As the Merovingian drove back to the chateau, the car was unusually quiet. At times, the Mero glanced around behind him to make sure the Twins were still in the backseat. They were. One fiddled with the rings on his small fingers while Two sat huddled next to the door, quietly sucking his thumb.

"What about my shoes?" The Merovingian said, breaking the long silence. "What did you two do to them?"

More silence followed.


"It was Two's fault." One said at last.

"Was not! You helped!" Two cried in defense.

"I don't care whose fault it is, I just want to know what you did to them!"

"We wanted some string and couldn't find any," One started

"So we took the shoelace out of a pair of your shoes and replaced it with dental floss."

The Merovingian rolled his eyes and let out a long sigh, trying his best to hold his temper. He wanted so bad to let go of the wheel, reach back, and literally pick up and throw the Twins out of the car. Something tugged at him though. He knew he wasn't that heartless.

"We're sowwy." Said both Twins in the sorriest tone possible.

"First question," The Mero changed the subject. "Why did you want string?"

"Can't tell you."

The Mero's eyebrows perked.

"Ok, second question. Why did you replace the shoestring with dental floss?"

"We were hoping that you wouldn't notice the shoestring gone if we replaced it with another string."

"Third question, what did you do with the shoes?"

"Uh, we threw them away."

"Why did you throw them away!"

"They looked so stupid with the dental floss strung in them that we had to throw them away!"

The Mero slowed the car and leaned his head against the steering wheel.

"Why me?" he softly breathed to himself.

"What's wrong, Daddy?"

"Nothing." The Mero sighed. "Nothing at all."

The Merovingian stopped the car and sat with his head on the wheel for a good two minutes before he finally got up enough nerve to drive on. He sighed again.

"If you wanted string, why didn't you use the dental floss instead of the shoestrings?"

"It wasn't tough enough." Said One.

When the Merovingian returned to the chateau, the Twins had tears streaming down their faces and as soon as the Mero placed them down, they ran off somewhere as fast as they could go. Persephone walked up to her husband just in time to see the Twins disappear down a hall.

"What happened?" she asked.

The Mero was in the process of putting his belt back on his pants.

"I'll tell you what happened. Your little darlings were in a neighborhood, ringing people's doorbells for a practical joke! They nearly scared a woman out of her wits, I got blamed for it all, and they threw a pair of my good shoes away because they had taken the shoestrings out and replaced them with dental floss!"

Perse blinked a few times at the news.

"And it is now clear that they won't forget for awhile. I gave them a good whipping and told them they had better not phase until they learn a lesson from it." The Mero finally got his belt buckled again. "And don't you say anything about it either! It's time those two learned what a good discipline feels like."

Without another word, the Merovingian stormed past Perse and disappeared. He tried hunting for his shoes in the trashcan that the Twins had told him they threw them in, but one of the maids had already emptied it for the day and the shoes were declared lost forever. About an hour later, once again Persephone and the Merovingian were having a conversation in his office about, what else, the Twins.

"I'm telling you, they are about to cross me one time too many!" the Mero roared. "It was all I could do not to hand them over for adoption when I was in that neighborhood."

"Mero," Persephone sighed.

"Don't Mero me! I have about had it with those two!" The Mero stormed around the room and mussed his hair up with his fingers. "I can't even rest or do anything anymore! Soon as I turn my back, the Twins are either about to blow something up or they're rolling down the stairs or writing on zee walls or stuffing food up Cain's nose or, or something!"

"When did they stuff food up Cain's nose?" Perse's eyes grew wide.

"I dunno, but I wouldn't put it past them!"

Persephone remained silent and watched as her husband continued to vent his anger, half in English and half in French. The female vampire did all she could to block out half of it, but at the same time pretended to look like she was paying attention to every word. She did have to admit that the Mero was right about everything; however she didn't know what to do about it anymore than he did.

"Well, maybe they'll learn their lesson after today. After the whipping you gave them earlier." Perse said.

"Let us hope!"

The next day found the Twins running down the dungeon stairs and into the dungeon itself, where Cain and Abel were bent over a medium sized box while talking and laughing.

"Whatcha doin'?" little One asked as he and his brother approached the two werewolves.

"Nothing." Cain cleared his throat. "Nothing that would interest you two."

"How do you know?" Two said, putting his hands behind him and smiling.

"Because it's grownup stuff." Abel smirked.

Cain motioned toward the stairs. "Better run along before you get yourselves into more trouble."

"We don't want to go!" they both exclaimed together. "We'll just stand here and watch."

