What Lies Within Us


A/N: Ah, we're finally here. THE END. Keep in mind, the purpose of this epilogue is not to wrap up everything that happened in the ten years that SeaQuest was gone. Rather, it is simply a peek into Lucas' life, and society in general in the new timeline. In order to fully explore the hows, whys and wherefores, that would require a whole 'nother story - a sequel. And, boy, oh, boy, am I not the person who is going to write it!

Remember, it's just a peek. As always, thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on this fic during the two years it took to complete.


Ten Years and Six Months Later


Secretary General Hitchcock was not a happy woman. Sadly, the young woman on the screen in front of her didn't have the sense to realize the extent of the ice she was treading on.

Thus, Katie took a deep breath, counted to ten, wondered why she thought of Ben Krieg whenever she was frustrated, and repeated herself for the third time. "I need to speak to the President."

"I'm very sorry, Madame Secretary," the redhead responded, "But as I already explained to you twice, the President is in a meeting."

"And as I already explained to you, this is a matter of international security. Interrupt his damn meeting."

"I can't-" the receptionist's words were cut off as the screen was swiveled around to reveal a familiar lanky blond man holding an almost as familiar blond child. The kid was happily eating a strawberry ice cream cone, some of which had melted on to the older man's blue shirt. For as long as she lived, Katie would never get used to the idea of Lucas Wolenczak wearing a suit.

"Sorry, Katie," Lucas greeted, shifting the little boy in his arms as he did so. "Chloe's new."

Katie rubbed her temples. "Since you're here, can you interrupt the President's meeting?"

Lucas shook his head. "Well, no, I can't, because Robert's not in a meeting."

Katie's eyes narrowed. "He's not?"

"Nope." Katie could hear the redhead protest in the background, and saw Lucas' eyes sparkle with mirth. "He's playing skeeball."

"The President of Macronesia is playing skeeball?"

"Yep. He plays every Wednesday morning. Sometimes in the afternoons, too. That's why I'm babysitting squirt here."

Katie bit back a comment about Robert's parenting skills, and the fact that he frequently uploaded the kid on Lucas. "Do you have a way to contact him?"

"Sure. I can contact him from my office. The VP is quite bitter about that, as a matter of fact."

Sometimes it was really a wonder that The Great Rebellion had been successful. "Then contact him. I want you and him to meet me at Headquarters."

"What's going on?"

"They found her."


"In a cornfield in Iowa," Katie responded, ignoring the receptionists' presence. After all, in a few hours, this would be all over the news – as a sub landing in an Iowan field is wont to do – and besides, Katie rather enjoyed telling people just where SeaQuest had landed.

Lucas chuckled. The action tousled Michael and upset more of the ice cream onto Lucas' shirt. "I'll contact him immediately. Lucas out."

The screen went black and Katie turned to the assistant chief of UEO security. "You look distraught, J.J."

Fredricks frowned in the direction of the computer screen. "Is that really the technical liaison between UEO and Macronesia?"

"You sound surprised."

"I was expecting someone more. . . disciplined."

"Most people do, but they underestimate Lucas. I've known him since he was a teenager, and he can be disciplined when he wants."

J.J. looked doubtful. "I suppose so."

"Whatever you might think of him, J.J., remember that if not for Lucas' invention of adamantium, and the collaboration of Lucas, adamantium, and Robert Bridger, Bourne might well have stayed in power."

"Alexander Bourne. I've read reports following his death. He doesn't appear to have been a very pleasant man."

"No, he doesn't. Even if the reports were exaggerated, it's a known fact how much he hated the UEO. If Bourne had stayed in power, Macronesia and the UEO might never have had become such good allies."

Lucas ended his call with Robert and reflected, that although he didn't hate the older man nearly as much as he used to, Lucas still didn't like him very much. The man just wasn't as happy as he should have been that the Captain – his own father – and SeaQuest had returned.

"Hey, kiddo, pick up your puzzle so we can go, okay?"

Michael nodded and began the task of picking up the pieces and placing them into their container. As he waited on Michael, Lucas looked about his office, remembered his fellow crewmates fondly, and tried to calm his nerves.

While his departure from SeaQuest had been rapid, he'd kept his promise to keep in touch, and had done so with each and every crew member he'd counted as a friend. It hadn't been easy, particularly when he'd been working on gaining access to the rebellion's inner circle at the same time. But he'd kept his word, right up to the fateful May day that they'd disappeared ten years ago.

"I'm ready," Michael announced.

Lucas scooped the little boy into his arms. "Then let's go see Grandpa."

On their way out of Lucas' office, they passed by two framed pictures of the SeaQuest crew – one from each tour Lucas had served on – hanging on the wall. Michael commented, as he often did, "You used to be on SeaQuest."


"But you left."

"Yep. I had to come meet your Mom and Dad." Unlike Robert, Lucas truly liked Drusilla. She was a lot of fun, and seemed to genuinely care about her family.

"How come you were there at all? Dad says you were too little to be on a military sub."

Well, that was a new question. "It's a long story, kiddo."

"But we have a long time to wait, Uncle Lucas. You can tell me."

Lucas chuckled as he locked the door and waved goodbye to Chloe on the way out. "Well, my parents and I weren't getting along very well, and they thought that putting me on SeaQuest would make me a better person."

"Did it?"

Lucas' voice lowered a fraction. "Yeah, Michael, it did."

From her spot at the receptionist's desk, Chloe Potter sighed in frustration as the Mag Lev door shut behind Wolenczak and the youngest Bridger. This job was completely dull, and the appearance of Wolenczak completely brightened up the stuffy office. After all, he was much more cheerful than her cranky boss and pretty good looking for a nearly- thirty year old guy. He did still need a haircut, though.

The End.

"What Lies Within Us

And What Lies Before Us

Are Tiny Matters Compared to What Lies Within Us."