Survival horror.

That is how I would describe the experiences of the past two days.

I arrived here two days ago on a mid-September morning. I hiked to the nearest town to find this world's version of my brother as well as know more abpout the world around me.

I was reading about American history in the public library when this fellow showed up. I looked at him, and noticed something was wrong. His skin was covered in scabs and seemed to be rotting off. His eyes showed no sign of humanity in him.

And there was blood all over his mouth.

He walked right over to me, moaning this chilling moan.He was walking towards me, with his arms outstretched.

"Stay back!" I shouted, holding up the American history book. He grabbed me and pulled me right to him.

I managed to shove the Houghton-Mifflin textbook in his mouth.

I ran away from the table where I had been peacefully reading. I looked into one of the side rooms, and saw a bunch of people crouching around. I heard chewing sounds. I found out they were chewing the flesh of a human.

Apparently, something had turned these humans into flesh-eating zombies!

I went to the front entrance, but there were a lot of zombies there. They saw me, and their first instinct was to walk to me. I had to go out through the fire exit, setting off an alarm.

I found out that the whole town was overrun with zombies. The police were battling them, putting up barricades and stuff, but the zombies broke through the barricades and ate them to death.

I had to stick through the back alleys of this town. Alopng the way, I picked up a Beretta M93R pistol and a Remington M1100 shotgun. Quite a few times, I had run-ins with zombies, shooting them until they were in a pool of blood, or blasting their heads off withn the shotgun.

From what I had heard from the human survivors, there was a leak in a biologocal research lab a few days ago. A virus infected people and made them sick. This disease turned them into zombies with an appetite for human flesh. I saw one guy named Ed, whose right hand was eaten off by the zombies. At that point, I was no longer concerned with finding a way to reunite with my friends, but just staying alive long enough before my next slide.

My trip through the streets of this zombie-infested city led me to a warehouse which just three daysd ago was used to store auto parts. There were already survivors in there. When I had first got here, I was greeted with pistols and shotguns and machine guns and God knows what else.

I mostly listened to what the people said. Some of them told me what they were doing when the zombies made their first attack, others shared their pain of seeing their loved ones eaten by zombies-or becoming one of them. Some of them hoped that the California Army National Guard would come to the rescue.

I wondered if Quinn had ever been through anything like this.

I told the others about myself, including travel to parallel Earths.

"Can you take us with you?" asked Mary, one of the survivors.

"No," I said. "There is no way to take you back here."

So we waited for a rescue that might never come.

It was nighttime, my last night here. I would leave this hellish place soon. I just hope that it would be a place of relative calm.

We heard gunshots just outside the door. Then there was knocking. Clayton, one of the survivors here, went to the door.

"Help me!: someone shouted. "there are zombies here."

"We can't open that door," said Clayton, "Or else the zombies will break through here."

"He might need our help," said Mary.

"No, we can not."

Then there were more gunshots, and the door was kicked open. I saw a uniformed police officer get in.

"Close the door!" he shouted.

Then I saw zombies grab him, biting the back of his neck.Tghe zombies started pouring in to the warehouse.

There was no time to talk. I blasted away at the zombies with my shotgun, and a few other survivors also blasted away with their guns.I saw a couple of zombies knock Clayton over, and I could hear his screams as they ate him alive.

Another zombie was coming for me. She was dressed in a short skirt and a tank top. Long blond hair flowed from her head. She must have been beautiful before the infection. Now, she was trying to eat me out.

She was too close for me to wield the Remington, so I clutched her neck and squeezed toght, keeping her from opening her mouth.

I heard shots being firted and the screams of those whom the zombies were eating. I felt weightless and detached. I wondered if one of the zombies got me, and I was dead.

Then I found myself greeted by a gentle breeze. I was outdoors; I had slid again.

And it looked like I brought someone with me!

This zombie was still focused on eating me, completely oblivious to the change in her surroundings.

I put my knee right in her abdomen hard, knocking her back. Then I blasted away with the shotgun.

Shew was down. But then I noticed she was crawling towards me in the shallow water, even with her right leg blasted off!

