Author's Note: A big thanks to my friend, Zam, for the cute idea for this story. This story takes place before any of the Matrix movies and gives us an idea of what might have taken place in the Merovingian's home when he takes it upon himself to save two programs who he hopes will someday become his best assassins and bodyguards. What he doesn't know is that they will become his greatest nightmare too! The Mero created them to wreak havoc so that's what they're going to do, even at age 3. Hope you all enjoy.

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"Get those kids out of here!" The French accented voice rang out.

"Aw, but Mero."

"No buts! Out! Now! Can't you see I'm trying to study, woman?"

"Mero, darling."


The two little identical albino twins huddled together behind Persephone as they watched the Merovingian's rage.

"Come on, sweeties, Mero's in a bad mood today." Persephone whispered to the two twins as she gently ushered them out of the room.

"If I knew they were going to be that much trouble I would have created them as adults!" The Mero said before going off mumbling to himself in French. He fumbled around on his desk looking for something, picking up papers and other objects and looking under them.

"Persephone, have you seen my pen?"

"No, should I have?" the woman answered coldly.

"Well it's not here anymore. And you're the only one in here besides me." The Mero stopped. "The Twins!"

"Now, honey, you don't know it was them. You could have misplaced it."

"Out of my way." The Mero pushed Perse aside and opened up the door. "Where are those brats?"

"They aren't brats." Persephone grabbed onto her husband's arm to try and calm him down. "They're kids."

"I don't care what you call them! I created them so I have the right to call them whatever I want! Now go get them and bring them here. If they're going to be my bodyguards someday the first thing they should learn is discipline, and that includes taking stuff that doesn't belong to them." The Mero huffed as he made his way back to his desk. Perse sighed and walked down the hall in search of the two twins. She soon came upon them, playing together in one of the other rooms.

"Come here." Perse said sweetly as she motioned for the two to come to her. The little pale dreadlocked kids looked up at Perse and smiled. Of course they weren't her own children, they were programs that the Mero had created, but Persephone liked to think of them as her own. While no one knows if programs go by age, right now the twins appeared to be around the age of three or four. At seeing Perse, the twins got up from the floor and ran to her, throwing their arms around her legs. Perse picked one of them up and held him close to her as she walked out of the room. The other one followed.

"It's about time!" the Mero grumbled as Perse and the twins entered the study. The Mero jumped up and quickly walked toward Perse, grabbing the twin standing beside her by the arm and jerking him forward.

"Where is my pen?" He shouted. The Twin didn't answer but instead started to cry while trying to pry his arm loose from the tight grip of the Mero's hand.

"Mero, you're frightening him." Said Perse.

"I'll do more than that if he doesn't start talking. Besides I didn't program them to fear."

"Well he's scared whether if you programmed him to fear or not, now let go of him!"

The Mero growled and let the child go. The little twin ran over to Perse and hid behind her legs. Perse bent down on one knee and placed the child she held down beside his brother.

"There, there it's ok. He didn't mean it." Perse cooed to the twin the Mero had grabbed while stroking his long dreadlocked hair. The child sniffed and wiped the tears from his cheeks and slowly looked at Mero. His silver eyes showed that he did fear, feared the man that had grabbed him.

"Perse, please! They're programmed assassins, not your children." The Merovingian did all he could to keep his temper. Perse ignored her husband's words and continued to talk soothingly to the twin.

"Now, sweetie, what did you or your brother do with Mero's pen?"

The twin, whose name was Two, shuffled his feet around and shyly looked into Perse's face.

"C'mon now, what did you do with the pen?"

The Mero slowly closed his eyes as if to keep himself from losing his temper that he knew was on the verge of exploding. Silently he waited for Persephone to get his pen back. The other twin, named One, slowly walked up to the Mero and pulled out an expensive looking ink pen from his silver coat pocket and handed it up to the Mero and smiled, his silver eyes sparkling. The Merovingian snatched it away from One's hand and glared down at him. One coward then walked back to Perse and Two.

"Now you see, that's the way you go about it." Perse smiled while leading the twins out into the hall. Closing the door, she turned to her husband.

"Perse, you are spoiling those two." The Mero raised his eyebrows.

"Nonsense. Those little angels need someone who can love and take care of them."

