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Sally admired the flowers next to her bed and sniffed at its fragrance. She felt as bright as the purple petals when she woke up that morning. Everything was perfect. She remembered the kiss they shared last night and smiled. Her smile grew even wider as Wufei walked into the room.

"Enjoy your breakfast?" she asked him cheerfully.

The man scowled at her. "Were you trying to kill me? That thing they call 'food' in that cafeteria is inedible. I can't believe you would send me to eat there."

"Oh, quit complaining. You're the one who didn't want to leave the hospital."

"You're awfully bright and cheery this morning."

"Why wouldn't I be?" she asked, making room for him to sit right next to her on the bed. "It's a beautiful day. The sun's out. I'm alive. And you're about to give me a kiss."

Wufei's frown smoothed out and his lips quirked up at the corners. "Now who's being too sure of themselves?"

"Are you gonna make me wait or what?"

The dark-haired man chuckled, but bent down and covered her lips with his. Sally's mind went black and she forgot everything around her, everything but the kiss. All her attention was focused on those soft lips and the feelings it was bringing out of her.

She slowly ended the kiss and opened her eyes. She kept her arms around his neck to keep him close. "You know, you're right. I think I like it better this way."

"What?" Wufei asked, not sure he quite followed her as he tried to recover from the kiss.

"That thing you said about me seeing only you without my contacts or glasses when we kiss. I think I like it."

The young man gave a smug grin. "I knew you'd see it my way."

Sally laughed lightly and rested her head on his shoulder. Then she remembered the flowers.

"Wufei? Those flowers on the side table, are they forget-me-nots?"

"Um, yeah," he replied, giving the plant a once over. "I think so. Relena brought them over yesterday. She said it was to suppose to… give us hope." The last part was said slowly as he realized that the flowers had bloomed. "I'll be damned. I didn't even notice when I woke up this morning."

The blond raised her head. "I hope she's happy right now."

Wefei looked down at Sally. "Do you think her boyfriend's back?"

"I thought you didn't believe in that?"

"Well, it did bloom the same time we found out how we felt about each other."

Sally unwrapped her arms around Wufei, suddenly feeling unsure. She looked down and asked, "How exactly do you feel about me?"

"Do you still need to ask me that?" He placed a finger under her chin and lifted her head up until her eyes met his. "I love you, Sally. The last three days had been torture for me. First, you walking out on me, thinking that you might never want to speak to me again. Then finding out that you got shot and not knowing if I'll lose you for good."

"Silly boy." She playfully punched him in the arm to keep her from being too emotional. "I love you too much to ever leave you. Like I wrote on the book - I'll always be yours."

Wufei hugged her close. He chuckled as joy and relief coursed through his body. "You figured that out just now. You were always mine, I wouldn't have given you any other choice. I've loved you ever since I was a kid."

"All this time and you never told me." Her thigh bushed against something inside the side pocket of his pants as she hugged him back. She frowned as the object dug painfully into her skin through the thin blanket.

She pushed at him and looked down. "What is that thing in your pocket?"

Wufei slid his hand inside his pocket and fingered the box. Feeling suddenly nervous, he cleared his throat before pulling it out.

"Oh… this thing. It's uh… well, I was gonna give it to you the day I got back from New York, but well you kinda left. So here." He shoved the box into her hand and watched with bated breath as she opened the lid.

Sally could only stare. At first she did not understand why Wufei was giving her a charm. Then she noticed that it had the same make as the other charms she received, only this one was two hearts with a single arrow. She shot Wufei a dumbfounded look before looking at the bracelet in her wrist.

"It's the last piece." He said quietly. "I was going to wait for another year. I wanted to give you that time and make you fall in love with me before I told you, but all that changed before I left for New York."

"It was you all along," she whispered in awe. "All those years… those birthday presents… The cattleyas that were sent to me after my parents died. Was that you too?"

"'fraid so," he mumbled, not sure how she was taking all these in. "Listen, Sally, I know –"

Sally stopped him by placing a finger over his lips. "Here I thought you never had any romantic bone in your body," she told him with a smile. "You have no idea how many times I wished that all those gifts were from you."

He grinned. "So, I take it that this is a good surprise?"

"Yes, very good." She gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek. "I love you."

"Love you too," he told her just before he captured her lips with his and showed her just how much he does.

Author's notes: Phew, finally it's done! I'm not very good with sap so I hope I did okay. I enjoy reading them, but it's very difficult for me to write them. Anyway, I hope the ending was to everybody's liking. I was originally going to write in what happened to Relena and Heero, but figured that'll just upstage the Sally and Wufei's romantic moment.

I've fooled around with the idea of doing a sequel, a sort of continuation fic that will center on Quatre this time around (just to make up for what I had to put him through in this fic). But while I was typing out the epilogue I started thinking about a sort of prequel based on Relena's story. Then I thought maybe I should ask all of you: Do I do a sequel that tells how Quatre finds his own true love or a prequel that tells the story behind Relena and the promise she's holding on to? If I get enough response on either one, then I'll think about writing out a story. Again thanks so much to everyone who read and reviewed my story! 'kay people, till next time! ^_^