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Troubles of Love

Chapter 1--A Dwarven Gathering

The feast hall of the mines was crowded and noisy and filled with merriment. Each year Bruenor held a celebration on the day that the Drow had been defeated and driven back to the Underdark when they had attacked Mithril Hall.

Catti-brie glanced around at the crowd, seeing Wulfgar and Regis, but not Drizzt. Catti-brie frowned and looked more carefully. She wondered if he'd slipped outside. Ah, there ye are, she thought. She walked over to him.

Drizzt saw Catti-brie coming and watched and waited. She still the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, he thought.

Catti-brie stopped directly in front of Drizzt and crossed her arms. "Why are ye hidin' in the corner? Ye should be with yer friends," she demanded.

"Just thinking," Drizzt said.

"Ye think too much. Now come out of the corner and join us," Catti-brie said, taking his hand in hers.

It felt like a shock went down his spine at her touch. Drizzt managed to keep the reaction from showing and allowed Catti-brie to lead him over to their friends.

Bruenor looked up. "Where have ye been, Drow? We been celebrating a long time," he said.

"So I noticed, I was staying out of sight so that I wouldn't get caught in the middle of any of your folks little brawls. My bones are a lot more breakable then yours," Drizzt said.

Bruenor snorted. "True, gonna have to put some meat on yer skinny hide, Drow," he said.

"I fear that won't help," Drizzt said. "I'll let Wulfgar handle the wrestling at these little gatherings. He's better at it anyway."

Wulfgar grinned. "Maybe I should challenge you to a wrestling match. That's something I would be likely to win," he said. He winked roguishly at Catti-brie. "You could give the winner a kiss as a prize."

Drizzt couldn't keep from glancing at Catti-brie's lips. He looked away, relieved that his dark skin hid the fact he was blushing. He was glad when no one noticed.

"Delly wouldn't like me kissing her husband," Catti-brie snorted.

"I most certainly would not and I'll have your hide if you let her, Wulfgar," Delly said sternly. She gave her husband a mock fierce look.

"I yield to my most lovely lady," Wulfgar grinned.

"Well then you could kiss the loser," Regis offered. He nudged Drizzt in the ribs. "Right Drizzt?"

"Whatever, I grows to stuffy in here for my taste. I think I will go for a walk," Drizzt said. He left the dining hall as fast as he could go without looking like he was fleeing.

Regis and Bruenor exchanged knowing looks as Drizzt left then the Halfling went to refill his goblet. He loves Catti-brie. Bruenor and I both know it, even though no one else truly does. I wonder why he doesn't just tell her so, he thought.

A light snow was starting to fall when Drizzt left the caves, but he ignored it. "Clever Do'Urden, racing out of there like a scared rabbit. Now they'll know something's wrong," he muttered. "You should have just laughed it off." Drizzt sighed. He couldn't lie to himself. He loved Catti-brie with all his soul, but couldn't make himself admit it. There can only be friendship between us, best she marries a Human rather then an Elf. She deserves someone at her side that will grow old with her. I must not let her see the feelings I harbor towards her," he thought. He headed for the cave he had once called home. He could be alone with his thoughts there and no one would disturb him.


Catti-brie was disappointed that Drizzt had left so suddenly. "I wonder what brought that on. I wanted him to stop hiding in a corner and join us, instead he took off," she said as Regis returned to the table.

Regis shrugged, wondering how she could miss the feelings Drizzt hid. "I guess he had a lot on his mind. You know how he is," he said.

Catti-brie didn't look convinced, but she nodded. "I suppose so," she said. She turned to Delly and began to talk to her.

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