I deicided to leave her there. I started running until I was a good distance from her.

I looked around at my new surroundings. I was clearly in a marsh of some sort, with tall grasses growing. The water at my feet indicated that it either rained here recently, or a river had flooded the marsh recently. There were also a few eucalyptus and willow trees growing. I looked up, and saw all the constellations.

I lookeds at my watch, which told me how much time was left. I would be spending a few days here. I looked around, and did not see the lights of any town or settlement. I guess I'd have to sleep outdoors.

I kept walking until I found some dry land. I removed my wet shoes and socks. I tucked the shotgun under my arm to shoot anything that might try to make a meal out of me. And then I went to sleep.

During my dreams, I encountered a familar old man.

"Hello, Colin," he said.

"What?" I asked.

"I'm glad to see you okay."

"I almost became zombie food!" I shouted. "Why would God put me in such a place?"

"You survived, Colin. And your actions allowed others to survive too."

"Not all of them."

"Listen, Colin, you will soon learn more about your heritage."

I woke up, still remembering that dream. It was already morning, and the sun shone from the east. I got up and continued to walk.

Usually, I would bring some food and water just before a slide so I can have something to eat. But there had not been time to do that, on account of me trying to avoid being eaten myself. I looked around the marshland, and I was glad that nothing like a tiger or a dinosaur decided to eat me.

I walked a few miles, when I saw it.

It was a huge pyramid, like the ones the Mayans built on the world I grew up in over a thousand years ago. I could see some buildings near the hill where the pyramid was built. The village was small, about a square mile or so. It was surrounded by farmland. I hid in the tall grass of the marshlands which the village and the farms were built upon.

I could see people cultivating the fields. They were clearly Indians.

On my world, Indians in North America were conquered by the United States. Here, though, there does not seem to be nay presence of any conquerers of these band of Indians, except maybe the pyramid sitting atop that hill.

These Indians could be ruled by the Aztecs. In the abscence of any civilization originating from Europe or Asia, the Aztecs would be the ones to rule southern California.

I decided to walk right into the village. I figured that I might find someone willing to give me food in exchange for labor.

I walked along a dirt road. I noticed ox tracks, footprints, and tire tracks on the mud. I saw an Indian dirving an ox pulling a heavy steel plow.

I finally reached the village. The village had a mix of wooden and brick buildings. The main road through the village was unpaved, and it was at least two hundred feet wide. Walking through the village, I saw a market where various goods such as food and cloth and tools were made. It the distance I could see a huge brick structure with smoke coming out; it looked like a blast furnace or something.

I noticed all the Indians staring at me, as if they never seen a white man before. I also noticed that while they clothing looks traditional, they seem to be made of some synthetic fabric. There must be an industrialized city nearby.

"Hello," I said to one of the Indians in the market.

The Indian said a bunch of words to me that they did not understand.

"Uh, do you speak English?" I asked.

The Indian man just kept saying something. From the tone of his voice, I guessed he was asking me if I spoke his language.

I spoke to a few more Indians. None of them seem to understand English.

I heard someone talking to me. One look at this person's dress indicates that he is in a position of authority.

"Do you know anyone who speaks English?" I asked. "I'm hungry and I'll willing to work for food."

The fellow just smiled and walked off, although I am sure that this village's version of police would keep on eye on this strange white man who did not speak any of their languages-and one who was carrying a shotgun.

I decided to go to the pyramid structure on top of the hill. I figured it must be a temple, where all of the priests are. Maybe one of them knew how to speak english, and might even offer food in exchange for sweeping the floors or something.

Sweeping floors for money. It sure was a far cry from being the vice president of a securities company, as I was last month.

There was a road winding up the hill to the pyramid, wide enough for a car. I looked back, and could see the whole village from here, and all of the people walking about. I also noticed power lines going into the pyramid. There must be an electrical generating plant somewhere.

Then I saw an image appear in the blue sky right above the pyramid. This must be the object of their worship.

I was all too familiar with the image.

It was the image of a kromagg.