Warning! You read this at your own peril because it contains plot lines and information about a sequel that will never be written.

She gave no outward sign that she had felt it. But it was there, dwelling in the back of her mind like one of the shadows that belonged to him.

Kohaku should have died, but he hadn't.

Her other couldn't have given her that without taking something in return.

A life for a life.

The sequel to Kohaku's Tale, had it ever actually been written, would have been called Spirit Hunting. Basically it would have been about Djavel's daughter (who we'll call Lia). It was purposefully ambiguous in the story, but what actually happened to Djavel is that for a human he had heightened perception of the spirit world. He fell in love with a spirit and they had a child, but her mountain was leveled and so she experienced spirit-death. Djavel doesn't know this and pretty much loses his mind when he realizes she's gone and he commits suicide. Because he blamed the spirit world for her death and the loss of her and Lia, Darkness took advantage of his spite and picked him as his champion.

Now, Lia should have died when her mother did. However, because Kohaku survived, Light had to make a concession. So Darkness was allowed to muck up the timeline and allow her to live.

The premise of Spirit Hunting is that Lia is grown up in Chihiro's world and leads a group that is militantly against the spirits and the spirit world. With Lia's half-spirit background, they actually have the power to hurt spirits in the human world. So Kohaku gets sent to the human world by Light and he gets to go to school with Chihiro and Tomoe as Tomoe's half-brother where he has to pretend to be a normal human while tracking down this group and trying to stop them. Meanwhile Chihiro thinks he's just there on vacation to visit her. Overall a bit more light-hearted than Kohaku's Tale, but going more into the idea of how spirits affect the human world and vice versa.

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