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The Time For Change Is Now.

Chapter 1.……..Expect the unexpected.


Ryo MacLean sighed heavily as he entered his New York City apartment. Although he would never admit it, he was a little sad his partner had opted to just go back to his own place for the night. Bikky was staying with Cal and this left his home feeling…empty. Of course, had he asked Dee to come over he would undoubtedly had to fight off his many advances. The empty apartment only spurring him on.

Ryo didn't really know what it was he wanted from Dee. He was pretty sure he knew what Dee wanted from him…at least…to some degree. It had been a while since he'd come to the realization that he could no longer hide behind the accusation that Dee wasn't serious about him. The man had waited patiently and had, indeed, proved to Ryo that he was both faithful and serious. Still, Ryo couldn't find it in him to give in. He could readily admit to himself that he cared for Dee…but Dee was his partner…he was *supposed* to care about him. More than once it had angered Ryo that Dee had even opened these floodgates - blurring the lines between partners and more. He also could not deny that he felt something when Dee kissed him…yet…he had never *not* felt something when he'd been kissed. Chemistry…maybe. Or physics…perhaps? All Ryo knew was that it was *science*…nothing more. A body reacts when it is stimulated. He pushed away the questionable thoughts that entered his head when he thought of Dee's kisses - the rejection aided by stung masculinity.

Making a cup of tea before bed, Ryo decided that it was stupid to even ponder these same questions again and again. He'd figure things out eventually. And Dee would always be there…wouldn't he?


Dee felt bad for lying to Ryo. It wasn't a big lie…but it was a *lie*. He'd told his partner that he was tired, and preferred to just go home…it had been a long day. Truth be told…he just needed to think. And he couldn't think at home. Everything reminded him of Ryo. He was surprised that his partner hadn't picked up on his melancholy mood. Usually when faced with an evening alone with Ryo, he would salivate and quickly formulate his battle tactics; determined to divide pale legs and conquer a resisting heart. Surely Ryo noticed the atypical situation. Maybe he wanted to give Dee time to think…and maybe…Dee had to admit…he just didn't care.

Shaking his head in attempts to clear the treacherous thoughts from his mind, Dee entered the bar and slid into a stool. The bartender smiled at him and propped his elbows against the wood. The older man's mustache covered his grin, but Dee could see his expression by the wrinkles formed around his eyes.

"Detective Laytner! Long time no see."

Dee smiled a weary smile and pushed his bangs from his eyes. "Heya Frank. Things have been…busy. I'll just have the usual."

The older man smiled again and proceeded to pour Dee his glass of whiskey. He slid the glass to Dee and slapped the bar towel over his shoulder.

"This one's on the house. It's good to have you back."

Dee took a gulp and made a slight face as the liquor stung his insides. "Thanks Frank."

He wasn't sure how long he sat there, or how many glasses of whiskey he went though, but Dee was definitely needing a bathroom break. He stood and made his way to the restroom to relieve himself. He washed his hands and sauntered back to his seat at the bar. He was just about to slide in, still not ready to return to his empty home, when a shock of dark silver tinted hair caught his attention.

Dee tried to focus his vision on the owner of said hair. Taking in the smaller man's form and suit he had confirmed…it was JJ. He wondered what the other detective was doing in *his* bar and anger overtook him at JJ's frequent intrusiveness. He was a breath away from marching up to him and booting him back out to the street when he stopped. JJ had his head down and his shoulders slumped forward. His fingers were wrapped around his drink and his nails made a rhythmic 'tink' as they each struck glass. The sniper was not small, despite being smaller than Dee, nor what one would call delicate, yet he was…graceful. Something about the lines of his body and the fluidity with which he moved marked him as almost…regal. Dee, however, knew this not to be true. Where JJ got his posture was anyone's guess…because it certainly wasn't breeding.

Dee watched as JJ tossed back the remains of his drink and ordered another one before muttering something to himself and running a hand though his hair. He began to grow irritated. To Dee it was obvious that his colleague had come into the bar to drink away his frustrations over his long running infatuation with him. Dee Laytner was not a modest man.

If JJ thought he could come into *his* bar and take away from *his* time to sulk, he had another thing coming. Dee charged over to him - alcohol fueling his ire. He stood behind JJ for a moment and when the slightly younger man did not turn around Dee poked his shoulder none too gently with his finger.

He blinked, and the sight that met him when he again opened his eyes quite closely resembled the barrel of a cocked and most likely loaded gun.

'Jesus' Dee thought, noticing JJ's back still to him. 'All I did was blink and he pulled it on me that fast? He didn't even turn around…'

Pushing the gun out of his face with furrowed brows Dee tried to speak without slurring. "Damn JJ, I was just going to see what you were doing here!"

