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"Hiei are you sure you don't want to play?" Kurama asked Hiei as he turned to him slightly

"What do you think . . ." He replied as he walked out of the room

"Didn't think so . . ." Kurama sighed "So Yusuke it's your turn." He finished as he set the deck next to Yusuke

Kuwabara, Yusuke and Kurama were all in Kuwabara's room playing poker that night. Kurama and Yusuke had tricked Hiei into coming by telling him they were going to try and scare the wits out of Kuwabara by going to his home and attacking but Hiei caught on after being in Kuwabara's room for a moment and saw the card table and the poker chips out.

"Alright . . . I'll raise you 2 bucks" Yusuke said throwing 2 white chips onto the table

"Yusuke . . . I meant it's your turn to deal . . . you don't even have cards yet." Kurama said laughing a bit

"I knew that!" Yusuke said as he quickly grabbed the deck and started to deal

"Heheh Kurama you're down to only a few more chips! You seem to be good at just about everything but when it comes to poker I beat you all the time!" Kuwabara said with a cocky smile on his face aimed towards Kurama

Kurama had his arms crossed but not in a mad way. He seemed to be in a deep sense of thought at he picked up his hand, all the while keeping his 'poker face' on, which really meant he tried hard to keep back a smile if he was winning and a mad frown if he was losing.

"Well Kuwabara I guess poker is the only thing you'll ever be better at." Kurama said to Kuwabara trying to make it seem as though he was complementing him.

"That's right!" Kuwabara said as he picked up his hand and looked at his cards

"Let's just get on with it! Kurama it's your move." Yusuke said looking a little mad as he looked at his own hand

"Okay . . . I'll put in one" Kurama said as he threw one of his only 6 remaining chips into the center of the table

"Okay then fox . . . I'll meet ya" Kuwabara said putting one of his many chips that Kurama had long lost count of into the center of the table next to Kurama's.

"Same for me" Yusuke said adding in one of his 20 or so chips "How many ya want Kurama?"

"One will do Yusuke" Kurama said holding back his smile as he slid one of his cards over to Yusuke and took another

"Kuwabara?" Yusuke asked looking over at him in question

"Umm . . . I'll take five" Kuwabara said looking a little embarrassed as he handed his whole hand over to Yusuke

"FIVE!? Whatever . . ." Yusuke smirked as he handed 5 new cards over to Kuwabara

Kuwabara's face stayed exactly the same which amazed Kurama. He wondered how it was he could hide his emotions so well . . . of course how much emotion could you have over a card game. Kurama wasn't sure but he did know that it was nearly impossible for him to keep a straight face when he had a good hand.

"And dealer takes three" Yusuke said dealing himself out 3 cards "Kurama . . . your bet."

"Alright Yusuke . . . I'll put in three of my five chips" Kurama said as he put in over half of what he had left onto the table

"Oh ho! So you think you've got a pretty good hand there? Well then I'll raise you two!" Kuwabara said putting in 5 of his many chips

"Too rich for my blood" Yusuke said as he folded his cards on the table

"So, pretty boy, you gunna stay in the game?" Kuwabara said giving Kurama a sly look

"Yes I will" Kurama said putting in his last 2 remaining chip "Alright . . . show 'em Kuwabara" Kurama said with confidence

"Read them and weep!" Kuwabara said as he laid down on the table 4 aces and a queen of hearts

"WHAT!?" Kurama yelled in confusion as he gawked at Kuwabara's hand "How could you get four aces!? You took five new cards!!!" Kurama yelled standing up dropping his 4 Kings and one 4 of clubs on the table

"Some got it, some don't" Kuwabara said as he gathered the chips he had won and added them to his pile

"Well I guess I'm out for tonight" Kurama said disappointedly as he stood up

"Hey wait Kurama!" Yusuke said stopping him

"Yes Yusuke?" He answered

"Why don't you just use something else besides chips to gamble?" Yusuke said with a look on his face that seemed to say 'don't leave me alone with KUWABARA!!'

