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"Are you sure this is going to work? I mean... he seems kind of... well..."

"Bitter? Malevolent? Hostile? Cold?"

"That's it!"

"Kagome..." Sango sighed, looking back at her. "I know what I'm doing. Those two are perfect for each other."

"Doesn't look that way to me..." Kagome sighed, looking around the fountain to the bickering 'couple'.

"Don't worry about it, just watch." Sango persuaded, turning back to watch her work. This was her job. No, not stalking. Matchmaking. She herself never had too much luck in the whole love department, maybe that is what made her so successful. She didn't have to worry about being all bias when it came to relationships. Besides, more then half the couples she set up worked out, and if not, they remained friends. One time, a couple of her got married. Big deal right? Right! She's only been doing this for two years! Right now, she was watching how her latest pair was doing.

"Sango, she's been yelling at him for almost twenty minutes!" Kagome all but yelled.

"And see how calm he is? It's perfect. Don't worry about it Kag." She sighed. Kagome was one of Sango's best friends. They've known each other for nine years, ever since they were twelve. They lived together as well. Kagome was actually one of her first clients. Sango had set her up with a guy named Hojo, who they went to school with. Their relationship lasted for a few months, until they decided they'd rather be friends. Well... Kagome decided. Hojo took it pretty well though. He even told his friends in other cities about Sango. Anyway, aside from being a client and friend, Kagome is a complete romantic. She believes in the whole 'love at first sight' 'happily ever after' fairy tale thing, and helps Sango find new places for her matches to have their first 'date'. This months pair is meeting at the park. It was the middle of May and *Sakuras were everywhere. "The perfect romantic setting" as Kagome put it. And it was! Sango and Kagome were sitting on the other side of the fountain monitoring how her clients 'date' was turning out. It wasn't exactly eavesdropping just... listening in on another conversation that you really shouldn't. Besides, she set them up.

"Sango, she's leaving!" Kagome hissed worriedly.

"Patience is a virtue." Sango responded.

"Rin." the man said, grabbing her hand before she left.


"Would you like to come to dinner with me?"

. . . *moment of truth*

. . .

. . .

"Yes, I would." She smiled.

"Good... I'll pick you up at eight."

"all right Sesshoumaru." Rin beamed, kissing him on the cheek, "I'll see you later."

Kagome sat up gaping as the women walked off. "How is that possible? They're nothing alike."

"Opposites attract." Sango shrugged, standing to dust herself off.

"Sango, I thought you might be here." Sesshoumaru regarded, almost bored, as he heard her stand up.

"Had to make sure everything went okay. Everything did go okay... right?"

"Yes. And I want to extent my thanks to you and your friend."

"Don't worry about it. Glad we could help." Sango smiled, motioning Kagome over.

"Here, tickets of my gratitude. No pun intended." Sesshoumaru said, handing Sango two passes.

"What are these?" she asked, looking at them.

"Oh my God!" Kagome screamed, ripping one out of her friends hand. "Fiendish! These are tickets to fiendish! Wait, not tickets - backstage passes! Do you have any idea how hard these are to get?!"

"No, I don't" Both answered.

"How did you manage to get these Sesshoumaru?" Sango asked, curious.

He shrugged, making it painfully obvious that he found it no big deal, "I am their manager."

"I knew it! That's why you look so familiar! The lead singer is your brother right?" Kagome questioned.

"Half brother."

"Right.... well... thank you Sesshoumaru and I guess we'll see you there. I hope you and Rin have a great time tonight." Sango said before pushing Kagome. "By the way, What was she yelling about?"

Sesshoumaru almost smirked, revealing the tip of a fang. "What types of flowers are better."

* * * * * * *

I found out
You were
In a mess
You caught me playin songs for you

Lipstick stains
On your cigarettes
You caught me playin songs for you
And it's bending my mind again

"God, I can't believe it... I've been dying to see them in concert. The lead is so hot..." Kagome squealed, turning up the radio.

"This is them? I guess they're okay." Sango shrugged, listening to the song and feeling the flow of it.

