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"Principal Willoughby, Principal Willoughby, oh, it's terrible, they've got three freshmen stuffed in one locker in the North wing! They're all just stuck in there, limbs poking out in all the wrong places, and OH!" I cried, "they must be suffocating by now, and I ran all the way over here to warn you!" I feigned breathlessness, and projected what I hoped was an exasperated face.

Principal Willoughby displayed a too-calm look before speaking, unnerving Snitch.

"Why am I not surprised?" he sighed. "Every year, those yahooligans pull their silly little hazing pranks. Mrs. Robb, would you please find Art, have him help those boys out of that locker. I'll go see if I can find the culprits," and the Principal wearily turned on his heel to waddle down the hall, comb-over rising and falling with the pattern of his steps. Mrs. Robb, the petite, stern secretary stood and quickly straightened her navy skirt and jacket before walking with long strides down the hall, her high heels creating a rhythmatic beat against the tile floors.

And I was left alone in the office, with multiple instruments that I could put towards my use.

First, I cruised over to the right wall behind the secretary's desk, where a ring had been drilled with keys to every single classroom in the school. I thumbed through all the keys until I found the one labeled 108, deftly slipping it off the rings and pocketing it.

I sauntered over to the PA system, scanning over the different buttons. I figured it was safe to use, the faculty that had just left the office would be too busy searching fruitlessly for the perpetrators and victims of a non-existent crime. Finding the switch, I turned on the system and raised the speaker to my mouth.

"Jay Sobel, Jay Sobel to the office please. Jay Sobel to the office."

Turning the system back off, I rushed out of the office, towards room 108. It would only be a matter of time before Skittery would come down the hall, pondering what kind of trouble he could have possibly gotten himself into now.

Reaching my destination, I turned left into a little enclave that extended about two feet back until it reached a door. Fishing through my pocket, I pulled out the key I had swiped, and unlocked the door leading to the music room. To my surprise, there was already someone there, but after staring for a few seconds, it registered that it was two forms, sitting extremely close together.

Effing preps. Ruin everything.

Shrieking, I fabricated another story to get rid of any obstructions in my plan.

"Oh, thank goodness I found you, there's a fire in the chem lab, the whole school's being evacuated, hurry, hurry, get out, get out!" I waved my hands around wildly, jumping up and down to emphasize my point. The two figures sprang apart, and stumbled across chairs towards the door. The boy was wiping lipstick that had been transferred to his mouth off on the sleeve of his letterman jacket, and the girl fussed with her hair, trying to return it to a presentable state.

I looked after them with distaste. My throat was starting to hurt, I hadn't talked this much to so many people in one day since.... ever. I briskly pulled a CD from my bag, and placed it in the stereo system at the end of the room, then jogged my way back to the enclosed area right outside the door. It was coated in shadows, so I could watch as Skittery came down the hall without him seeing me.

Not two seconds after I had reached the area, Skittery rounded a corner, idly walking along the halls, glancing at lockers and out the windows. I waited with sweaty palms, rethinking my plan, wondering if it was really the right thing to do. Taking a deep breath, I reassured myself.

Yes. This is the right thing to do. I have to carry through.

The footsteps grew closer and closer until Skittery was a foot away from where I was standing. I stood up, and extended my arms a little, getting ready. After standing in that position for a few moments, Skittery's feet came into view, and as his whole body presented itself, I reached out, grabbed him across the chest with one hand, pinning his arms and back against my torso, and clasped a hand tightly against his mouth. I could see his eyes widen with surprise, and could feel his jaw working against my palm, trying vainly to emit screams.

I pulled him backwards into the room, kicking the door shut. I took my hand off of his mouth to lock the door, and I swear, his howls could have awakened the dead. I locked the door and released him. Skittery quickly spun around, anger flashing behind his brown eyes.

He opened his mouth, as if to speak, before his face took on a shocked look. It seems like of all people, I would've been the last person he'd expect to abduct him.

I must have had a determined look on my face, because Skittery backed away, hands lifted in the air in a sign of defeat.

"Snitch, I'm sorry, if this is about Friday, I'm sorry, it was spur of the moment, I'm sorry, I don't want a fight," he breathed, fear replacing the anger in his eyes.

I started towards him, and could see him block his face with his arms, hoping all blows would be delivered below the neck, but I just brushed past him, walking towards the back of the room. Reaching the stereo, I pressed the play button. I pivoted, and looked him square in the eye.

"You owe me a dance."

Skittery looked shocked, to say the least. He probably hadn't expected to hear that at all, but looked pleased by it. He gave a small smile, and held out his arms. I shuffled over, and wrapped my arms around his neck as the beginning of the song played out.

Skittery placed his hands around my waist, and we slowly rocked back and forth with the music. I had no idea what was playing, I had just grabbed some burned CD from my brother's room labeled "mood music." It seemed to be working.

As the time went on, I melted into Skittery's embrace. He was so warm and comforting, and I rested my head on his shoulder, breathing onto his neck. Skittery seemed to relax into the feeling, and I thought I heard a tiny moan escape from his slightly-parted lips.

Ah, his lips. They were so close, all I would have to do was raise my head to the side a little and they would have been touching mine. I lifted my head and looked once more into his eyes, an activity I found that I enjoyed thoroughly. I stayed like that for a few more seconds before slowly closing the gap, initiating our second kiss.

It felt so good -- sweet, but filled with want, enough so to send chills down my spine, down through my feet and back, enjoying all the pleasurable feelings being channeled by the connection of our lips.

Skittery was the first to break away, slightly out of breath.

"Wow... you're a really good... dancer," he smiled dreamily, and I laughed, something I've never done enough of.

"So you'll be happy to know," he stated, brushing his hand through my hair, "that there's going to be another dance this weekend, at Jefferson."

My smile widened.

Another night of chain-smoking, another night spent with Skittery behind the cafeteria.

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