Great movies can not be made nor written nor brought to life by one man (or woman) alone, and the same goes for great stories.

I have a list of people that have helped me in one way or another through-out the two months that it took me to write Lord Knows I Can't Change.

            Back in August when I first started on Lord Knows I Can't Change, I discovered that if I did not resolve a major plot hole from the movie that was not answered, then I would have no story because I would have no way of writing it accurately. The plot hole? William "Bootstrap Bill" Turner's death. As you all know, Lord Knows basically revolves around this incident, and that, plus his past, makes up a good percentage of the story. His death did not make sense in any way, shape or form and so, before I could start on Chapter Three, I had to ask around to try to get some answers. None of the people on AIM knew a good enough explanation that I could use, and so I turned to LJ (live journal) and asked two of the seven or eight communities that I am in if they knew anything that could help me put together the pieces of this plot hole. Fortunately, I got a lot of responses and a lot of different opinions and ideas. With the help of everyone that responded, I was able to come up with a seemingly logical explanation of this piece of the story which will hopefully be answered in Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Want my explanation? I have it typed up and if you need/want it, email me and I shall gladly send it your way.

Unfortunately, one of the two communities that I asked has since gone away, and so I have no way of thanking those people that helped with Bootstrap's death. The other one, though, I do, and I would like to thank the following LJers for their help on this issue:

Tndawicki, Exobiologist, Summersdream, Anmorian, 10tuskid, mudgurl647, g_kills_people and myewzishun

            Sooner or later, with any form of writing, you will come to a point where you will stare at the screen with a blank expression and think, "Okay, now what?" Or, other times, you will stare at the screen and think, "Okay… so I know what I want to have happen, but I don't know how to start it." And at times like these, it is best that you, first, seek others opinions about what they think should come first. Chapters in Lord Knows that I had this issue with were Chapter Five, Chapter Eleven and Chapter Seventeen. I knew what I wanted to have happen, but I didn't know where to start. I would like to thank the following two people for helping me and dropping everything momentarily to share with me their opinions on what scene should come first.

Elf-Vulcan and lennongurl97

            All authors want to get their facts straight and accurate. I would like to thank the following people for helping me to get Lord Knows accurate (example, whether or not they used envelopes in the 18th century).

Elf-Vulcan, lennongurl97, my mom, my encyclopedia and Ilya

            Now, before I get to the main person that needs to be thanked, there are others that need to hear the word first. Back when I first started Lord Knows, I was guessing that maybe at least twenty five people would read it. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. 119 reviews are the most that I have ever gotten on anything that I have ever written and I've been writing for two years. Even if you skimmed or you eventually wandered off, or you read and didn't review (can't complain, I'm guilty of that) it still means a lot to me that so many people read and actually enjoyed my work. I would like to thank the following people for reading Lord Knows I Can't Change because, without you guys, there would be no story. (Everyone that reviewed Eighteen, I will respond to your reviews below).

Lily, Jamie, Pirate, lennongurl79, SerenityJade, SilentStep, Terriah, The Five Tailed Youko, ElvenPirate41, JadedSky1, Soul11, liquidiamond, EstelWolfe, revivingophelia, Savvylicious, shasjin-saber, Endril McMerlyn, p3charmed, doe, Sashya, Shimmergloom, nanc, Peacockgirl, AliciA, psycho maniac, twisty-treat, Captain Red Black, jackfan2, …, Tom, Leap of Fate, Serenity, Trinity Day, Becky, Lunatic, Orlifan, turner110, DayOldSushi, Yoshi-fan2003, Elf-Vulcan, Oracle, Aunna Borgonia, Miss Becky, Silybeen, EnglishMystic, anaticulapraecantrix, Steff7, Michelle, Vaughn, Fuhrer, Ferntree, Kelly and SilverButterfly

            I would like to thank the following people for adding me to their favorite author's list (nine! Weee!).

blackcat333-99, Shimmergloom, lennongurl97, twisty-treat, Fuhrer, DownAssChik, Steff7, turner110 and Leap of Fate

            And last, but certainly not least, the person who deserves the most credit- My mom. She helped me a hell of a lot with various different parts of this story and was always willing to give me more help if needed. She read every chapter as if she were a member and never once got tired of it. I guess you could say she's kind of a co-author. Thanks for your help, mom, I wish that I could type out how much it means with this key board, but sadly, I can not. I love you. :)

Responses to Reviewers (only those that reviewed Eighteen):

anaticulapraecantrix- Thanks a bunch! I'm glad that you're looking forward to the sequel!

turner110- lol, honestly, I don't think I can write well. In fact, I've been sitting here thinking, "Dude, why do I get the feeling that the last three chapters suck some major ass?..." I'm glad you enjoyed Lord Knows!

