TITLE: Parent Caused Pain
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RATING: pg-13
SUMMARY: Collin's parents come for a visit while Fox is away.

NOTES: This fic was created pre-relationship with the boys. They may be a little OoC.

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WARNINGS: .Drinking and mirror murder. Also, my formatting is screwy. Sorry, if I could fix it, I would.

Chapter 2

Fatima sent me home early.

The conference that she was speaking in lasted two days. But, after learning that Collin's parents were coming to see him, she sent me home. Told me that protecting Collin from his parents was more important that listening to her speak of things I won't understand. Now, I might have been insulted at that, but she was right. And Fatima hated the way Collin's parents treated him too.

Have I mentioned that I love my sister?

So I went back to the hotel my family was in, packed, and caught the 11:05 p.m. bus out of there. I had ridden to the conference with my folks and my car was left at the dorm just in case Collin needed it. Yeah, like he would ever drive it.

I got back to the campus a little after 1 a.m. I ran to our dorm, not caring who I woke up along the way. It definitely felt better coming back here than it did leaving.

"Hey Collin," I called out while opening the door. "Don't freak out. It's me."

There was no answer. The whole place was dark except for the single light from the bathroom. I didn't hear the shower going so I figured he was ignoring me. Putting my bags down on the couch, I saw the evidence of Collin's parents staring at me from the floor. The vodka bottle and orange juice carton, both empty. I looked further but didn't find a mixing glass. Picking up the bottle, I took a whiff. Yeah, Collin had poured the juice directly into the bottle. Oh great, Collin was bad at holding vodka. The reason he wasn't responding is because he was probably passed out in the bathroom floor. Well, Fox to the rescue.

"Collin?" I opened the door slowly, so as not to hit him in case he had fallen behind the door. I saw no body, but the crunch under my feet gave me pause.

Glass. There was glass covering the floor. Wait…not glass… I looked up, the mirror had been smashed. And on the pieces still on the wall, beside it on the wall, drops on the sink, the floor, the pieces; blood. Collin's blood.

My body spurred into action. Where was he? I looked out into the living room again, this time looking for Collin.

He wasn't anywhere I had been. I hadn't missed him lying behind the couch or anything.

My heart was pounding in my chest, adrenaline pumping. Collin wouldn't have…? I pushed the thought away and ran toward our room.

I cried out his name when I entered in our room and saw him. Collin was draped across the bed with one arm hanging over the side. There was a bloodstain on the sheet under his hand. Not a huge one, but noticeable. I reached him in two steps and sighed in relief when I saw his even breathing.

I went back to the bathroom and got the first aid kit. He groaned and shifted while I cleaned up his hands. I washed the tear tracks off his face and brushed his hair back. Shifting Collin to the side, I crawled in behind him. I spooned him, holding him close. I felt a few tears escape my own eyes. What had his folks done to him this time? Whatever it was made him smash the mirror and not worry about bleeding and made him drink like a fish, again. Bastards. Well, no matter what Collin had passed out thinking, he would wake up knowing I loved him no matter what.