Author's notes:

Hi everyone, miLady here. This is an AU fic centering on Sally and Wufei. I really love this couple so I decided to do a story on them. The thing though is that I haven't seen the complete Gundam Wing series so I apologize in advance for any oocness that may occur. I basically based this on what I've gathered from other people's depiction of them. Well, I hope you enjoy reading this. ^_^

Disclaimer: I do not claim to own the anime Gundam Wing or any of its characters. All this is for fun so please don't sue me!

Return to Me


Sally smiled at the departing mailman and closed her front door. She gave the package in her hand a glance before walking back to the living room.

"So who was it at the door?" the girl on the couch asked the minute the blond appeared in the room.

As an answer, the other girl tossed her friend Lucrecia the package that she had received. The dark haired lady gave a squeal at the sight of the familiar box.

"Oh my gosh! You got another one."

Sally rolled her eyes, but could not hide the excitement in her smile. "I don't know why you still act surprised. You know I've been getting those for my birthday every year now for the pass six years."

"I know," her friend answered sheepishly. "Although this one came earlier than the others. You're birthday is not till tomorrow." Lucrecia sighed dramatically. "I just find it so romantic. So did you find out yet who they're from?"

"No. Just like the others it doesn't show the return address. Besides how do you know it's some romantic gesture? For all I know it could be from some lunatic."

This time Lucrecia was the one that rolled her eyes. "Please. Anyone who would send you a charm for your bracelet every year could only be a secret admirer." She handed the package back to her friend and grinned widely. "So, aren't you gonna open it? Maybe this time it'll have a note saying who it's from."

Sally eagerly opened the package. The gifts do not usually reach her until the day after her birthday. It was as if the sender wanted her to receive and open the gift when she would not be distracted by her other presents. But like always her anticipation was high and she was never disappointed with the charms she got. She just wished she knew who they were from so she could thank the person properly. Secretly she wished that it was from some secret admirer like Lucrecia pointed out. But at twenty-seven, just a day shy of just becoming twenty-eight, she couldn't allow herself to be that fanciful. But that did not mean she can't enjoy fantasizing about it once in a while. Unbidden, a thought flittered across her mind.

I wonder if Wufei would do something like this for someone he likes?

Sally blushed at the thought and gave herself a mental shake. She silently scolded herself for thinking that, knowing that the stoic young man did not have a single romantic bone in his body.

That's right, she thought. Wufei would be a man by now.

She had not seen the boy - no man - for six years now, but she still remembered the angry young boy she had met in the orphanage a long time ago. Once in a while she would find herself thinking about Wufei, wondering where he was and what he was doing at that time. She hated to admit it but the younger man had made an impression on her. There was just something about him that drew her to the troubled boy.

The blue-eyed blond gave herself another mental shake and drew out the jewelry box from inside the package. She opened the lid and lifted the gold charm out of its box.

"Wow, it's beautiful," exclaimed Lucrecia.

Sally stared at the unicorn shaped charm and thought that this might be her favorite one yet. She replaced the charm back in its container and searched within the confines of the package for the card that always accompanied the gift. She hurriedly opened it to read the message and was disappointed that all it contained was the customary birthday greeting, written in a neat handwriting.

"Nothing, huh?" Lucrecia asked seeing her friend's slightly crestfallen face.

Sally shook her head and could not help but hope that she would meet the gifts' sender soon.