Happy Sherlock Day

By Sherlock Chopstick

Holmes had just gotten home from Septimus Quinn's house and he

opened the door to his flat when he suddenly fell forward into Dr.

Watson. When he woke up from a decided faint he remembered that

he had forgotten to sort through his old photographs of his half sister

Ginger; so he got out of bed, still feeling slightly faint, and headed

toward his filing cabinet. He opened it and suddenly tripped on an old

boot and fell right into the opened filing cabinet. There he lay for quite

some time before Mrs. Hudson came in carrying a teatray and saw

him. She dropped the tray and ran through the mess toward him, but

then she remembered that she had left a tea cake in the oven and

she dashed out of the room. Holmes then fell backwards out of the

cabinet onto one of Mrs. Hudson's hat pins which wedged itself in the

back of his right arm (only about an inch in.) When he felt the pin he

immediately jumped up with a stifled scream (but not becuase it hurt,

becuase he was happy.) He quickly pulled it out of his arm and sat

down for a slightly mutilated tea.

The End

Note: He was ill.