Part 1

Sango, Kilala, Mirroku, Shippo, Inuyasha and Kagome, are walking through a small forest. Kagome and Inuyasha are about 10 yards ahead of the others when Inuyasha asked yet another stupid question.
"Hey Kagome are you ever going to start pulling your own weight around here? All you ever do is look around and see the jewel shards! But you stupid human, you never really do anything."

"That's not true Inuyasha! How dare you say that to me! That's just rude! I help out all the time! And, with out me you wouldn't even have all the shards you do now!! So there!" Kagome Snaped then sticking her tongue out at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha thought of a somewhat good comeback, "Um, hello??? If you hadn't come here we would have never had to recover the jewel shards 'cause YOU'RE the one that shattered the jewel with your stupid arrows!!!!!"

"Yeah, but I never came her you'd still be stuck on that tree! And you wouldn't have the Tetseiga or any of the things you have friends!" Kagome had shut him up so she thought.

Inuyasha was quiet for about 10 minutes. "OH YEAH?! WELL...................WELL...YOUR STILL A STUPID BITCHY HUMAN!" Inuyasha yelled merely a few inches away from Kagome's ear. And Kagome, getting all the more frustrated every second of it.

"RRRRRRRR!!!!!! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT!!!!!!!!!" Kagome shouted smashing Inuyasha's face into the dirt path, Each time making a deeper indent in the ground. (AN: OOOOO that must hurt! Heehee. I wish I could do that to my older brother!)

Inuyasha, thinking to himself with his face still in the cold soil, 'Owwww! I gotta learn to keep my big mouth shut, or I might not live to get her back for all the times she's "sitted" me! Although.............she dose look kinda cute today, with her weird clothes, and human smell..............!!!!!!!! AHH! What the hell am I thinking!!' Getting up, he punched himself in the head and causing himself more pain.

And while all this was going on, Sango and the others were witnessing all of it take place. "Hmm, I wonder how big that hole is that his face just made." Shippo said in a playful sort of way.

"Now, Shippo." Sango in a way sort of scolded him. "Oh sorry, was I being mean??" The young kit questioned.

"Yes, a little." She told him. But thinking to herself, 'But I will admit, it is rather entertaining to watch them argue.'

Finally they caught up with Inuyasha, looking at the indented earth on the way. The hole was at least 5 feet deep. All 4 saw the bruises on him and thought, 'Ooooo.....ouch. Well, I suppose he deserved it.'
Kagome was way ahead of the bunch. Still angry at Inuyasha. "Man, I can't stand him sometimes!!! He's just fine the one minute, then he's a total jerk!! Jeez!" She muttered to herself, then thought, 'I wish Sesshoumaru were here, then I'd at least have something better to look at. Hmm...........maybe I'll test Inuyasha the next time his brother comes along...............' And with that, her plan to get Inuyasha back for being such a jerk started hatching into wonderful ideas. (AN: Can u guess what she's planning?? Trust me, as corny as that paragraph sounds, it gets better later in the story)

Part 2

They continue on their journey as they usually do, searching for shards. But little do they know they are coming up to Wolf Canyon Pass. Where Kouga the Wolf demon and his pack dwell.

They stop to take a rest, and make camp at a near by spring. Kagome And Inuyasha still cross with one another. And of course, Miroku was hanging around Sango asking her once again if she'd like to bare him a child. "How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You?!?! ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Now Don't Ask Again Or I'll make Another Wind Tunnel In Your Face!!!!!!!" she yelled, and slapped him in the face, like she always does when he's being a perv.
Miroku went and sat down by Inuyasha, "Ugh, women......" He said to the hanyou. "Yeah, I hear ya there!" Inuyasha replied. Miroku pulled a bottle of sake out of his kimono, poured some for two, and said, "To us, Inuyasha! The men of the group!" And the two drank. When Shippo heard the words "Men Of The Group" he came right over and butted in, "Hey what about me??"

"I said men, not boys, Shippo. But here, you can have a sip-" Miroku began, but before he even handed the sake to Shippo, Sango snatched it.

"You don't give alcohol to children!" She scolded harshly.

"But Sango, it's just a sip!" The monk protested.

"Even if it is only a sip! It starts out as a sip, but then you'll get Shippo here hooked on the stuff!, and he'll be smashed by sunset!" Sango tried to explain.

Inuyasha added in, "Yeeeeeeaaah....and your point is?"

Sango gave a look to Kagome, and then Kagome walked over to Inuyasha,"Hey Inuyasha, wanna hear a secret??" "Um.........uhhhh........."Getting all macho like he always does,"What ever!!!" (AN: Oh, come on! We all know he does that!)

Kagome took his little dog ear and whispered softly, "Sit." And with that his face once again was introduce to the dirt.

Soon after that, they all went to sleep. But not all was sleeping. There, around them, patrolling their territory were none other than the wolves. Inuyasha could smell them and stood awake, just in case something should happen. There was a rustling and Kagome stirred from her sleep, amazed at what she saw. Five glowing jewel shards near by. The rustling go louder. Now everyone was awake. Suddenly out from the brush sprang 3 wolves, 4 wolf demons, and what appeared to be there leader.

The leader took a step forward into what little light there was. He spoke. "What are all you trespassers doing here? Don't you know thi--"

"Inuyasha, watch out! He's got five jewel shards!!" Kagome interrupted. The leader paused and thought, 'She can see the shards?'

"Hmmm. So what's your name, you mangy, flea bag?" Inuyasha taunted

"I'm Kouga of the Wolf Youkai. And you're on our land. So either get out, or we'll make you..." He replied in a threatening sort of way.

"Well, what if we don't?"Inuyasha questioned ignorantly.

"Hm. I see you wanna do this the hard way." He then signaled to his nearby pack, and they all came at Inuyasha from every direction. They created a dust storm so no one could see. And Kouga Snatched Kagome Right from under their noses. And Ran Off.