"Like what Yusuke, one of my many girlfriends?" Kurama said sarcastically as Yusuke started to laugh and Kuwabara gave him a look

"I don't see why so many girls fall in love with just like that!" Kuwabara said snapping his fingers

"Well not just girls Kuwabara" Kurama said sarcastically which, again, made Yusuke start to laugh

"Y'know what Kurama I wouldn't be surprised . . . I bet you could get ANYONE to fall for you if you tried. I mean . . . look how many you got not trying . . ." Yusuke said seriously which made Kuwabara laugh

"No way! Some people not even Kurama could get!" Kuwabara said still coming out of laughter

"You think Kuwabara? Like who!?" Yusuke asked Kuwabara slyly

"Uhh . . . let me think for a second" Kuwabara said racking his brain trying to come up with someone he knew that was just so cold and so bitter and so heartless that not even Kurama could make fall in love with him. And then suddenly it came to him in one big "DUH!!" Kuwabara yelled in realization "HIEI! Hiei could never fall in love with ANYONE, especially someone as nice as Kurama!"

Yusuke thought for a moment and Kurama thought for a second and wondered if what Kuwabara said had been an insult or a complement.

"You know what Kuwabara I bet he could!" Yusuke said smugly

"OH YEAH!?" Kuwabara said standing up and leaning over the table to give Yusuke a mean look

"YEAH!" Yusuke said doing the same

"WELL THEN WHY DON'T YOU PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS!?" Kuwabara said as he pointed to Yusuke's poker chips and then to his mouth

"Well then maybe you should do the same!" Yusuke said doing the same again

"Alright then Uerimeshi, I'll bet you 50, no, 100 bucks that he can't get Hiei to fall in love with him within one week!" Kuwabara said pointing to Kurama and then his own chips

"Alright then it's a deal!" Yusuke said as the two shook hands

"Wait don't I get a say in this!!??" Kurama yelled nervously in question

"Sorry Kura but a bet is a bet!" Yusuke said trying to break Kuwabara hand

"Yeah . . . besides we already shook on it" Kuwabara said trying to pull away his pain stricken hand away from Yusuke's iron grip

"Don't worry Kurama . . . besides I promise that if it does work I'll give you half the money!" Yusuke said finally letting go of Kuwabara's crushed hand

"Same here only different" Kuwabara said trying to move his hand but stopped when he realized how much it hurt

"Did you even think of what would happen to me if he DID in fact fall in love with me!?" Kurama said frantically

"Don't worry it'll never happen" Kuwabara said trying his hand once again

"Hey if he does then it'll just add to the already humongo pile of people who fall in love with you!" Yusuke said patting Kurama on the back

"I don't know guys . . ." Kurama said looking down

"Don't worry Kurama it'll be fun!" Kuwabara said actually getting his hand to move pain free "Oh yeah . . . I think we should have some rules." Kuwabara said turning to Yusuke

"Yeah I guess . . . just to make it fair. Okay Kuwabara what do you think they should be?" Yusuke asked turning to Kuwabara

"Okay . . . you can't sleep with him-" Kuwabara started but was then interrupted by an angry and embarrassed Kurama

"KUWABARA!!?? HOW DARE YOU EVEN PUT THAT THOUGHT IN MY HEAD?!!" Kurama yelled as he pushed Kuwabara a bit and started to blush

"I didn't say you were planning to I just said you can't! Anyway . . . yeah no sex . . . umm . . . you cannot at any time before he tells you, which he won't, say I love you to him, and you can't say things like . . . you know you love me or anything like that. And I guess that's about it." Kuwabara said starting to clean up the cards and poker chips

"I guess that's fair" Yusuke said helping Kuwabara clean up

"Alright guys I'll do it. But only if you promise to give me my money afterwards! Okay?" Kurama said still a little shaken up from the thought of sleeping with Hiei . . . but not the kind of shaken up he thought it was . . . he felt a little more excited than disgusted, which scared him.

"Okay then, you can start tomorrow morning! Aren't you lucky there's a teachers strike so you won't have school . . . heheh" Yusuke said thinking of all the fun he had starting the strike in the first place

"Okay . . . one week, starting tomorrow." Kurama said as he waved goodbye to the two and walked out of Kuwabara's room and out of his house completely "What have I gotten myself into . . .?" He asked himself as he started his walk home.


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