"Perse," The Mero sighed. "They are not little angels, they're assassins, killers, I programmed them to cause chaos and havoc, not to be loved and mothered like little babies."

Perse frowned.

"You can't expect them to grow up without some kind of a mother do you?"

"Yes! They're ok like they are. A little stern discipline will make them behave and obey. Some training will turn them into the best bodyguards and killers ever." The Mero pushed his wife's hand away and straightened his tie, which Perse had been fiddling with through the whole conversation.

"You leave them alone. I want them for myself." Perse walked away.

"Listen, I created them, they belong to me. I want you to stay away from them." Mero glared at his wife.

"We'll see." Perse smirked.

"Look, honey, I'm sorry for this whole mess." The Mero's voice changed to a low calm voice as he walked over to Perse. "Let's forget about it, ok? And just try to live with the Twins. You can go near them and I can go near them. Ok? Sound good?"

Perse nodded and smiled, brushing back her long dark hair.

"I'll go start dinner." She whispered before giving Mero a kiss.

"Sounds good. I'm going to go take a quick shower to cool off my temper." The Mero grinned. "Tonight after dinner, we can spend a quiet evening alone. How does that sound? Just you, me, and no one else."

"You've got yourself a deal." Persephone smiled and walked down the hall. The Mero closed the door to his study and started down the opposite way, meeting up with the twins who were carrying some rather wicked looking guns. The Mero stopped and looked the two over.

"Well, what do you want?" He said gruffly.

"Can we play with our machine-guns in the hallway? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese?" Two smiled.

"Yeah, Daddy, can we?" One puppy dog eyed.

"NO! No playing with machine-guns in the chateau."

"Aw, please?" both twins grinned together.

"NO! And that's final! Go help Perse with dinner or something. I'm going to go take a shower."

Mero grumbled as he pushed his way past the two.

"And don't call me daddy!" he yelled back over his shoulder.

The Twins watched as Mero disappeared down another hall and heard a door slam.

"Ooh, Daddy's going to take a shower." One jabbed Two with his elbow and smiled evilly. Two returned the smile with an even evil one. Both twins phased.

"PERSEPHONE!" the voice of the Merovingian roared through the chateau's halls, loud enough to crack the plaster on the ceilings. Persephone came to the bathroom door as quickly as she could. Before she could touch the doorknob the Merovingian appeared in her face. She looked him over in a puzzling way. He was dressed in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, water dripping from his hair.

"Where are they?" the Mero said through gritted teeth.

"Who?" Perse blinked, not quite understanding her husband.

"Those two little albino monsters, that's who!"

"What'd they do this time?"

"They came in here when I was taking a shower and turned on the cold water!"

Perse had to fight back a smile.

"After that they took my soap and phased somewhere else."

Perse was on the verge of bursting out laughing.

"Well don't just stand there! Go find my soap!"

Persephone walked off, waiting for a chance to relieve her laughter. Upon walking down the hall she heard the twins in one of the rooms.

"What does it taste like?" One asked.

"Ick! Tastes terrible." Two made a weird face then spit out a piece of soap.

"One, Two!"

The Twins looked around at Perse standing in the doorway.

"You put that soap down right now. How many times have I told you not to put things in your mouth?" Perse grabbed Two and gently slapped his cheek to make him open his mouth. "Did you swallow it?"

Two nodded.

One got up and started walking toward the door.

"One, come here." Perse said sternly, not looking up from getting the little soap bits out of Two's mouth.

One slowly walked back, his hands behind his back.

"I didn't eat any of it." One mumbled innocently.

Perse sighed, picked up what was left of the soap bar and grabbed Two's arm.

"C'mon, get up." Perse pulled Two up and dragged him over to a corner of the room. She let go of his arm and motioned for him to turn around and face the corner. Two lowered his head and turned around.

"Now you stay there till you learn to behave." Perse said then looked at One. "Don't you bother him either." She pointed her finger at him. Perse turned and walked from the room.

"Well?" the Mero glared from behind the bathroom door.

"Here's your soap." Perse placed the gnawed bar in his hand. He stared at it then looked at Perse.

"Your little creations couldn't wait until dinner." Perse smirked before walking away.