'Another small lie for the night…what the hell…might as well set a new record…'

A sigh escaped JJ and he sat his gun on the counter. When he spoke, his voice sounded small…and tired; he kept his back to Dee. "Sorry Dee Sempai…I'm a bit…tense. Try not to sneak up on me like that again."

That said, JJ went back to nursing his drink. Dee was shocked to say the least. The man hadn't tried to jump him once…he actually seemed rather…apathetic to Dee's presence. Something major had to be up. Sliding into the seat next to his long time admirer, Dee motioned to the bartender to fix both he and JJ another round. When the drinks arrived, he pushed JJ's over to him and tried to give what he hoped seemed like a friendly elbow to the arm.

"Come on JJ…I know you love me more than life itself but it can't be all that bad can it? I mean…I'm no prize really…" Dee meant his comments in half-seriousness.

JJ only slumped more and rested his head against the bar. "Don't flatter yourself Laytner. Actually this has *nothing* to do with you…" Dee could have sworn he heard him mumble "…for once…" under his breath.

"Well shit JJ. What the hell's wrong with you then? I've never seen you this bothered…I kind of thought you didn't really get upset about anything…"

JJ scoffed. "Yeah…shows how much you know. In case you hadn't noticed…I *am* a human being…"

Sliding a little closer, Dee felt a small pang of regret. He hadn't actually ever thought of JJ's feelings. He tried to smile, but it went unnoticed by his unlikely companion who instead chose to stare into his empty glass.

"So what's eating you then?"

"Nothing you would ever understand…"

Frowning, Dee poked a finger at him. "Now who's treating someone else like he's not a human being?"

JJ shrugged. "Sorry…just…family stuff…"

Dee scowled and began to get angry. "So I wouldn't understand because I don't *have* a family? Is that what you mean?"

Letting out a frustrated sigh, JJ turned his head to face Dee. "No…I didn't mean it like that. I didn't think…sorry. I just meant that you-" He waved a hand in Dee's direction. "-you don't seem to give a damn about what anyone thinks…friend…family…world…God…I wish I could be like that…"

"First of all" Dee began "I thought you *were* like that and second…as far as God goes…that's between me and him. But just for the record-" He looked up at the ceiling as if it were a portal to heaven. "I *do* give a damn."

"Well as for the rest of us on the *mortal* realm…I wish I had it the way you do…"

"JJ…I was abandoned…"

"I *know* that…but…you can still live under the hope and assumption that your parents loved you enough to think they were giving you a better life. At least you were raised with people who loved you…accepted you…"

Silence reigned for a time before JJ straightened and turned on his stool to face Dee directly.

"Enough of my sob story…what are you doing here? I heard Ryo mention that his kid was gone tonight…I would have thought you'd be at his place taking advantage of the situation…"

It was Dee's turn to slump forward. "Yeah well you thought wrong. I'm beginning to think it may be a lost cause. I'm just…not ready to give up yet…or admit that the last two years of my life have been wasted…"

Dee realized only after the words had left him that it might not be the smartest idea in the world to tell this information to JJ, who would most likely take it as an invitation and try to rape him right there. He winced…waiting. Nothing happened. To Dee's surprise, JJ only smiled at him; it wasn't so much a smile as a smirk.

"Believe me…I know how you feel."

Dee chuckled, realization washing over him. "Yeah…I guess you do…"

The two men continued to drink and chat as friends for the first time. Dee was surprised at how much the two of them had in common. It wasn't much, really…but it *was* more than he had ever assumed. To his astonishment, the conversation kept clear of matters of the heart…and other various anatomy.

When Frank, the bartender, informed the two that it was well past closing time, Dee stood and JJ tried to follow suit…only to fall flat on his rear. He laughed it off, obviously feeling no pain, and stood on wobbly legs.

"A cab it is for me then…"

Dee grabbed his arm and herded him towards the door. "Yeah…you're not driving anywhere. Here…I'll help you get one."

The slightly smaller man's tolerance not matching that of his drinking partner's, JJ slumped into Dee and almost passed out right there. Dee held him upright and shook him a bit. "I don't even think you'll make a cab ride buddy…I live a block from here…you can sleep on my couch alright?"

JJ managed to slur something that sounded like "Oh say can you see" but was mostly likely "Okay, Dee."

After a struggle and an extremely annoying few flights of stairs, Dee managed to get JJ into his apartment and onto his couch. He took off the sniper's shoes and placed a blanket over him before heading to bed himself…tomorrow morning was not going to be fun…



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