Rebellion Against Fate


Chapter One: More Than An Infatuation



That was the word Miranda used when she chided Wink for her reckless actions. The scolding was brief, for the First Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau was on her way to Vellweb with Dart and the other Dragoons. Nonetheless, Miranda was harsh in her wording, and clearly very angry at Wink.

Wink sighed, glancing up at her ceiling. She supposed Miranda had a reason to be angry with her. It was only her very good luck, and Dart's incredible reflex as a swordsman that saved her from a certain death. Wink had been with Miranda long enough to know that she always resorted to anger when she was concerned and scared.

Turning her head to glance out the window into the starry night sky, Wink briefly wondered where Miranda was at the moment, and whether she was still safe. Even if Miranda was a Dragoon, a part of a legend as old as time itself, it didn't guarantee her safe return. For she and the other six dragoons were challenging Fate itself.


The word turned her thoughts to her other sisters, Luanna and Setie. They were gentler and showed more concerns when Wink was brought back to the palace, but it was clear they were not pleased with her actions either. Setie said she could understand, to some extent, why Wink felt obliged to Lloyd for having saved her twice. But she could not understand why Wink wanted to save the man, all feelings of obligation and debt aside.

Luanna alone offered no reproach. She called it fate. The blinded Sacred Sister only smiled sadly, and told Wink to tread more carefully in the future.

Well, at least she didn't think it was a foolish infatuation.

Deep in her heart, Wink knew what she felt for Lloyd was on a deeper level than that. She wouldn't call it love yet, for how could she really love a man whom she only met briefly? But it wasn't infatuation either…

Oh! But how she wished it were simple as that! If it were only a passing fancy, then maybe she would have forgotten the hurt of his betrayal by now. She repaid his kindness in saving her life by shielding him from a fatal blow with her body. The debt was discharged, she now owed him nothing.

Yet the scar on her back remained, and the emptiness in her heart refused to dissipate.

And that emptiness shall forever stay with her, for she was drawn to him ever since their first meeting in Donau, and she will never see him again.

With a soft, sad sigh, Wink closed her eyes and willed herself to sleep.


Something roused her from her deep slumber. It was a feeling of anticipation, excited by an unknown presence, which was demanding her wakefulness, refusing to be ignored.

Wink stirred slightly, blinked twice, and an involuntary gasp escaped her lips as she identified the source that drew her out of her slumber.


He sat on the edge of her bed, his leg almost brushing her hand, which lay beside her thigh. He was staring down at her intently, his platinum hair reflected the moonlight and cast a soft glow about his handsome face. Wink felt her heart beat faster at the sight of him.

"Mr… Mr. Lloyd!"

"Please," He raised a hand, "Call me Lloyd, and give me leave to call you Wink."

"By, by all means…" She felt quite flustered, not knowing what to think. She even felt a tinge of absurdity at the situation. How could he talk so calmly, formally and politely, when he was in her bedroom, sitting on her bed, in the middle of the night and without permission?

"What are you doing over here?" She blunted out, sounding a little harsher than she meant in her confusion.

"I wanted to make sure you are okay." He made a vague gesture toward her, "Your wound…"

"Oh." She blinked and sat up, "I'm fine… The doctor said it's healing properly and soon it won't affect my activities at all."

"Good." He nodded, his gaze penetrating as he searched her face, "I never meant for you to get hurt." His voice was deep, melodic, and surprisingly tender.

"I… It was my choice. I wanted to save you." She replied just as softly.

Lloyd seemed to want to say more, but remained silent. He continued to stare at her. His gaze wasn't severe, nevertheless it was unnerving, and made her fidget uncomfortably. Biting on her lower lip, she gathered the blanket about her more tightly, conscious of the fact that she was clad only in her nightgown.

"I didn't use you."

The statement was so sudden, so unexpected that she could only stare back at him dumbly, before finally blurting out: "What?"

"I didn't use you." Lloyd's blank expression betrayed nothing, but his voice was gentle, earnest, "I could have gotten to Queen Theresea without you. In the forest… I wanted to save you. As was the time in Donau."

Finally, he lowered his gaze to her delicate hands, which were folded in her lap. He couldn't explain why he came to her this night, before he makes the journey to Mayfil… Perhaps it was because he knew the dangers ahead…

But then again, perhaps not.

After receiving Emperor Diaz's near fatal blast, for days he healed, gathered his strength, in order to confront the man who betrayed his trust. However, he was agitated, restless all the time because he couldn't forget the one whose trust he had betrayed.


The disbelief on her face when he kidnapped Queen Theresea; the pain, the blood, the tears in her eyes as she blocked Dart's sword and fell toward him; and finally, just before she walked away, the resignation in her lovely features and the sadness in her countenance… Those images played in his head, over and over again, until he could no longer ignore them, and his mind relented to his heart in defeat.

He had to see her, had to explain… Although he had used her, it was never by design or intention. The two times he saved her… He just wanted to shield her from harm.

"I know."

Her soft voice jarred him out of his reverie. Surprised, he lifted his head and met her sapphire eyes.

"I know you saved me out of kindness, not malice." She spoke softly, but her voice was firm, "You couldn't have known who I was in Donau, yet you answered my plead for help anyway… I… I thank you."

Yes, deep in her heart she always knew, she was just afraid to trust her intuition…

Afraid to let her feelings run wild and rein her entire being.

Briefly, she wondered what else to say to him. She was so afraid of revealing too much of her heart, because he always seemed calm and distant, so out of reach.

