To be perfectly honest, I don't even know why I'm writing this. I went off Sailor Moon, I don't know how many years ago. But anyways, I was bored and watched an episode and got this idea. Don't judge the fan fiction to quickly, I promise it's worth reading.

I don't own Sailor Moon, or anything related to it. This fan fiction plot and original characters are owned by me. Thank you, now here's my Sailor Moon fiction! ^^


Serena sighed as she trudged unhappily along to school. "Stupid Luna." she muttered. "Making me come to school, stupid math test, stupid school." She grumbled to herself and turned the final corner to the school.

"Hey Serena!" called Ami, who was waiting with Lita underneath a cherry blossom tree.

Lita smiled and waved. "I'm surprised you're not running late!"

"Ha-ha." Serena grumbled.

"What's the matter with you?" asked a voice.

They all turned. "Hi Mina."

Mina grinned. "So, why are you so grumpy?"

"Math test." Lita and Serena replied.

"I quite enjoy mathematic exams." Ami said.

"That's because you're good at it." Serena sighed.

"Well come on." Lita called. "We don't want to be late."


Serena plopped down on her chair and sighed.

Ami took her seat beside her. "Oh will you relax Serena." She smiled, straightening her books, "It will be easy."

"Says you." Serena moaned.

Lita laughed from behind Ami.

Suddenly their teacher walked in. "Hello everyone."

No body replied, they knew what was coming.

"Now, I know you were looking forward to your math test today." she paused to hear everyone but Ami groan. "But, I think we will have to wait for it."

Serena sighed in relief.

"Why?" Ami asked.

"We have a new student in our class today, so we'll wait until Monday." the teacher replied.

Mina sighed. "Great, two more days to study."

"So I'll expect good marks on everyone's test, because I'm giving you extra time." She shot a look at Serena. "Right?"

"Right." everyone groaned.

The teacher continued. "Now, I'd like you all to meet Jade Blair." She motioned to the door and a girl walked in.

A tall girl with a curtain of platinum blonde waving behind her. Her skin was pale and her eyes were like sapphires. She smiled cheerily at them. "Hello."

Almost automatically, all of the boys' eyes were stuck to her.

"Hi." everyone welcomed.

Serena's eyes narrowed. 'She might be a new threat................... TO DARREN!" She crossed her arms and stared at her darkly as she walked to her seat.

As she glided beside Mina's desk, Mina said. "Thanks, you got us out of a math test."

Jade smiled again, showing her pearly white teeth.

"Stupid perfect girl." Serena hissed quietly.

Ami shot a disapproving look at Serena.


Serena was still grumbling when the four friends went to see Rei at the temple.

Rei leaned on her broom and asked. "What's wrong with you Serena?"

The blonde girl didn't reply,

Mina answered for her. "There's a new girl at our school." she said. "Serena doesn't like here because everyone says she's perfect."

"And a new threat for Darren." Serena said. "She'd better not try and steal him from me."

"From you?" Rei asked. "Excuse me Serena, but Darren doesn't have time for a meat-ball-haired girl like you. He likes girls with dignity, like me."

"YOU!" Serena shouted. "You don't deserve somebody like Darren!"

"WHAT?" Rei screamed back, clenching her fists.

Ami put herself between the steaming girls. "Please, will you two relax? We came here to visit Rei, not start a fight over Darren."

The girls crossed their arms and turned away from each other, fuming.

Lita laughed. "Oh come on."

"Serena, you have to relax." Mina said. "I'm sure Darren wouldn't- "

"Shh." Serena hissed and nodded the entrance of the temple garden.

The girl, dressed in a jean skirt and a pink blouse, walked in.

"Look at her." Serena muttered. "Her and her perfect skin, her feather hair, I hate her."

Everyone else rolled their eyes. "Oh Serena."

They pretended not to watch Jade seat herself underneath a tree and pull a book out of her purse.

"Well it's nice to know that she like to read." Ami whispered.

Serena was just getting red with anger. "I .... hate .... her."

Suddenly a bird landed beside Jade, chirping with curiosity. She smiled and slowly pulled something else from her leather purse. Bird seed! She opened the little bag and poured some away from the bird. It chirped again and went right up to it.

Serena growled. "What a Miss-Perfect!"

"She must be some sort of ex-hippie." Lita whispered.

Rei rolled her eyes. "Oh come off it, lot's of people feed birds here."

Serena just kept grumbling and hissing under her breath about how much she hated Jade.

Rei smiled. "Oh Serena. Anyways, come on." she motioned for them to follow. "We can have some tea."

Everyone followed, leaving Jade alone.


Jade's innocent eyes suddenly went coal black and looked to the girl's retreating backs. Suddenly, her ring with a moon began to glow. 'So these are the Sailor Scouts.' Jade thought. 'Well, I'll be sure to give them my calling card.' She grinned evilly and stood up.

Jade extended a hand and whispered.

* "Chaos and betrayal, death and pain.

Your power, I will now gain.

Send me blackness, malice and evil,

grant me the staff - I have duties to fulfill!" *

A small black ball appeared in her palm and, glowing red, it transformed into a long staff with a star on the top and a sharp crystal on the bottom.

A hissing laughed escaped her pale lips as a black circle appeared. The wind picked up and she began to glow. Jade emerged from the crackling light in a completely black Sailor-suit, the dress was tattered and the gloves were full of holes.

"It now begins." she laughed. Suddenly it looked like there was ink coming from her scalp, flowing down and turning all of her hair black. "Serena, you could of gained a great friend, but instead you have gained an even greater enemy!"