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Finch was busy working at his desk when he overheard Nina screaming, "Oh my god this cannot be happening to me!" "What Nina, Did you break another nail?" Finch asked while laughing. "No, It's just.well I'm pregnant..." She broke off while she cried. "Oh, really whose the father?" "Well, uh I'm not sure. It's definitely not you, Finch!!!" "I know that Nina, but well I don't know what to say.." He put his arm around her.

"Finch get in here!" Jack yelled from his office. "Coming Jack." Finch said as he broke apart from Nina.

Finch entered the office to find Jack covered in glue. "Do you have any idea how this happened?" Jack asked. "Nnnoo" Finch said while he tried not to laugh. A camera flashed and a guy jumped out from behind the door. As he ran out the door he yelled, "Everyone will love this, see you suckers!!!"

Finch started to laugh really hard, "You've been pranked!" "What?!?" Jack asked. "Oh yeah, it's this new book that is being put out by the writers of Candid Camera." "Well I'm going to sue, so there is no need to worry." "Oh don't worry Jack, I won't"

Nina approached Maya while Maya was eating lunch. "Did you hear?" Nina asked. "Hear what?" Maya asked. "Oh, you know nothing, EXCEPT I'm pregnant!" "Oh well, I had no idea." "Yeah, well I might as well die now because I have no idea how I'm going to care for another child. Thank god my other child is all grown up. But I have no idea what I'm going to do." "Well there are options.." "What? Like adoption, yeah that seems like a good idea, but how would I know if my child was having an extravagant lifestyle like it always dreamed." "How would you know that?" "Well it is MY child after all." "Oh yeah never mind"

Elliot had previously agreed to go with Nina to tell her boyfriend she was pregnant. When they arrived at Nina's boyfriend's house Nina was shaking. "He said he never wants to be a dad, I have no idea what to do, or how he's going to take it." Nina said. "Well I will always help you out and make sure your baby has a father figure." Elliot said. "Oh do you know someone?" Nina asked. "I meant me." Elliot said.

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