"Lawrence of Arabia"

On a sand dune deep in the desert,
a figure passes in the blink of an eye.

I could have sworn it had been Lawrence.
That ghost of a man who saved the Arabs.

That strange young man who took no credit,
but brought the desert heat down on Turks.

On the back of a camel he rode the sand waves,
uniting the tribes to fight together.

They carried his name like it were a banner,
waving it high they rose their spirits.

Like a word unspoken sat our Lawrence,
bowed on a red woven carpet.

You'd expect it to fly like Aladdin's,
take you to places you never dreamed.

To the heart of the desert in a giant sand storm,
shrouded in impenetrable mystery.

Off the maps he travels,
a Bedouin army at his heals.

This is the man known as Lawrence,
An English gent who found himself on a mission.

In saving a people he almost became one,
Such is the man called Lawrence.

There will never be another like him,
for sand flows through his veins.