TITLE: Parent Caused Pain
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RATING: pg-13
SUMMARY: Collin's parents come for a visit while Fox is away.

NOTES: This fic was created pre-relationship with the boys. They may be a little OoC.

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WARNINGS: .Drinking and mirror murder.

Chapter 1

"Well this is just fucking great. How are we going to pull this off?"

"Relax Fox," I called after his pacing form. "They are only going to be here for a day."

Fox snorted and I heard him sit on the couch. "Yeah, well, why do they have to come the day that I will be gone?"

I turned back to my computer. "They love to torture me."

There was a minute of silence where I could hear him thinking. If I were the kind of person who smiled, I would have. Fox would have to go and see his sister for two days and my parents were also coming tomorrow, invited themselves over. There was not way I was going home with them, but I had put them off for about three months and now they've decided to brave my world and come see me.

"I don't like it, boss." Fox had come up behind me. "There isn't a holiday, why are they coming?"

I sighed. "They know that this is Spring Break and my dad's church revival just happens to be next Saturday." I snickered and turned to look at him. "It's time for him to try and bring this 'lost sheep' back into the fold. I haven't been to one since I was ten and he thinks it would look good if the whole family was present."

Fox's jaw dropped. "You can't be serious. He wants you there so he can paint a pretty fucking picture to the congregation?"

I twisted back around to the computer screen. "You know what my dad's like. I'm not any value to him unless I am the good little son." I hadn't listened to my father in years. I hadn't wanted to especially when he told me not to be friends with Fox. I started forming my own ideas about who I should be. Too bad dad didn't like that.

"Well, if it helps, I hold the exact opposite opinion of you."

"Thanks Fox. But I, " I was cut off by a bear hug from behind. Fox was the type of person who showed comfort through touch. I gave him a moment and then reminded him that I wasn't that type of person. "You can let me go now, Fox."

Knowing my limits for touch, Fox would usually let go, albeit reluctantly. This time he didn't, instead this time he tightened his grip and put his chin on my shoulder. "I wish I could take back every single thing you family ever said or did that hurt you in any way.


It's times like this that I hate the fact that he, of all people, can read me so well. But, I can't let him know that. "Don't waste wishes, Fox. It stopped bothering me when I figured out how he felt about my existence."

He sighed and released me; disappointed. "Bullshit."