The werewolves turned their attention back to their box and didn't bother to notice the Twins anymore. Cain picked up one of the items in the box and showed it to Abel, who took it from Cain's hand and examined it closer.

"That one should make a good display!" Cain chuckled. "The bigger, the better."

"Yep! How about this one?" Abel reached down in the box and pulled out one bigger than Cain had handed him.

"Ah, yes!"

"What is it?" The Twins said together, getting frustrated at the werewolves' conversation that they had no clue about.

"A firework!" Abel turned an irritated gaze toward the youngsters. "What did you think it was?"

"What's a firework?" One asked timidly.

"Something that goes boom at night!" Cain chuckled.

"And makes a lot of pretty sparks." Abel added with a laugh.

"But it's not something young kids like you should be playing with." Cain raised his eyebrows and peered at the Twins over the tops of his dark shades.

"Told you it was grownup stuff." Abel grunted.

Now if these had been normal kids, they would have gotten the hint that fireworks were dangerous to play with and would have gone away to do something else without bothering to think about it anymore. However, the werewolves' warnings only sparked the Twins' curiosity even more, and they didn't help matters any by explaining to the young ghosts what the fireworks actually did. Evidentially Cain and Abel had not yet realized that the Twins were automatically drawn to dangerous things because it was part of their instincts. While thinking they were discouraging the Twins from bothering the fireworks, they only succeeded in fueling the Twins' interest more.

"How do they work?" Two innocently asked.

"Why do you want to know?"

"We just do." Two smiled.

"Any time you smile like that, I get nervous." Abel slowly bent down and peered into Two's face.

The young twin continued to smile innocently.

"Cain! Abel! I need you up here." The Merovingian's voice suddenly called down the dungeon stairs. The two werewolves acknowledged then turned back to the Twins.

"When we come back, I want to see those fireworks still in the box. Understand?" Abel sternly gazed at Two and then at One. Both Twins nodded that they understood then watched as Cain and Abel walked up the stairs and disappeared into the hallway above. After they were gone, the Twins mulled around the dungeon then sat down and started drawing pictures on the stone dungeon floor with colored chalk they had taken out of their pockets. It didn't take long until the Twins stopped what they were doing and looked in the direction of the box of fireworks setting on the table across from them. One looked at Two, and Two returned the glance.

"How do you suppose they work?" One finally said aloud.

Two shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't care and went back to his drawing.

"Aren't you even the least bit curious?"

"Nope." Two said, not bothering to look up. "I'm not going to get in trouble with Daddy again. Not after yesterday. If you had any brains at all you'd do the same."

"Hey! Let's not get personal." One frowned. "I've got brains!" One playfully tugged on a lock of Two's hair, causing him to yelp.

"Then use them!" Two screamed irritably while rubbing his head. "You've gotten me in trouble too many times and I'm not going to fall for your tricks anymore. Go ahead and find out how they work, I don't care. I'll just sit back and grin when you find out how Daddy works too. And when you do, don't come whining to me when your rear end feels his belt again!"

One sighed to himself and continued drawing too. The thought of the fireworks soon left his mind and he was glad. He, too, didn't want to run across the irritable mood of the Merovingian again. The whipping he had given both of them the day before crossed One's mind at that moment. It was something he didn't care to experience again anytime soon.

One's thoughts were interrupted by a soft snorting and growling that came from one of the dark corners of the dungeon. Both Twins looked at each other in alarm.

"W-What was that?" Two whimpered.

"I dunno. It came from over there." One pointed.

The growling was heard again, louder this time. Unknown to the two twins, their talking had aroused Cujo, the leader of the werewolves. He was sometimes seen plotting evil plans with Vlad, but when he wasn't he spent his time in the dungeon and even lived there. He was a gruesome creature that thought of himself as the Mero's guard dog. Anyone who dared to enter the dungeon was fair game.

"There it is again." Two nervously eyed One.

"Probably a rat." One said to ease Two's mind, and even his own.

"If it is I'd hate to meet it. It sounds awfully big."

"Now don't go turning into a baby again."

"I'm not a baby!" Two sniveled.

"Then don't act like one." One started to get up. "Come on; let's go see what it is."


"Fine, stay here then." One walked past Two and into the dimly lit area behind them. It was dark except for several torches and lanterns that hung from the walls and ceiling. What light they gave off, however, was barely enough to see where you were going.

"One?" Two called out after One had disappeared into the darkness. There was no answer. Two called again, but One wasn't anywhere to be seen.

