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Jade slunk behind the window, hidden by a shadow. Trying to catch a bit of the other's conversation.

"Well, I just don't like her!" Serena shouted. "She's just too perfect!"

Ami shrugged. "I don't know."

They watched Serena get up and walk to the bathroom, screaming "Rei this tea is cursed!!"

Rei shook her head. "She's just trying to get out of the conversation."

Mina nodded. "Well, what do you expect?"

"Nothing less." Lita said.

Ami laughed. "Yes, but I think we should give that girl a chance."

"Why?" Rei asked.

"Because, for some reason I think she's lonely. We all know what it's like to move to a new school. I just think we should, well, you know, just make her feel welcome." Ami replied.

"Well, I suppose. She kept all to herself today." Lita said.

"Well, then she's not really trying to make friends then is she?" Mina put in.

"I think she's just nervous." Ami said.

Rei looked thoughtful. "But . . . what if she will be a threat to Darren?" She clenched a fist. "We can't let her near him or us!"


Jade's eyes narrowed. "Okay, now you done it." She smiled evilly. "I was just gonna kill Serena, but I think I get rid of all of you."

Suddenly Jade crashed into the window.

"WHAT THE HELL?" all of the other's exclaimed.

"Hello." Jade cackled.

They all stared in shock, unable to move, as Jade prepared to rid the world of them.


Serena heard the crash and got up from the floor where she had be muttering to herself. "That the..." she whispered and looked out the door, and caught a glimpse of Jade.

"Holy shit!" she hissed and went back into the bathroom.

A few seconds later she emerged as Sailor Moon.

"OKAY! STOP RIGHT THERE!!" she cried.

Jade stopped twirling her staff and looked to Serena. Her eyes widened. "Sailor Moon?"


Jade released the other four girls from her invisible grip and walked up to her. "Well this is very interesting."

"It's gonna get even more!" Rei cried. "Mars power!"

"Mercury power!"

"Jupiter power!"

"Venus power!"

Jade whipped around. "Oh this is going to be fun." she said. "First Sailor Moon, I think."

Serena readied herself for Jade's attack.

Jade pointed her staff at Serena. "Obsidian star of -- "


The entire room was filled a foggy substance.

"What is this?" Jade yelled.


Jade screamed in agony.

Finally, the bubbles cleared, showing Jade on the floor, trembling. "You . . . . will . . . pay . . . for . . . that . . . .Sailor . . . Scouts . . . ." She said jerkily. She shut her eyes and stood up. Extending her arms, her palms facing out.

Everyone else went tense.

"It's time I gave you the message. Killing you right now, would just take away all the fun we'll have sooner. But, that doesn't mean I can't really show you what I"m capable of!" Jade yelled. She brought her hands up over her head, slapping them together. As she brought them down, a giant purple bubble formed, crackling with black electricity.

"This is bad!" Lita said.

Jade's pitch black eyes turned to her. "Yes, it is isn' it?" Then she released the ball, and everyone was shrouded in darkness.


When Serena woke up, she was in the hospital, luckily she had changed out of her Sailor Moon form when the attack hit her. She moaned in pain and looked to the bed beside her.

Ami lay there, still unconscious, her breathing shallow.

Serena guessed the other three girls were in another room.

As Serena slowly sat up, she saw her mother by the window. "Mom?" she said weakly.

Serena's mother ran to her bedside, her face wet with tears. "Oh Serena, I was so worried."

Serena winced. "Where's Ami's parents?"

"They were on holiday that they won, remember? But they're taking the next flight home." Serena's mom answered, holding her daughters hands. "Don't you worry, everyone else is okay too. Mina's woke up and Rei's eyes flutter a while ago. They think she might almost be out of it. Not like we're looking forward to seeing her up."

Serena was in shock. "WHY?"

Serena's mother looked at the floor sadly. "Her grandfather was killed in the explosion and the temple is destroyed."

Serena gasped. "What?!" She looked at her mother. "No, her grandpa wasn't in the temple!"

"Yes he was. He was taking nap up stairs."

Serena didn't know what to say. She knew what had caused the explosion, but she asked anyways. "What made the explosion, mom?"

"Um." Serena's mother thought for a moment. "They say it was gas."

"Oh." Serena muttered, but she said nothing more.


"That was a big mistake, you know Jade." A shadowed figure said.

The Sailor-Jade looked at the floor. "I know, Master Arkanis." She fidgeted awkwardly. "But, I got really mad."

The figure shook his head. "Don't do it again."

"I won't Master Arkanis." Jade replied. "Besides, I know who the Sailor Scouts are." She laughed. "They transformed right in front of me, and they don't know who I am. That gives me a major advantage."

The figure nodded. "Fine." he said. "But if you do something like that again, you pay the consequences."

Jade cringed. "Yes, Master Arkanis."

Once Arkanis disappeared, Jade transformed back and passed out on the thick carpet of her apartment.


Serena's mother had left to call her father once Ami woke up.

Ami was driven to tears by all of the sad news. "This is so wrong!" she cried.

Serena sighed. "Who is she?"

Ami shrugged then suddenly flinched. "Ow."

"What's wrong, Ami?"

Ami looked to Serena. "I don't know." She felt the back of her neck and turned it to Serena. "What on there, it feels like I was cut."

Serena squinted to make out the tiny swirly letters. "It says "FOR"."

Ami looked at her friend strangely. "Wait, let's see the back of yours."

Serena lifted up her hair, for hr friend to see. "Well?"

"It says "IS", Serena." Ami replied.

"Okay, the electro-bubble, put words on our necks." Serena growled. "I'm gonna sue!"

Ami shook her head. "NO, but she'll pay, whoever she is. For everything she's done."