein Gott, why in hell-" he buries his face in his hands, shudders. "We have to...what happens after this? This isn't something we can just forget." 'Not that I'd want to,' he thinks, ignoring the guilt the thought brings with it. Suddenly embarassed, he snatches up his shirt, pulling it on roughly.

Todd runs his fingers through his hair and draws his knees to his chest, groaning as he buries his face into his jeans. At once, his nose is filled with the scent of sex and he pulls back, stomach tight, eyes staring heatedly at an ugly white stain near his crotch. "Look," he sighs, settling his gaze on Kurt, trying to look as calm and controlled as possible. "Does anything have to happen after this, man? YOU know it shouldn't have happened, and I DEFINITELY know it shouldn't have happened, so why the hell CAN'T we just forget about it..?" As if it was so easy. Christ, what happened tonight is permanently burned into his mind, but he can at least pretend to forget about it for the sake of rivalry, right..?

Kurt is almost on the verge of responding 'What if we don't want to? To forget, to keep being rivals, to go on fighting and arguing over causes that sometimes don't even feel like ours...' Something inside of him is burning, a sickly, destructive shadow of the fire they'd just shared. He suddenly feels ill, and wants nothing more than to be away from here. Already this place is a vicious reminder of what may be his only time...He wishes he could think of it as nothing more than a horrible mistake, but a part of him stubbornly refuses to believe something that felt that RIGHT could be so very wrong. His gaze again falls on Todd, but he looks away quickly, praying Todd didn't notice the desperate pleading he's sure showed in his eyes.

Todd waits for a response, becoming increasingly uncomfortable with each second that passes. When he sees Kurt glance at him, though, he winces, mistaking the look in those golden eyes for regret. With a sigh, he stands up, self-consciously hugging himself, and makes his way towards the wall, ready to be rid of all this drama. But he stops and looks over his shoulder, apology etched into his features. "Sorry.." he mumbles. "None of this woulda happened if I hadn't gotten stoned, so.. just don't worry about it. Blame it on me and the drugs or something, 'kay?"

Such a simple solution, so easy Kurt's sorely tempted to take it. But he made the decision long ago, that the blame wouldn't fall on one or the other, and it certainly wouldn't fall solely on the drugs. After all, Kurt was anything but stoned, though most likely nobody would believe his actions without that as an excuse. The sudden impulse to jump up and grab Todd's arm strikes him, but his body refuses to act on it. "It's not that easy, though I dearly wish it was. I made the choice, as much as you. Perhaps moreso," a bitter smile crosses his lips. "At least you were 'under the influence', ja? If either of us should have known better, it was me." He sighs, frustrated, runs his (relatively) clean hand through his hair again. "Look...if you really want to just...forget it...that's fine. No one will ever know. But..." he hesitates, chewing at his lower lip fretfully, "I just think we need to...take some time. Think about all this. That's all."

Todd nods, remembering that he HAD given Kurt the opportunity to teleport away... not that any time wasn't opportune for someone with teleportation powers, but that was beside the point. The fact that Kurt didn't go meant that he must have really wanted it, and that thought both thrilled and frightened Todd at once. On one hand, someone actually WANTED him--HIM, for pete's sake--not to mention that it meant he probably had some 'mad skillz' in the pleasuring department, yo. On the other hand, however, Kurt was, well, KURT: a.k.a. Nightcrawler; noun - fuzzy, blue-furred, MALE member of the ENEMY group. Jesus. And yet... here he was, watching Kurt speak with that beautiful German accent he could have sworn he hated an hour ago, watching Kurt run one of those skillful hands through his hair, watching Kurt watch him with eyes that were filled with hunger and lust not so long ago.

Todd blinks, realizing the other boy is now the one waiting for a response. "Uh...yeah. Yeah, man, we'll think about it" /in the shower and right before I go to bed, yo...fuck/ "and we won't let it happen again, right?" Nervous chuckle. "I mean, not that it would, dawg...'cause this was just a-a thing, you know? Yeah." Face, meet palm. God, what an idiot.

Something wrenches deep in Kurt's gut at Todd's last words. It can't happen again, it just CAN'T, for so many obvious reasons. But damn it... 'You WANT it to happen again, don't you?' that snide part of his brain chides, and it's his own voice dripping with contempt and embarassment. He wipes his eyes on the sleeve of his tan pullover, fights back a sniffle, disgusted with himself all over again. "Yeah. ...Yeah, it wouldn't happen again...of course." It feels like someone's taken a particularly heavy gauge of sandpaper to his throat, and he's horrified to hear his voice crack slightly.

Todd smiles, though it isn't genuine. "Good," he says--almost whispers--and clears his throat. "Good. So..." so... what? He looks at Kurt wiping his eyes and frowns. Was it supposed to be this difficult? The more he stalls, the more he wants to stay; the more he wants to stay, the more he knows he NEEDS to go or else this'll end up opening up another can of worms entirely and he just doesn't wanna go there. Not now. /Shit, not ever./ Something in the back of his mind disagrees, however, because somehow, emotions got involved here, and when emotions are involved... who knows what the hell will happen? "So... see you at school?" he ends, lamely.

Kurt can't manage a response. Somewhere along the line his throat closed up completely, making breathing difficult and speaking impossible. Hating himself for even entertaining the thoughts he's having now (as much for the futility as for the immorality of it all), he takes one last look at Todd. It's a look filled with need and longing, hurt and anger. All but the last are things one should never show to an enemy, he knows, but he can't bring himself to care about showing weakness, not now. Showing little of his usual gymnast's speed or grace, he gets slowly to his feet, turns, and walks away with his hands in his pockets and his head bowed.

Todd opens his mouth, but no words come out. What more could be said..? He heads in the opposite direction, leaps to the top of the wall, and glances back. "..see you at school, yo," he sighs, jumping down to the sidewalk below. Once on solid ground, he doesn't continue forward, instead leans against the wall, slowly sinking down. /Idiot,/ he scolds, banging the back of his head against the concrete. /Stupid--/ bang /fucking--/ bang /idiot./ BANG. "Ow.." Digging into his back pocket, he fishes out the bag of weed and glares daggers at it. "Fuck you," he says, but the pot doesn't respond, thankfully. He frowns; if Lance ever finds out that he stole (/borrowed without asking!/) some of his stash, he'd kick Todd's ass to the moon.. and if he ever finds out what Todd did while under the influence of said stash, well.. Todd doesn'twant to think about that. Instead, his thoughts try to piece everything together--what happened, why it happened, how he feels about it, and what should happen from here. His conclusion? "No. Fucking. Clue."