Behind the Cafeteria

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And this fic is Skittery/Snitch. The pairing's just too cute. It was inspired by the lyrics of "And Then He Kissed Me," by The Crystals. And the song Skittery sings is "This I Promise You," by Nsync. I'm not a regular listener (heaven forbid!), but I couldn't think of any of my faves that would sing a ballad (Sum, Green Day, no...), so I went on a frenzy love ballad on-line search and that's what I came up with. *shrug*

Also, as part of the random-ness, I'd like to point something out in the movie that I noticed. Okie, watch Spot in KoNY, and when Race sings "Ain't I pretty," Spot kinda nods his head. Hoo-hoo, too slashy for my own good... *falls over*. A-ya.


I groaned and took a long inhale from my cigarette as another hip-hop song blared from the crowded gym, where preps and wanna-bes gathered for a night of sweaty groping, hoping to lose their hearing sometime in the night.

Another boring dance I was forced to go to, another night of chain-smoking alone behind the cafeteria.

I didn't understand the appeal of these nights at all -- a DJ came, playing seemingly the same song over and over, while couples showed themselves off by dancing to fast and slow songs alike as close as humanly possible, gossiping girls stood giggling, waiting for whoever their crush was to magically sweep them off their feet in a night of romance, while a good ninety percent of the boys stood around on the sidelines or in the bleachers, refusing at all costs to ever get on the dance floor.

Me, I just avoided the scene altogether. The only reason I was here was that my mother claimed I didn't get out enough, that I kept to myself alone in my room too much. I told her there were numerous reasons for that, the primary one being I didn't like being around people. But, after she threatened to entirely cut off my internet connection, I decided that sometimes you need to make sacrifices in order to ensure your happiness in the future.

Besides, it didn't matter if I went to the dance or not -- I would still be alone. I didn't have many friends, but I liked it that way. It made me feel more independent and free.

Finishing my cigarette, I dropped it to the ground and stomped it out underneath my sneaker. I started to fish around in my pocket for another when a voice traveled through the darkness.

"Need another?"

I was so startled that I wasn't the only one here that I jumped and fell backwards, which received a chuckle from the stranger. He came forward, and I could see that it was Skittery Sobel, one of the few guys at school that would actually acknowledge my presence by offering a hello if passing. He offered his hand, I took it and he hoisted me up.

"Sorry to scare ya man. Here," he said, and handed me a cigarette. I took it gratefully, and lit it quickly, enjoying the taste of it. After a few moments of silence, Skittery became inquisitive.

"So what're you doing out here, anyway? Wouldn't you rather be inside dancing the night away with one of your many admirerers," he said as he mockingly batted his eyelashes.

I snorted. "Yeah, I'm sure there are lots of 'em out there," I rolled my eyes.

"Oh, you'd be surprised," he grinned. "Girls really dig the silent, mysterious type."

I smiled at the thought. Me, a chick magnet... haha! I took another drag of my cigarette and turned towards Skittery.

"So what are you doing out here? I thought you'd enjoy this kind of thing," I said, and, really, Skittery was one of the last people I'd expect to see ditching a dance. He was pretty popular with the girls, and was one of the few boys secure enough to go out and dance. He was like that -- he liked to go ahead and do things, not just sit on the sidelines and watch as the events passed him by.

"Had a craving," he said, holding up his cigarette, smiling again. The kid always seemed to smile. "Besides, there's nothing really to stay for in there," he said, nodding towards the gym. A silence followed, in which Skittery had finished his cigarette and lit his second.

"What are you thinking about?" He asked casually, cigarette perched between his lips.

I was startled at that question. No one usually took much interest in anything I was doing, much less what I was thinking.

"About how happy I am that I'm not alone right now," I sighed before realizing it. Whoa. Where'd that come from. I never really minded being alone, I was alone all the time. But for some reason, having Skittery there comforted me, made me feel warm.

"Glad to be of service," he said, jokingly. At that moment, the incessant banging of the music slowed down, and the sweet opening of a ballad sung softly. Skittery sighed, closed his eyes and started to slowly bob his head to the beat. I watched this with amusement, then became transfixed with his movements. He looked so graceful and confident as he kept time with the music. Then, unexpectedly, he dreamily joined in.

"I've loved you forever, in lifetimes before,

And I promise you never, will you hurt anymore,

I give you my word, I give you my heart..."

And he opened his eyes, realizing where he was, and flushed a little.

"Hehe, my little sister makes me listen to Nsync..." But I just stared. His voice was soothing, beautiful even. And the simple pop-py words seemed so profound and heart-felt when he sang them.

Skittery's face flushed a shade darker. "Wha-what're you staring at, dude?"

I tore my eyes away to stare at the discarded cigarette butts littering the ground. Great job, Snitch, creep him out so he'll leave you alone again. I raised my eyes again, and they locked with his. I tried to read the emotions they held - embarrassment, most likely at having sung out-loud and not meaning to, but there was also something deeper, something that resembled pain, content and care. My eyes traveled to his lips as he once again started to sing...

"Every word I say is true,

This I promise you.."

And as I watched, his lips got closer and closer until they were touching mine in a firm, but chaste, kiss.

I was absolutely bewildered. Skittery Sobel, a boy, was kissing me?! Stunned, I stood there, nonreactive. Skittery seemed to notice this, and quickly tore away.

"I... I'm s-sorry," he murmured before quickly taking off.

I just stood in silence, and slowly lifted my fingers to my lips, which had just been covered by Skittery's a few moments ago. I knew I should feel repugnated by this whole situation -- I mean, I wasn't gay, right? But the kiss had been so heavenly, it couldn't be wrong, and I was willing to change my lifestyle to feel something as glorious as that again. But Skittery had run off, no doubt feeling humiliated at having been so open and forward with his feelings, and not have them returned. I couldn't let him feel that way, and quickly started formulating plans for the upcoming Monday...

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