Pirate- Nah, I'm in love with Jack too. Sad. We're in love with a Disney character. Sigh. I'm glad you loved Lord Knows!

jackfan2- Thanks for your kind words on Lord Knows; it really means a lot! I will certainly let you know when the first chapter of the sequel is up!

Shimmergloom- Thanks! Glad you enjoyed and liked Jack's spurts of humorous stuff!

Leap of Fate- I like your name. I've been meaning to tell you that. Ah well, anyway… lol, longer?! Hmm, well, I'll try… Can't promise much, blame school. I'm so glad that you thought everyone was in character; that was one of my major concerns, especially with Jack. Believe me; it isn't going to my head! Thanks for your kind words!

Explanations and Questions:

What is the story behind the title "Lord Knows I Can't Change" anyway? Back in August when I first got the idea to write a sequel to the movie, the plot was totally different. It still included Bootstrap, but it wasn't going to include him in the way that Lord Knows did/does. What I was originally going to do is now being carried over to Do I Have To Cry For You?. I changed the plot when I read somewhere that Geoffrey Rush would be one of the crew members that would be returning to work on Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and so I thought, "Hmm, okay, I'll include Barbossa then," and so Lord Knows' plot changed dramatically. The title is basically about Bootstrap and Will's relationship… It can't change, "it" being the pain that their past together is lined with. It also means everyone's relationships with Barbossa. It can't change, nothing can change. Since they can't change their ways or their feelings, it's called Lord Knows I Can't Change. Hope that makes sense!

(question from a reader) How did you find out Jack's age? Honestly, I don't even remember. I have the card that I did the math on in front of me and I've since read over it billions of times and still can't figure out how I did. All I know is that I knew he was young when he got marooned and that Will had to be eight years old when Bootstrap sent the coin and when Jack was marooned and just went from there. I'm sorry I can't remember; just know that he was thirty two! (question from a reader) How do you write so good? As I stated in my reply to your review, I don't think I can, honestly. Thanks though, your review made me smile. :) (question from reader) Is this slash? No. Neither Lord Knows I Can't Change or Do I Have To Cry For You? is/will be slash. (question from reader) Is this a sequel to your story "Not Much, How 'Bout You?"? Nope. Even though they are similar, they aren't connected.

Want to get the full emotions of Lord Knows? Try these songs…

I listened to these nearly every time that I wrote a chapter…

Evanescence- "My Immortal" Michelle Branch- "All You Wanted" Michelle Branch- "Goodbye To You" Michelle Branch- "Are You Happy Now?" Faith Hill- "Cry" Faith Hill- "One" Faith Hill- "If This Is The End" Eagles- "Desperado" Eagles- "Lyin' Eyes" Evanescence- "Hello" Evanescence- "Bring Me To Life"

            And, of course, every song on the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.

Brief sneak at Do I Have To Cry For You?:

- It takes place three years later

- Will and Elizabeth have since gotten married and have a son named Jack William Turner (named after Jack and Bootstrap) and he's two-years-old

- Bootstrap lives with Will and Elizabeth and works with Will in the Armory

- The category's for this story will be tragedy/action/adventure

- As of now, there will be three character deaths (that number will more than likely change) and one is a major/main character

      That's about all guys! Thanks for reading and thanks for reading this! Lord Knows I Can't Change was fun to write and I'm glad that it was fun for you guys to read. Be checking back on Chapters One-Eighteen because I will be editing (not changing phrases or words, but typos, such as commas and what not) off and on.

See y'all in Do I Have To Cry For You?!!!

- Liz