The Final Words of J.L. Dexter

This isn't a chapter- this is a special note of thanks from me to all the reviewer's who gave their input on this story. A simple act of kindness that will forever remain fresh in my captive mind. Every single review I received, I sincerely appreciated. Your encouragement is what helped keep this story alive and for that, I Thank You.

Some words may not seem like much, but the words in the reviews say more than one could hope for. 64 reviews I received on this story- that's a record count for me! And I'm so ecstatic to know that the story was that enjoyable on a realistic basis.

I'm also going to post my review thanks for chapter 16 here as well, along with some other tidbits of information I'm sure most of you are squirming to acquire.

Review Thanks- (in keeping with Chapter 16)

Yoshi-fan2003- I hope you are enjoying the stories of the other talented writers out there as well and in missing a few of the authors/fics I personally enjoyed, here are a few more to boot. Rat, DemonicLittleGirl, Goody. Check out their work as well, its quite smashing!

Cal- You always write such long reviews, and I enjoy reading every word of them! I also hope that your computer didn't sustain major damage of your onslaught. You're right, Jack isn't as dense as we make him out to be but he isn't as bright as we'd like to think either. (This is either madness or brilliance. 'Funny how those two threats coincide.') Despite the slight bittersweet scenes in the last chapter, things aren't as rough as they appear. Sure, everyone appears rough on the edges, right? But things are differently on the inside and I plan on bringing that difference out in the sequel.

Jorja- I'm afraid that that is a question that only time and reading the sequel can answer. (evil laugh) I know, I'm so cruel!

Mental and Knowing It- Heh, um, I'll take your threat to heart friend and get on that right away. Unfortunately, there really isn't a cure for pleurisy- there are medicines yes, to help clear the infection, but it generally is just one of those things where you have to let it run its course. And don't worry, there is a sequel!

Kingleby- (laughs) Wow, a lot of people want Anamaria to survive, I'm impressed. Have faith in the female pirate whom you all love so much!

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth- Yes, there will be a sequel in due time. As soon as In Your Absence is completed.

Original Max A- She is openly independent, that's good! Sorta what I was aiming for. As she said, you can be strong, but even strength can be a weakness.

Maxine Sparrow- Thanks for the review! Glad the stories pace was to your liking, just as a real relationship works in reality. Yeah, there may be sparks, but it's not instant. These things take time to mold and shape to perfection.

Ok, that wraps it up for the chapter 16 reviews, and for anyone and everyone who reviewed any of the chapters, THANK YOU!

All right, now for the juicy stuff. As stated numerous times, yes there will be a sequel. It is in planning even as we speak- it's just not typed up in words yet. It'll be worked on as soon as the last chapter of In Your Absence has been posted, which won't be much longer; At most, 4 or 5 more chapters to go.

The sequel, will, however be a one shot- and that will start off the line of sequels I have planned. Yes, there will be more than one. Kind of like Stars Wars, it keeps going and going and going. Until my fingers fall off or my computer dies. The one shot, which will be titled My Sexy Captain Jack Sparrow should be hitting's shelves sometime the ending of September. Earlier depending on how works goes and how well the side story shapes up.

It will jump things off to a good start between Jack Sparrow and Anamaria with the crew in the background- but its center focus will be on the captain and first mate. Something I'm sure most of you all will enjoy.

Well, that wraps up this end note- I thank each and every one of you who came along for the ride and hope that keep coming back for more!


Local Disclaimer for Old Time's Sake- I do not, nor did I ever own anything of relevant ownership to the people who did. Disney included. As like other fiction writers, I wrote this story out of my pleasure and enjoyment of others. It is simply a hobby and not an occupation worthwhile to rely on.

All characters, places and items here within associated with 'Pirates of the Caribbean' rest in sole property of the original owners and those herein. I do make claims to Governor Garrison, Vera and Laurel and any character not recognized as the property of Disney or other related said person(s).

Captain James Flood and his ship The Shark I also DO NOT own. I simply used him to help better progress my story and give it a threat. (Though not a very menacing one.) I also do not make claims on Port Maria, Port Royal, Port Antonio, Bloody Bay or Dragon Bay.

All in all- the only thing I own in this is the plot and some reviews. If anyone would like to make a joint-story off of this, please be my guest, but let me know before hand. As long as you credit the story and ask for permission, it's all good.

Thank you for your time and hope to see you around!