Previously part Twelve of Definition of a Wolf

A/N I've decided I may want to continue this, but am making a fresh start with a new-yet-related story. Consider this a sequel to DoaW. It begins with chapters 12 and 13 of that story and may continue with new material if I can find the time. Sorry if this has caused any confusion, and I'll think of a better title at some point.


It was almost midnight when Remus had finished working. Sirius dutifully brought all his marking to him in the hospital wing, mostly because he needed something to do with his days as his mind and body healed. He still ached when he woke up, but the pain was mostly gone by mid-morning. Sirius wouldn't let him take any classes yet though - Remus got the feeling that the animagus was enjoying the whole thing rather more than necessary.

He put out his lamp, and leaned back against the pillow. His eyes closed, then flickered open again. He was not restful. The moon lurked outside the window, casting a faint glow through the curtains. Remus' mind was wide awake, and his eyes seemed to follow its lead. But it was late, so he lay back down, and tried counting sheep. The wolf liked sheep.

His eyes snapped open again. That had done nothing but make him hungry. He growled a bit, then swung his legs out of bed. Snatching his dressing gown from the end of his bed, he padded towards the door.


Sirius Black was asleep and he was dreaming. Patterns and colours swirled before him, almost hypnotising. He didn't pay them much notice. He knew all about dreams, and let his sleeping mind wander to more important things. Like the strange weight against his side, like another body beside him.

Sirius woke up and grunted a bit. He rolled over, sharp eyes trying to figure out what was in bed with him. It turned out to be a familiar figure.


The werewolf was asleep. Sirius poked him until he wasn't.

"What?" Remus grunted.

"Moony, this is my bed. You're supposed to be in hospital."

"I couldn't sleep there. Can't sleep here, either, it seems."

Remus rolled over to face Sirius, and they smiled at each other. Sirius put his arms around the slim werewolf and his smile widened. Madame Pomfrey had made sure Remus ate properly and he had gained some weight over the past few weeks.

"I love you," Remus murmured, burying his face in Sirius' shoulder.

"Love you too, Moony." Sirius kissed Remus' forehead. It could almost be seen as a chaste gesture of friendship, but under the covers, Sirius' fingers trailed longingly down Remus' spine. The werewolf shuddered most pleasingly. Sirius' grin turned predatory.

Remus gasped in mock fear. "Don't hurt me, Padfoot!" he giggled, trying to wriggle away, but Sirius pounced on him, pinning him down. "Alright. . ." the werewolf whispered. "Maybe you can hurt me a little. . ."

Sirius gazed down into his lover's eyes, and saw the moon and stars shining back at him. Remus was enchanting, a small smile playing across his round lips, golden hair curling about his cheekbones. He was almost elfin in appearance, not a trace of beast. Although. . . If Sirius looked close enough, he could see that wolfish independence and freedom just below the surface of Remus' soul.

Something caught Sirius' attention; a flickering red light by the bedside. He glanced over at it. The alarm clock displayed the time and date. Midnight.

"Moony. . . D'you know what day it is?"


"Valentine's Day."

Remus smiled. "How appropriate," he murmured, leaning up to kiss Sirius, who's arms snaked about his waist, possessively. In one fluid movement, he flipped the startled animagus over and pressed him against the bed, kissing him almost ferociously. Sirius' protests didn't last very long at all, partly because he realised he didn't have very much say I the way things were to go tonight. Remus' hands held Sirius' tightly, pushing into the pillow on either side of Sirius' head. The werewolf's knees held the man firmly in place. Sirius whimpered slightly, and Remus relented.

"Padfoot?" he whispered.

"Ssh." Sirius pried his hands away, and pulled Remus closer to him. "Don't speak, Moony. Just. . . Don't speak."


The wolf was silent within Remus Lupin that night. It hadn't wanted to let go of Julian; wolves were stubborn things. But one thing both aspects of Remus knew was, humanity didn't give itself enough credit for the things it was good at. One of these things was falling in love. Any creature could choose a mate, but it takes something special to feel true love.

The wolf was silent; but it did acknowledge that Remus had made the right choice.


To Be Continued. . .?