Chapter 8: Epilogue: Letters to home

Dear friends

Hello to all. I can't believe it's been almost nine months since Aidan and I left Enterprise! He is growing so fast I can hardly remember what he looked like as a newborn. He's already more "boy" than "baby". Just started walking a couple of weeks ago, and now he's practically running around the flat. I've had to babyproof everything, of course.

We've finally found a place to settle down, a little two-bedroom flat in San Francisco. I've got a position teaching Self-Defence and weapons' training at Star Fleet Academy, which is working out very well. We live only two blocks from the campus, so I can walk to work. Aidan goes to daycare on campus as well, so I get to visit him between classes.

I wish I could ship you a case of the new "phasers" that have just come out. You may have heard that I invented them, which is not entirely correct, although I did head the design team. They are the most accurate, lightweight, and powerful weapon I have ever used, if I do say so myself!

Aidan says about a dozen words already, one of which is "Trip." (well, it sounds more like "ip") He loves to look at the picture I put up in his room of the Enterprise crew. He points to each person and wants me to name them. Just last week I mentioned "Captain Archer" to a visitor, and next thing I knew, Aidan had brought in the picture of the crew and was pointing to the Captain!

Since we live very close to the Vulcan Embassy in San Francisco, I've arranged for Aidan to have twice weekly lessons in Vulcan language and culture. I go along with him and learn the Vulcan language so I can help him practice. Hoshi, you'd be proud of me. I can carry on a fairly comprehensive conversation in Vulcan now, and V'Nel (Aidan's teacher) says my accent is quite good. "Wani ra Yakana ro futisha" (which means, "I speak Vulcan.") Aidan understands most of what I say in Vulcan, and he can say three Vulcan words, one of which is "meki," the Vulcan equivalent of "daddy."

Through my contacts with the Embassy, I've tried several times to contact T'Pol's family, but they have so far refused to speak to me. I'm determined to keep trying, however. I want Aidan to know his grandparents and be comfortable with his dual heritage.

I hope this letter finds you all well, and that Trip is staying out of trouble. I miss you all, of course, although I am happy with my life right now. Aidan is a complete delight, and I can't imagine how I ever got along without him. I hope you all can see him soon, the next time you return to Earth. I'm enclosing some pictures, so you can see how much he favors T'Pol. His personality is much like hers as well, although he does smile and laugh occasionally, especially when tickled!

See you later,