Disclaimer: I own neither the Buffy characters or the X-men. I don't 100% own this story idea either - the idea of Willow being related to Magneto was one I read in a series called Family Ties, by Lucinda. (thanks to everyone who told me!)

Author's Note: This take place in the summer between seasons four and five on Buffy. It uses the X-men movie for its base (the first one happened; I borrow some ideas from the second). As for the characters, it will be a mixture of comic books/ movie, according to what I think fits.

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Willow looked down at the letter in her hand. It was from her cousin Erik. Her cousin Erik known as Magneto who is currently in prison for some unknown really bad thing that happened on Ellis Island. Something that had to do with mutants. Willow didn't really understand it. In senior year, she had researched her family tree and discovered that Erik was a distant cousin. With this trip to a technology convention in New York, Willow had decided it was high time to meet her infamous relative.

They had been exchanging letters for the past three months or so. Willow felt like her cousin was at the very least a man who was devoted to his beliefs. His letters never elaborated on his crime and the events at Ellis Island. She thought that he didn't want to scare this new relation away.

Which was kind of funny, given that she never told him about her own extra special activities. You know, the demon slaying and all. Well the helping with the demon slaying, not like she was the Slayer, she was just a Scooby (and a witch, that counted for something, didn't it?) but the idea was kind of similar.

Okay, getting into HyperPanic Mode. Calm down. Breathe. Just going to visit your cousin. Ignore all mutant/demon details. Hyperventilating will scare the nice men with the big guns. BIG SCARY GUNS.

Back into HyperPanic Mode. Crap.

Breathe. You're a witch, you should be able to calm your mind under stress. Otherwise all those lovely spells won't be useful in a fight, now would they?

"Um, Hi! I'm Willow Rosenberg. I'm here to visit my cousin of course, he's not really my cousin cousin, he's like a second cousin once removed or something, but, heh, family still. And I'm here. To visit him."

This room was so sterile looking. White on white on white, with touches of gray here and there. It looked like everything in the vicinity was plastic, a clear whitish material. Willow felt like she was on the set for some black and white sci-fi movie. If the intent was to intimidate, it sure was succeeding. Willow felt like a tiny little insect. Especially with the security guard looking at her like she was a bug he could crush without breaking a sweat.

"So, um, is it okay if I, y'know, visit him?"

The guard looked at her. He seemed to decide that she was a 100% tiny insect non-threat.

"Everything's in order. You will have to remove all metal objects from your person, submit to a scan, then be escorted to the prisoner's cell."

" 'Kay."


Magneto looked up at his visitor. Ever since he had first learned of her existence, he had wanted to meet her. He wondered idly if any of his own more unique traits were present in her.

She stepped into his plastic cell, unsure of herself, every inch of her body signaling discomfort. Yet despite her overt vulnerability, she seemed to possess an aura of confidence, as if she was once uncertain and confident at the same time. She looked up at him, bright green eyes meeting his.

"I'm Willow. It's, um, nice to meet you. In person, that is. I mean, we've written letters and all, but that's not really meeting somebody. You don't really meet somebody until you see them. Unless you're blind, then I guess you have to wait until you hear them. Except not on the phone , I'm sorry, I tend to babble when I'm nervous."

"That is quite all right. This situation is rather unorthodox. Please, sit, Willow. It is a pleasant surprise to meet a surviving member of my family."

She seemed like a nice girl. Magneto wondered why she bothered to come, and why she was allowed to visit.

Unfortunately, the answer to the last question came all too soon.

They had managed to have an awkward conversation for the past ten minutes, exchanging basic pleasantries - "How is your family?" "They are fine, thank you. How are you?" "As well as can be expected." "Do you like your school?" "Yes, I've learned a lot there."

Then Magneto noticed the gas that was creeping slowly into the room. It had happened to him before, as his captors liked him as docile as possible when they tried to pry as much information from him about the "mutant situation" as they could. He had not expected them to try and take Willow, too.

