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Chapter 47--Exchanging Vows

Drizzt finally got himself together and dressed then glanced at his reflection. "Oh, Gods," he grumbled.

"What? You look fine," Wulfgar said.

Drizzt did. He wore a silk shirt in a rich dark burgundy and black breeches. His knee high black boots were made of the finest leather.

"I look ridiculous. At least I got out of the ruffles that cursed tailor wanted to add. I would have looked even worse," Drizzt muttered.

Wulfgar just laughed. "You're to hard on yourself, half the unmarried women at the wedding are going to be kicking themselves for missing their chance," he said.

A soft knock sounded on the door. Wulfgar got up and opened it. "Oh, hello Cadderly. I thought you'd be in the chapel," he said.

"I thought I would see how things were coming," Cadderly said. He entered the room, looking dignified in his white robes trimmed in gold. "You look like a true prince, Drizzt."

"Keep telling him that. He thinks he looks terrible," Wulfgar said.

Cadderly gave Drizzt an understanding smile. "Nervous?" he asked.

"Terrified," Drizzt admitted. "I'm considering running for my life."

"If you leave Catti-brie at the altar then you'll be doing that," Wulfgar grinned.

"Hmm, let me have someone do something about your hair," Cadderly suggested. He went back to the door and opened it.

"What's wrong with my hair?" Drizzt demanded.

A man entered the room, so quickly that he must have been waiting in the hall; on a second look Drizzt could see he was a Half-Elf.

"This is Merrin; he's one of the best barber's and stylist in Silverymoon according to Lady Alustriel. He'll fix you up. I have to go to the chapel. The wedding is but an hour away and people are already arriving," Cadderly said and left before Drizzt could argue.

Merrin went to work, neatly forming two braids on either side of Drizzt's face and weaving silver cords in to them. "There, something simple as Lady Alustriel asked," he said and left.

Finally the time came and Drizzt and Wulfgar headed down to the chapel.

Lady Alustriel was waiting at the doors. She reached out and clasped Drizzt's hands in hers. "You look very handsome, Drizzt. Once again congratulations. I know you and Catti-brie will be happy," she said.

"Thank you, Lady," Drizzt said.

Alustriel kissed him lightly on the cheek and left to go to her place.

Once she was gone Wulfgar looked at his friend. "Are you ready, Drizzt?" he asked.

Drizzt took a deep breath then nodded. "Ready as I'm going to be," he said. Wulfgar nodded and together they entered the chapel.

The minute they entered Drizzt was acutely aware of the many eyes upon him and it made him uncomfortable, but he fought it down. After what seemed like an hour walk they reached Cadderly who waited at the altar.

Regis caught Drizzt's eye from the front pew where the companions would sit and winked. Delly smiled at him encouragingly. Drizzt managed to smile back.

Wulfgar gave Drizzt's shoulder a squeeze and sat down next to Delly.

Drizzt took his place in front of Cadderly and turned to face the double doors of the chapel.

Danica slipped into the chapel to stand next to her husband then the music started that announced the bride was coming and Catti-brie entered on Bruenor's arm. Admiring murmurs ran through the crowd as the bride and her father walked forward.

Drizzt couldn't avoid staring. Never had Catti-brie looked so lovely. He auburn hair was curled and fastened up allowing some of the curls to fall down her back in a ponytail and a pearl studded golden comb secured the flaming tresses. The sun glittered on the crystals on her dress, reflecting thousands of colors.

Catti-brie was thinking much the same thing. Drizzt looked like A Dark Elven prince in burgundy and black and the braids in his hair suited him well. Soon they reached Drizzt's side.

Cadderly held up his hands and the soft murmurs from the guests went silent. He looked at Bruenor. "King Battlehammer, do you give your consent to this union?" he asked.

"I give my consent," Bruenor said. He placed his daughter's hand in Drizzt's. Turning, he joined the others in the front pew.

"Both of you kneel before me," Cadderly said and they did. Cadderly said a blessing then the couple exchanged vows then rings. "You both may rise. In Denier's holy name I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride," he said.

Their first kiss as husband and wife was sweeter then any they had shared and the guests applauded. At that moment both Drizzt and Catti-brie felt like their souls were forever entwined….

The End

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