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Kagome was a bit dumb founded by the bold move her silver haired prince had just made. He pulled the door shut and locked it behind him. This was one of his bed rooms.

A deep hunter green tone, and a navy blue bed covers under the same canopy bed with curtains around it like Kagome's. The room was decorated with many royal looking artifacts, and had many things in it you'd think Sesshoumaru would have.

He approached Kagome who was a bit skeptic at this point, but there was something about the whole scene that sparked her interest.

"Sesshou…..what is all of this?" She asked…

He merely smirked at her, wrapping one arms around her waist, moving her towards the edge of the bed. The young prince leaned on her a bit, laying her in the bed, his hand on the bed, keeping himself up, and locking orbs with Kagome.

"But…Are we…going to…I'm still…"

"Shhhhh…..It's alright…I promise you, I would never hurt you, Kagome…" He whispered into her ear, and began kissing her neck.

She relaxed a bit and let him do this. It sent chills up and down her body. She decided to just emotions take over, and whatever happened, happened. She proceeded to untie his kimono, revealing his muscular, toned body. She felt his hand which was wrapped around her waist move up her shirt and have removed from her body. Sesshoumaru stopped for a minute, and was puzzled by the second layer of clothing…her bra…he had never seen such a contraption. He had no idea how to remove it accept for one….he had a plan and would carry it out none the less.

He continued to kiss her and caress her pale skin. When finally his nail slipped under the fabric about where the hooks would be and he simply sliced it gently with his claw. It opened and he remove that from Kagome as well. Sesshoumaru led a trail of kisses from Kagome's lips to her neck and down her chest. He messaged Kagome's right breast, gently with one hand his mouth was concentrating on her left. Kagome felt his warm breath against her body and his tongue swirl around her soft nipple. His weight shifted as his other hand rubbed her torso, and slowly moved down and removed her skirt and panties, then to her thigh. Everything he did to her sent waves of pleasure through her system.

As he moved to her middle, Kagome let out a slight gasp. Noticing this, as grin slid onto Sesshoumaru's face. His fingers moved through her folds like butter, and he felt her wetness, taking her clit between his two fingers and rubbing it, vigorously, yet gently with his thumb. A light moan escaped Kagome's lips, Sesshoumaru leaned down and kissed her, inserting his tongue, and exploring her mouth. She felt his tongue and played with it with her own. She then felt his other hang appear, his index enter her and explore her cavern. Surges of pleasure went through her system. He broke the kiss and led another trail of kissed down her chest, and torso to her middle. He slid his tongue up and down her, and shifted to her clit. His mouth enveloped it. He sucked in, as his tongue stroked it profusely. Kagome moaned softly as all this was going on. Her body screamed with pleasure, then it was calmed when he ad stopped. From where he was, he let out his tongue on her mid-drift and lightly trailed it up to her neck.

"Now the real fun begins, Kagome. This may hurt but only for a bit…" Sesshoumaru whispered to his lover.

From all of his making Kagome happy, his member was like that of a steel pole, which would be good for both of them. He shifted his weight once again and positioned himself, his warm hands still holding her delicate frame. He entered as gently as he could, trying not to cause her too much discomfort. As he reached her wall, he looked up at her, and moved the hair from her eyes. He kissed her forehead, as sort of a pre-apology.

With a swift thrust he had broken through, as tears came from Kagome's eyes. He felt terrible, but knew it would pass. He slowly rocked them both, until her tears had faded and she had calmed a bit. She looked up at him, and nodded, giving him the OK. Noticing this he started out slow, gradually increasing his speed. His thrusts became harder and faster every moment. Both of them let out several moans, as their energies flowed. His grip on her body tightened a little, he knew they were both close…faster and faster he pumped, harder and harder. Kagome yelped loudly, as both of them had climaxed. Sesshoumaru waited a moment or two, and withdrew.

He picked her up and laid her further onto the long bed, against the pillows. He kissed her and pulled her close. They were both tucked in and covered them both with the blankets.

"I love you, Kagome…" He whispered to her.

"As do I….Sesshoumaru…" She answered, kissing him.

They soon fell asleep, in each others arms for an afternoon slumber, and dreamt of each other, together…

Soon it would be dinner time, and they would eat, and find the other two.

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