It was then when he reached out, and grasped her hand in his own.

Wink absolutely startled, and for a moment could only stare down at their intertwined hands in wonder. His fingers were long and graceful; his touch was light, yet she could feel the power course through underneath his skin. Before she realized, his name escaped her lips in a soft whisper: "Lloyd…"

"I'm going to Mayfil."

Wink's eyes widened: "The death city?!"

"Yes." He pressed his lips together in a thin line, and she felt the tension in his hand, "The one who claimed to be Emperor Diaz, whoever he is, has to be stopped. And I will stop him." In almost a whisper to himself, he added: "I've been on the wrong side for long enough."

"But… but he is very powerful, is he not?" She felt stupid for asking such a question, but she couldn't stop herself from asking, hoping in vain he would deny.

He merely nodded to confirm: "He is, but he has to be stopped. And I will stop him."

"Lloyd…" She lowered her gaze, staring at their hands for a long time. Finally, she whispered: "You may not come back."

He couldn't deny the truth in her statement. "Perhaps. But if I don't confront him, the world will be destroyed." His lips twitched in a humorless smirk, "That's too high a price to pay for my stupidity."

"It wasn't your fault!" She shook her head and cried desperately, "You were only fighting for your ideals and placed your trust wrongly!"

"All the more reasons for me to confront him." He pointed out. World on the brink of destruction or not, his pride would never let him walk away after all that has happened.

Wink closed her eyes but couldn't stop the tears from escaping. One splashed onto his fingers, and another soon followed.

"Wink," Gently, he tipped her chin up and gazed into her pain-filled eyes, "I'm not afraid to die."

"I know…" Her voice broke, "But I am."

He didn't know what to say. Her admission touched him more than he wanted to admit, and it stirred a strong, foreign feeling in his heart.

Finally, Wink took a deep breath and gathered herself together. In a slightly more steady tone, she spoke again: "I… I know that you must go. I understand. But please…" She enfolded his hand in both of hers and pulled it toward her heart tightly, "Please, come back to me."

"Do you want me to?" He searched her face intently, asking more than what was apparent.

Do you want to be with me? To get to know me, to love me…

"Yes." And she knew.

Lloyd smiled. A rare, slight but sincere smile. Leaning over, he placed a light kiss on her forehead: "Then I will. Wait for me."

She nodded, closed her eyes and leaned into him.

Gently, Lloyd embraced her with his free arm, careful not to touch her injury. He marveled at her warmth, her soft curves, and the floral scent of her long, golden hair. Suddenly, his visions of a Utopia seemed foolish.

This world really isn't such a bad place as I have imagined… She is neither hateful nor greedy, and accepts me willingly.

After some time, he released her and pulled back reluctantly: "I must go now. I can't delay any longer."

"I know." She swung her feet off the bed, not caring of the cold stone floor underneath her bare feet. "Let me see you off."

Lloyd nodded and walked toward the window. Standing in front of it, he suddenly stopped and turned around to face her. "Wink, I want you to have this."

He took off the charm around his neck and placed it on her soft palm, gently folding her fingers over it. "This belonged to my mother." He explained softly, "Keep it safe while I'm gone."

She blinked back the tears and nodded: "I will… Thank you." The emotions swirling inside her was too strong to repress, and too chaotic to sort. Her heart and her head both pounded, happy in the knowledge that she was important to him, and sad and fearful of his departure.

Overcame by her feelings, she couldn't help but throw her arms around his neck, pulling his head down and meeting his lips with her own in a scanting, parting kiss.

"Be safe, and come back to me." She murmured against his lips, her tears wetting his cheeks, "I can't be on my own anymore… I want to be with you, I can't lose you."

Lloyd didn't say anything, but when Wink finally drew back to look at him, the expression in his eyes struck her heart. No words were needed. Everything was clearly written in the depth of his eyes.

She ran her slender fingers through his beautiful platinum hair, as he wiped the tears on her cheek with his thumb.

"Go back to bed." He commanded softly, "You will freeze if you stand here any longer.

She nodded and forced herself to take two steps back. "Godspeed, and stay safe." She whispered.

Lloyd nodded. He turned around, lifted his arm to throw open the window, paused, and whirled around. Swiftly, he gathered her into his arms and kissed her the same way she had kissed him earlier, leaving her breathless and shaking in his arms.

"Emperor Diaz will be destroyed. I will see to it." He declared, kissed her one last time, and turned around.

Swiftly he threw open the window, jumped out and spread his wings. They glowed in the dark, illuminating her features as he held her gaze. He hovered there for a moment, and they sped away into the darkness.

When she couldn't see him anymore, Wink finally closed the window and crawled underneath her warm blankets once more. She clutched Lloyd's charm to her bosom and curled into a fetal position.

Lloyd… I'll be waiting for you…



I've always wanted to write a LoD fanfic after playing the game, as the storyline really intrigued me. I believe a great many questions were left unanswered at the end of the game, such as what happened to the Divine Tree, and what of Shana's soul, etc. Melbu Frahma will not be coming back, but Charle Frahma and some other Winglies will play an important part in the plot.

Also, this is going to contain Lloyd x Wink, Albert x Emille, Meru x Guaraha and of course, Dart x Shana. I might resurrect Rose to be the dark dragoon, since I absolutely hate writing original characters. However, Zieg is not coming back, as I really don't like him that much ^^||||