"Okay? Just okay?! They rock!"

Climbed the fire to the hideaway
You caught me slipping on a thought
Practical in the things you say
You caught me slipping on a thought
And it's bending my mind again

Interesting how you watch the night
And look right through me
Facing the sky
When I ask you why
You look right through me

"Okay... so they rock." Sango laughed.

"That's what I've been telling you! And we actually get to meet them!"

We get lucky and
Turned around the space you got to find yourself
We slip up when we haven't found
The space you got to find yourself

And it's bending my mind again

Interesting how you watch the night
And look right through me

"They've got a good beat... Nice song." Sango said when it ended.

"It's not over though." Kagome said, " There's a few minutes of just instrumental... They'll probably skip it though." Kagome said when the music faded.

"That was the hot band Fiendish with 'Look Right Through Me' vocal's by their leading man Inuyasha. They'll be at the Tweeter Center (A/N: We'll just use the closest place to me x.x) tomorrow night so check them out if you get the chance. In honor of this Wonderful event, We'll play another for you with 'I hate everything about you', Giving their other guitarist, Kouga, a chance to shine."

At this news Kagome Turned the radio up louder.

Every time we lie awake,

After every hit we take,

Every feeling that I get,

But I haven't missed you yet,

Every room may kept awake,

By every silent scream we make,

All the feelings that I get,

But I still don't miss you yet.

Only when I stop to think about it..

I, hate, everything about you!

Why, do I, love you!

I, hate, everything about you!

Why, do I, love you!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Every time we lie awake,

After every hit we take

Every feeling that I get,

But I haven't missed you yet,"

"Only when I stop to think about it.. "

"I, hate, everything about you!

Why, do I, love you!

I, hate, everything about you!

Why, do I, love you!"

"all right boys, that's good for now." Sesshoumaru said, coming into the room.

"Your crackin Kouga." A tall, devilishly handsome guy with long silver hair said, taking his guitar off his neck.

"Oh shove it Inuyasha. You're just pissed 'cause you're not singing this time." Kouga said, tightening his long ponytail.

"Feh, In your dreams!" he shot back.

"Boys!" Sesshomaru all but hollered, making them shut up.

"Hey Inuyasha, Kikyou called." a small redheaded boy said, coming in the door.


"Why don't you just tell her it's over?" a guy sitting at the drums asked. He had mischievous eyes and black hair, pulled back in a tiny ponytail.

"I did! She just doesn't get it." Inuyasha sighed.

"If you all would shut up for a minute, I have something to tell you, a favor if you will." Sesshoumaru said, waiting for their attention.

"A favor? You're asking us for a favor?" Inuyasha asked, in mock disbelief.

"Shut it brother. Now... as You know, Rin and I went out tonight."

"How as it anyway?" The little boy asked.

"Fine Shippou, now-"

"HA! had to have a match maker help him out." Inuyasha laughed, Kouga and Miroku soon joining him.

"Atleast I have a girlfriend, unlike some" Sesshoumaru shot, almost losing his cool. "Now, As you know, a matchmaker helped me. She and a friend will be coming to the concert tomorrow and I expect that you will all show them courtesy."

"Don't we always?" Kouga asked, plucking on this guitar.

"No. I mean it, be nice and Miroku" Sesshoumaru said, glaring at him, "try and keep your hands to yourself."

"Yes sir! I'm a perfect gentleman sir!"

"Sure you are" Inuyasha scoffed. "Why do we have to be nice to some old ladies anyway?"

"They're old?" Shippou asked, "How old?"

"Yeah, with gray hair." Inuyasha said.

"You have gray hair." Kouga said.

"It's silver!"

"Do they have many wrinkles?" Miroku asked.

"Do they smell?"

"Will they pinch my cheeks?!"

"SHUT UP! Never once did I mention how old they are. Now, you all have a big day tomorrow so I suggest that you sleep. Goodnight."

"G'night lover boy!" The band called out, making kissy noises as Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes and shut the door behind him.


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