"If you're trying to scare me, it's not gonna work!" Two's voice echoed off the stone walls. "One?"

At that moment a scream was heard off in the distance, which was followed by a loud snarl. Before Two realized it, One had bounded out of the darkness at remarkable speed and slammed into Two, causing both of them to roll over.

"What happened!" Two tried to see what was following. "What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything! There's something living in there. I think it's one of Daddy's werewolves."

"You think?" Two's voice was about to crack.

"Hurry! We've gotta get out of here. This time if anything happens, it wasn't our fault."

The Twins grabbed the chalk they had been drawing with and headed for the stairs. Before they could make it out, Cujo bounded through the air and landed in front of them. The ugly beast snarled at them and bore his fangs. Without any warning, Cujo started to chase the poor Twins around the dungeon. Two and One screamed for help, but it was useless. No one could hear them all the way down there. Two ran underneath the table the box of fireworks were setting on and scrunched down.

"One! Under here! Quick!" Two called after his brother, who was still running and phasing trying his best to get away from the savage beast that pursued him. One made it hard for Cujo to catch him as he tried making his way over to the table where Two waited for him. The little twin zigzagged and phased, causing Cujo to slip and slide all over the dungeon floor, knocking over crates and boxes and other items that were piled up against the walls. Finally the werewolf got tangled in some chains and shackles that hung from the dungeon's stone walls, slowing him up enough for One to make it over and crawl under the table with his brother.

"You okay?" Two asked.

"Yes," One puffed and gasped for air. "I think so."

"Look out! He's charging!"

Before Two could even finish, Cujo bounded for the table, knocking it over against the wall with the Twins running out from under. The impact of Cujo hitting the table against the wall caused a candle setting on a shelf above it to fall off and into the spilled box of fireworks. Of course this meant nothing to Cujo, who didn't even realize what he had done. All his mind was set on was catching the Twins. Truthfully it went unnoticed for a few minutes until a loud and deafening popping and banging was heard. Both the Twins and Cujo nearly jumped out of their skins at the sudden chaotic noise and turned toward the table across the room. For a good while the Twins and Cujo forgot each other and their attentions were fixed on the overturned box, which poured multicolored sparks and small balls of fire in every direction.

Cujo dodged a flaming red ball that came in his direction, and then turned to dive for cover. Another ball of sparkle and flame followed the bewildered werewolf and hit him in the back of the head. Whimpering and screaming, he ran off into the darkness where he first came from while shaking the sparks from his hair. The Twins had no idea what to do. For a time they were dumbfounded by the display of light and color and sound.

"What is it?" Two breathed in amazement.

"I dunno."

Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, went the string of firecrackers that were hidden inside the box. The Twins jumped and grabbed hold of each other.

"It's shooting at us!" Two screamed. "It's got a machinegun!"

"But I don't see anyone!" One screamed back, over the noise.

"M-Maybe it's spooks!" Two whimpered.

"Yeah, maybe it," One stopped himself and looked at Two, who turned and looked at One. Both felt rather stupid at their conclusion that it was a ghost. They were ghosts!

The Twins turned back toward the box, which at that moment belched out a spray of green, silver, and red sparks in their direction.

"Run, Two!" One shouted before pushing Two out of the way. Both twins ran in two directions, the balls of color bouncing off the walls and ceiling. Two screamed when one came near to hitting him. Fortunately he phased, allowing the green sparkle to go through him and hit the wall. Another explosion sent a fountain spray of silver sparkles into the air and around the dungeon, one of which hit the side of a box that One was hiding behind.

"When is it going to stop?" Two yelled to One. The fireworks were so loud that either one of them could barely hear each other.

"I don't know!" One shouted from behind his hiding place.

Not a moment too soon, the sound of maddening footsteps could be heard on the dungeon stairs and the face of the Merovingian was seen, followed by Cain and Abel.

"What goes on down here?" The Mero yelled over the noise of the fireworks. "It sounds like the battle of Waterloo!"

But before anyone could answer, another explosion sent purple and gold sparks spewing into the Mero's face. He screamed in terror and he and Cain and Abel ran like idiots behind some crates.

"Our fireworks!" Cain groaned.

"Your what?" The Merovingian growled, wiping his face with a handkerchief.

"Our fireworks." Abel repeated. "We had a box of fireworks down here. Something must have set them off."

"Those twins!" Cain growled. "They were down here when we left to go upstairs."

"I should have known." The Mero grumbled. "Anything that happens around this place anymore, you'd better believe the Twins are standing nearby."