By then he had learned a little more about Willow. He discovered an intense young women who cared dearly about her friends, sounding closer to them than her own family. She was a devoted student who took pride in her grades. All of this barely scratched the surface of her.

Now he was going to learn even more than he had dreamed could be true about young Willow Rosenberg.


Moments after he had seen the gas, Willow saw it too. She had no idea what it was used for, but it couldn't be good. Rule Number 65 of the Hellmouth - when confronted with the unexplained, run until further notice. Especially since she was starting to feel groggy.

What to do? Cousin Erik was starting to look alarmed, but also a little resigned. Ergo, this had happened before. And he was supposed to be some way powerful mutant!

But he wasn't a moderately powerful witch.

"Purify!" The spell erupted from her lips without a second thought. Willow felt the power surge through her. The gas responded, dissipating into nothingness.

Okay, problem one solved. Problem two was either explaining this to her cousin, or the guards over in the anteroom who were now noticing that something was NOT HAPPENING ACCORDING TO PLAN. Skipping explanations. Running now.

Running will involve breaking cousin out of prison. TOP SECURITY prison. But this whole situation was obviously not of the good. In fact, it seemed positively Initiativey. Therefore, helping cousin break out of prison = good. Gotta love rationalization.

Willow focused on the extendable bridge that brought her to the cell. It was relatively light, the devotion to the clear plastic working in her favor. She was able to drag it far enough to jump on and run to the door, forcing it open with another burst of magic. She skidded to a halt in the anteroom where she had been given the final (of many) scans. Erik followed close behind.


Magneto was confused. It wasn't an experience he liked very much. It seemed that Willow was a mutant, but he couldn't identify the precise nature of her powers. Some sort of telekinesis? At least this meant he would have some assistance until they were far enough out of the complex that his own powers would be useful.

The guards in the anteroom were now attempting to shoot them. Magneto erected a barrier around the two of them, to protect them from the taser guns (no bullets in the vicinity, for obvious reasons).

He was about to freeze the movement of the iron in their blood (to either incapacitate or kill, he didn't really care which happened) when Willow stared at the attackers and uttered one word.


Something uncanny flashed through her eyes as she said that, similar to when she had cleared the knockout gas moments before. The guards slumped to the ground, unconscious.

Willow looked down at them.

"Wow, I didn't realize I could take out so many with that spell. Of course, being supremely pissed off at the moment probably helped. Ooh! Computer terminal. That will help."


Willow looked up from the terminal.

"I recognize the system - I can shut down enough of the equipment to get us out of here. But it will only work for fifteen minutes or so. We'll have to hurry."

How does a nineteen year old girl know about classified computer operating systems?

"Erik, are you with me?"

Magneto shook himself out of his stupor. Willow was correct, they needed to move and move quickly if this impromptu escape was to succeed. Questions could be answered after they left this hellhole.

He expressed that sentiment to Willow.

"You think this is a hellhole?"

"How long will those guards be out?"

"Not much longer. Wait, you can't kill them! They're human! That's wrong!"

Willow glared at her fellow escapee.

"Requiescat! They'll be out a little longer, now let's GO!"

Magneto decided that the finer points between right and wrong could be bothered with later.

They ran through the hallways, relying on Willow's memories of being led through them earlier. However, by then an alarm had been sounded. Willow felt like the Wicked Witch was chasing them through the castle, as they met troop after troop intent on recapture. Magneto would protect them from the tasers and stun guns while Willow's eyes flashed and forced her attackers into sleep. The two worked in an unspoken agreement - the name of the game was to GET OUT.

After they had managed to get clear of the prison (leaving the front entrance in a twisted mess, courtesy of the Master of Magnetism), Willow turned around, drawing a symbol on the ground with her pen.

"Obscure and hide. Cloak us from prying eyes. May the Guardian of the Lost watch over us. Obscure."

She looked up at him.

"That should give us a little more time to run. Without the right supplies, I can't do any more."

Magneto decided that the instant they were in the clear, he was going to get an explanation.

They took Willow's rental, drove into a town, ditched it, stole a car off the street, and then continued on their way.