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Epilogue: Forging Ahead

Rulif sat perched on the railing of the front porch of his home. The night was almost over and he should really be asleep, but after the events of the previous evening he felt it impossible to do so.

There had been minutes of utter chaos when Addrodoc's slain body had been found. People had been completely confused and lost, denial and terror alive in their eyes. In the midst of this the boy knew he had to act quickly, and so he rapidly begin spreading the initial rumours that were now being circulated as accepted facts.

Addrodoc had been killed for his sins, for manipulating the Gods will into his own, they whispered at street corners and around pints of ale in the inn. The town itself had been spared Legolas' displeasure, but the human priest who had attempted to take blood had not been so lucky.

Things were finally settling. The villagers prayed quietly, trying to discern the moral or lesson behind the most recent acts of their deities but, for the most part, they were content with the knowledge that they themselves had not been the object of the God's fury.

The extreme tension, which had been escalating in the community for days found a release in Addrodoc's death and began to dissipate. No tears were shed.

Rulif had successfully remained unnoticed through it all. For the most part he had stood watching from a distance as conclusions were drawn. Only his mother had looked at him with a hint of suspicion in her blue eyes, but Rulif found that in the end she must have trusted his actions, for she looked away and remained silent.

Breathing deeply, the boy smiled. A certain nagging doubt yet lingered; had he done the right thing or not, but his heart always reassured him on this score - in his heart he knew he had acted rightly. Slipping nimbly from his perch, Rulif landed on the ground and stretched. Turning he walked into his home in search of his bed... he did not trip on his way in.


Legolas stood facing Arod, running his fingers through the silky main and leaning his nose gently against the velvet nose of his mount. His eyes were closed as he took in the moment of silent contemplation, his mind shifting through the past days events with confusion and regret.

So much had happened, and the elf felt that he had learned much about himself in the process. Having lived for millennium feeling secure with his own identity, these newest revelations were somewhat unsettling. Yet life went on.

The duo had ridden through the previous night, desiring to put as much distance between themselves as the village as possible. Once Legolas began to feel secure, however, he had demanded that they stop to tend Gimli's wounds and seek rest. The dwarf had of course tried to dissuade the elf, assuring him repetitively that it would take more then a mere scratch to phase the strength of a dwarf, but Legolas had merely ignored the remarks, halting Arod and dismounting without comment.

Huffing and puffing, Gimli had eventually given in to th elf's demands realising the futility of remaining mounted given that the elf was no longer on the horse. Legolas had tended Gimli then, caring for every bruise and cut, knowing that he would never fully know what the dwarf had endured of his sake.

Gimli had honoured their blossoming friendship with his own safety. Whatever old-founded doubts that yet lingered within Legolas, ancient prejudices that had been built up over too many years, melted as he cared for the dwarf. For that moment on he knew... he knew he had forged a friendship that would dare to defy their respective culture's hostilities. A friendship that would surpass the reaches of time and race.

Once that task had been completed, despite Gimli's assurances that he was fine, the dwarf was quick to collapse into slumber. Legolas had been tempted to follow the dwarf's example but his own nagging thoughts kept him awake, standing as he was with Arod. Breathing in the approaching afternoon air, Legolas basked in the sunlight. He had been too long without it, caged behind stone. It was soothing to be back in the folds of nature's embrace.

"Are you thinking again, elf?" Gimli's punctuated snores ceased as the question was voiced.

Legolas smiled, though he did not bother to open his eyes. "Yes," he owned.

"Twice in one day? Are you sure that will not cause some sort of permanent damage?" Gimli inquired groggily.

"Some beings, myself included, have no limit to the number of thoughts we are allowed to have, master dwarf, a novelty I am sure to one such as yourself, but I assure you I speak the truth," Legolas responded merrily, his eyes opening as he spoke, bright and sparkling with mischief.

Gimli snorted. His dark eyes opening wearily, his head pitching slightly to one side. "A novelty would involve you actually forgiving yourself, for once, and not dwelling on what has passed as though weighed down with an unmanageable burden," he spoke with a light tone of voice but there was a degree of chastisement present nonetheless.

Legolas cocked an eyebrow. "What makes you think my thoughts were so engaged?"

"By the crease of your brow. It is a telling signal for when you are dwelling on something that bothers you."

Legolas blinked, rather shocked by the observation. He had not realised that his facial mannerisms so betrayed his emotions and even more shocked that Gimli (not very observant in nature) of all people had taken mark of it. "Am I so transparent?"

Gimli sat up stiffy, looking at Legolas as the seriousness of their conversation gripped him. "No. But it would be negligent of me to not concern myself with the well-being of my friend. Do you need to speak of what troubles you?"

Touched by the gesture, Legolas smiled. "I wish I could have found a way to help that man."

Of all the things Gimli had been expecting Legolas to say, that had not been it. His mouth dropped open in shock. "Legolas! He was unstable to put it lightly. Nothing could have been done to help him. He was cruel, uncaring and self-serving. He was beyond help."

"He believed in me, or at least what he would have had me stand for. There was goodness in him, Gimli. He wanted only what was best for his people. Would I have done less had I thought it would have rid my people of the shadow, that until recently, has plagued my homeland? Would you have?"

Gimli considered this dilemma for a long moment, before answering with as much sincerity and passion as he could muster. "The ends do not justify the means, Legolas, for the simple reason that the means contribute to the end that is produced. Addrodoc did not understand that. He could not understand that tainted with the blood of the innocent no such end can be warranted."

Legolas released Arod, patting the horse and giving silent leave for the beast to go and graze. Walking over he sat gracefully near the dwarf. "You are right. I suppose it was beyond the point that I could have assisted, yet I cannot help the lingering doubts, despite dwarven wisdom."

Gimli grumbled an indistinct noise of understanding. "Well for my sanity do try and desist. You are intolerable enough when singing to the sky and whatnot, but having you moody is infinitely worst."

"Well I know a sight that would cheer my soul," Legolas responded, the mischievous glint once again returning to alight his features, but there was a calculating dimension to that gaze now that set Gimli on edge. "I believe I recall you saying that the day you called me master would be the day you shaved your beard clear off and sang to trees..."

"Now stop right there," Gimli interrupted quickly, sensing his imminent danger. "You cannot be serious!"

"Can't I?" Legolas asked sweetly, putting on the most feigned expression of innocence Gimli had ever laid eyes on.

"I... you..." a jumble of incoherent phrases began to emerge past Gimli's lips, only to trail off in utter disbelief. The dwarf's mouth opened and closed like that of a fish out of water. The sight sent Legolas into gales of laughter, the joy behind the noise contagions, making even Gimli laugh as well.

After wiping tears of mirth from their eyes the pair stretched out under the warmth of the sun and dozed, secure in their friendship, and entertained by dreams of beardless dwarves who sang to trees...

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