The Mero slowly raised his head above the crate, then quickly ducked back down when a yellow sparkle whizzed by where his head would have been.

It seemed like hours, but really it was only about twenty minutes. The fireworks finally died down to a mere fizzle, leaving the dungeon filled with a thick gunpowder smoke. Tiny fires dotted the floor where pieces of the fireworks were still smoldering. The box they were once in was burnt to a crisp and bellows of smoke continued to pour from it.

The Merovingian and Cain and Abel slowly crept out of their hiding place, half expecting a wild spark to come flying towards them in a last fight. A sudden pop almost sent them diving, but they continued to stand when they realized it was only a firecracker that had failed to go off in the heat of the others.

"Open up something and let this smoke out of here." The Mero said to the two werewolves.

"Yes, Master." Cain and Abel said in unison.

"And stamp these fires out. I don't want the whole chateau burned up." The Mero stomped on a smoldering piece as he grumbled and griped.

"One! Two!" The Mero yelled. "I'm giving you three minutes to improve my mood! You'd better get your pale ghost behinds out here. NOW!"

"It's not what it looks like, Daddy!" Two shakily answered from behind some boxes over in a corner. "We didn't do it, honest!"

"He's right, Daddy. We had nothing to do with it." One said from behind a box on the other side of the room. "It was all that werewolf's fault!"

"A likely story." The Mero walked over and grabbed onto One's arm and pulled him out from behind the box he had been hiding behind.

"We didn't do it!" One started to cry. "Honest!"

"Then how can you explain you and your brother being down here in the middle of it all?"

One started to cry more as he tried prying the Mero's hand from his arm.


"We were down here drawing on the floor with chalk." Two continued, walking out from his hiding place.

"That's all we were doing. We had thought about exploring the fireworks Cain and Abel had, but we decided not to."

The Mero glared at Two without saying a word.

"That's the truth! You gotta believe us!" Two sniveled.

The Mero continued to glare, then slowly reached to unbuckle his belt. Two's eyes widened in fear as he started to back up.

"You gotta believe us." Two sniffed a tear away. "We were sitting here on the floor and this huge werewolf came out of there and started chasing us. He bumped into the table and the next thing we knew there were explosions everywhere."

"Cujo?" The Mero's eyebrows perked. "Cujo chased you?"

Two's head nodded frantically, his dreadlocks bobbing around his small shoulders.

"We tried going upstairs to get you, but he wouldn't let us. We tried hiding under the table, but he charged at us and knocked it over." Two started crying after he finished talking.

The Merovingian stood in the middle of the dungeon, his grasp still holding One's arm, and sighed to himself.

Cain and Abel ran up to the Merovingian after they were through carrying out his commands and were met with a stern stare.

"I thought I told you to chain Cujo up when there are people down here."

"What?" Cain looked puzzled.

"All of zis is your fault! You didn't chain Cujo up like I told you to do."

Abel pointed toward the Twins. "But I thought,"

"This time it's not their fault."

Both Twins looked up at the Merovingian and smiled, highly relieved that he believed them.

You'd better believe that Persephone was glad to see that the Twins were ok when the Merovingian brought them up from the dungeon. Perse ran and grabbed onto the Twins and hugged them tightly and smothered them with kisses. The Merovingian smiled at seeing the reaction. He was proud of them both, even though it was a pain to live with them at times. Deep down he was glad that he had brought them to the chateau to live instead of them going back to the Source. Someday maybe they would turn into a couple good assassins after all.

The End

Well, you all knew it was coming sooner or later. The end of 'Twin Terror'. I have to say that I hated to end it, but I thought it was best that I did. I've been writing on this Twinsfic for almost three years and I felt that I was now adding chapters to it just to keep it going. I'm about to run out of ideas for it, and I'm afraid that sooner or later the chapters will start to get old and maybe a little bit corny, and I just didn't want to see that happen. When you feel that a story needs to end, it's best that you end it before you ruin it. It's been such a fun fic and I've enjoyed writing every chapter of it and I know that it's been well loved and enjoyed by Twins fans. I want to thank each of you who have commented and reviewed it. I've enjoyed your reviews and I do hope that you will continue to enjoy this story even though it's ended! Print yourself off a copy of it and save it, cherish it, love it, share it. But dry your tears! If you want to read more about the little Twins, keep a watch for my Christmas version! I'm planning on starting it soon and publishing it hopefully in November 2005! And believe me; it's going to be just as hilarious as this one!