TITLE: Ask Anything.

SUMMARY: Alec loses his memory and begins to ask questions that he wouldn't ask otherwise.

CHAPTER: Look Out!!!

The last delivery of the day had bought them to a mansion. It was their chance to get a tip that didn't have the word cent attached to the end to indicate its value. Max walked up to the door and waited for someone to answer. Alec stood behind her humming something to himself. He was hardly talking, for a change.

Alec hated being around mansions. It always brought back memories. Every time he got near one he'd just get annoyed. He wished the person would just hurry and come so they could get it over with quickly.

Max turned around and looked at him for a moment, he looked back at her with an expression that said 'what?' She rolled her eyes and turned her head to sound of the door cracking open. " Delivery for Guy Richards," she said, flashing her million-dollar smile.

The woman, in eveningwear took the form and signed it. She took the package from Max and then closed the door. Max looked at the door in shock. No tip. " What the hell was that?"

Alec had already begun to leave. " Come on, let's go."

Max frowned and walked along the long pathway to the gate. She took her bike and walked out on the road to meet Alec who was already there, waiting for her.

She rode beside him while he remained silent. She looked at him and he looked back at her with the same expression her had earlier. She rolled her eyes again and mumbled, " Gosh, I can't stand you."

Alec ignored it.

" You're so annoying."

He took it again but he had an urge to tell her what he was thinking.

" I hate you, so much. This is all you're fault. You could have said something nice to the woman but NOOO."

He stopped riding.

Max turned around and saw that he had stopped. She stopped too and turned to face him. She looked at him questioningly.

He could feel his blood getting hot. He was tired of putting up with it. " What?"

She frowned at him. " What do you mean 'what?'"

" What have I done to you?"

She gave him a fake smile. " Let's see, shall we." She got off her bike so she could express her anger properly. " First you had me almost kill Logan. Then you try to kill me and ruin the only chance Logan and I had in the process. Then, like if that wasn't bad enough, you cost me a baseball. Then you decided you wanted to piss me off by working the same place I do."

He got off his bike and walked closer to her. " How many times do I have to say I'm sorry for all those things?" he was just so tired. " It's either we resolve this now, or we can never resolve it."

The audacity of him, giving her a deadline for her anger. " Where do you get off telling me when I should stop being mad to you?"

He was shouting now. " Where do I get off? You try being around someone who's always on you for something you said you were sorry for and tried to make up for it a million times. Every time I see you, you're bitching or complaining."

She looked into his eyes for a while. She hated to see him so much. He really did annoy her. She walked up to him and pushed him back wards to the ground. " I didn't tell you to come and follow me around. Why can't you just stay away? I want to move on form this but you just keep popping your head around. Just leave me alone." She walked away leaving him on the ground.

Max looked further down the road and saw car coming. She turned back to Alec; he was still on the floor where she had pushed him. She looked at the car that was moving at full speed. " Alec get out of the way," she shouted.

He looked at her, shocked. He began to get up from the ground and he dust off his pants. As he turned around to pick up his bike he felt something impact with his body.

The car hit him and sent him flying over the top of it. The car sped away leaving Alec on the ground. Max dropped her bike and ran towards him. He wasn't moving. There was blood on his face and his eyes were closed. She bent down towards him. " Alec," she called. He just laid there. " Alec, wake up." She felt for a pulse and there was one

She didn't want to touch him too much in case he had any broken bones. She felt in his packet and took out his cell phone and called the ambulance.


Max sat on a bench staring into space. She was at the hospital waiting for the doctor to tell her if Alec was okay. She was so scared. She didn't know how bad he was hurt.

The doctor came out of the room and went to Max. " You're the lady that came with him?"

She stood up. " Yeah, is he okay?"

The doctor could her how worried she was. " He's fine, he just hit his head. You can go see him now." (NOTE: I know it's a little unrealistic that he didn't break any bones but just go with me on this.)

Max nodded and walked towards the door. She walked in the room and saw Alec lying on the bed in hospital robes. " They look for any reason to take off your clothes huh."

He smiled. " I think they wanted to see if anything was broken."

She sat in a chair that was next to the bed. " I'm sorry. This is all my fault."

He looked at her, confused. " Were you there when it happened?"

She nodded. " Of course I was there."

" Thanks for calling the ambulance for me. Not every one is willing to help someone they don't know." She looked at him like she was confused. She was probably someone he new from long time ago." I'm sorry, what's your name again?"

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