A shy elfing

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A/n- thoughts are in / …/ and if my elvish is wrong don't blame me because I got it off some Website. And I haven't really decided on what the ages are yet but Legolas and Arwen are least 4-5 in elf years. And also in this story Thranduil was abused by his father so he has no idea about how to deal with or relate to Legolas. His wife was murdered when Legolas was around a year old so Thranduil has kinda been on his own with the exception of occasion help from Legolas's nanny who is not really in this story very much in the beginning. Why I don't know but she's just not.

Thranduil and Elrond argue about everything but don't really want to upset the children so they try to grin in bear it so if they seem to be really nice to each other keep in mind that they are just waiting for the children to leave so they can say whatever they want to each other. Translations are in .

Disclaimer- I don't own leggy, Arwen, Thranduil, Elrond or any other elves that you recognize. The ones you don't are mine.


"Legolas… Legolas where are you…this really isn't the time to play games!" called Thranduil. He had been searching for his son for about a half hour and in about ten minutes he had to go and greet lord Elrond and his young daughter Arwen. He really had wanted Legolas to be there with him because Arwen was only a few months older and according to Elrond she could be pretty outgoing once she got to know you. Thranduil hoped that maybe Arwen could help Legolas stop being so shy. Legolas had always been shy. Even around him. Many people thought that Legolas was stuck up because he never talked to anyone no matter how hard they tried to get him to say anything or how much they talked to him.

Thranduil walked down the hall toward his son's room.

"Legolas, come out please," begged Thranduil. "I've been looking for at least a good half hour and lord Elrond will be here very soon and we have go and greet him and Arwen."

"No… I'm not going!" came a muffled reply that Thranduil was pretty certain came from under the bed. And sure enough as Thranduil knelt down to look under his sons bed there was Legolas scrunched up in the far corner.

"Please son … I swear you only have to greet them and then you can go back to whatever you are doing." pleaded the hunched over king. While Legolas was busy thinking about what his father had said Thranduil reached under and tried to grab his son but he moved too fast and hit his shoulder extremely hard on the metal frame of the bed. Thranduil had to bite back many high-flown curses that came into his mind, that, most certainly wasn't meant for little ears, as he rubbed his throbbing shoulder and tried to think of something to make Legolas come out from his hiding place. While the king was thinking one of servants knocked on the door.

"Come in" said Thranduil as he stood up and smoothed out his robes. And looked at the elf who walked in the room noting that he was dressed in Imladris's colors.

"My lord, lord Elrond sent me ahead to tell you that they will be slightly late due to the fact that traveling with a child can slow you down. The group should arrive in at least twenty minutes. " Said the elf as he knelled and bowed his head in respect to Thranduil.

"Very well, will you be going back to your lord or would rather stay here and rest until he comes?" asked Thranduil as he was trying to think of some how to trick his shy and stubborn son into going out side in the time set of twenty minutes to greet lord Elrond.

"I'll ride back, my lord, just to see how they are doing" the messenger said as he bowed and walked out of the room.

/okay I've got twenty minutes to get my son out from under the bed, most likely get him dressed and his hair brushed. Oh and I also have to keep him from hiding again. This is just not my day. /

"Ada" daddy called a small voice "Are you still there?"

Thranduil smirked as he got an idea. He knew that from where he was standing Legolas couldn't see him until he got all the way out from under the bed. And he could get on the bed with out Legolas noticing and when he got far enough out Thranduil could grab him. Yes it was mean and would most likely cause Legolas to scream but Thranduil had to do something. He was getting short on both time and patience. He also thought that it just might make Legolas laugh or smile like most other elfings do when jokes or pranks are played on them.

"Ada" called Legolas as his head poked out from under his bed. Thranduil quickly and quietly got on to the bed and got ready to grab his son.

"AI" screamed Legolas as he tried to fight off his "attacker" as he/she pulled him up from the bed and covered his mouth.

"Shush. Ion-nin, ne sal' " my son, be still softly whispered Thranduil as he cradled his frightened son closer to his body " It is just me. I didn't mean to scare you like that." said Thranduil as he gently rocked back and forth humming one of Legolas's favorite songs.

"I thought you left." accused Legolas in his small voice "why did you scare me?"

"Because it was a good idea at the time. I really didn't think that it would scare you as much as it did." Thranduil said.

"Oh" was all Legolas said.

/now we're in the teeth pulling stage. Great just what I need right now/

"Come on my little greenleaf lets get you ready lord Elrond should be here soon" said Thranduil as he stood up and walked over to Legolas's dresser with Legolas's face snuggled in his shoulder. Thranduil

Quickly pulled out some clothes suitable for occasion.

"Legolas I'm going to put you down so you can change alright?" asked Thranduil as he stooped down to put Legolas on the floor.

All Legolas did in response was a small nod of his blonde head.

/why wont he talk more? /

"Itches" Legolas almost whispered as he scratched his wrist and around his neck where the formal wool shirt seemed to aggravate his son's sensitive skin the most. Thranduil walked over to the bedside table and got a small bottle that looked to be half full with a honey colored lotion.

"Here, let me see," said Thranduil as he took his sons hands into his own and rubbed the lotion on Legolas's wrists and around the base of his neck. "Feel better"

Another nod.

"Okay, lets fix that wild hair of yours. Have you been letting the birds nest in it again?" teased Thranduil as he and Legolas walked over to the bedside table to get the brush. Thranduil hoped that the joke would make Legolas laugh but all he got was a shy smile that lasted for a second.

" Okay Legolas 1..2..3" Cried Thranduil as he lifted Legolas high in the air and plopped him down on the bed with a soft thump. He actually got a real smile from his son. It only lasted for a couple of seconds but still it was a smile never or else.

Thranduil made quick work of his sons mauled and tangled hair and was happy to say that he didn't make Legolas flinch in pain, because of his hair being pulled too tight, more than 3 times. He was quite happy about that because usually hair brushing ended in tears because no matter what Thranduil did he always seemed to pull his son's baby soft hair too hard.

"All done. It is almost time for lord Elrond to arrive so lets make our way towards the front gate."

No response came from his son. Not a nod, a word, a look of displeasure, not a thing.


Thranduil looked down at his son and noticed that he looked like he had a headache or something like that, which for Legolas, was it was not unusual.

" Ion-nin what's wrong" asked Thranduil gently as he lightly squeezed his sons hand.

The only movement from Legolas was a small shrug of his shoulders. Thranduil noted that he kept his eyes locked on the front entrance.

/maybe he is nervous. Maybe I'm pushing him too hard to talk. What if I should wait till he decides to join in with other people in his own pace? /

" Greenleaf what's wrong?" Thranduil asked for a second time. "Are you nervous?"

A shake of the head was Legolas's response.

" Do you not feel well"?

" Amin kumba na naikelea" my belly is painful Legolas said softy but still did not take his eyes from the entrance. Thranduil sighed that seemed to happen often. At first he that somehow Legolas had gotten sick even though he knew that that was just about impossible. But still he took him to the one of the healers just to make sure that Legolas was fine. And of course he was just as healthy as elfings are but that didn't really help Thranduil's peace of mind every much though. When the healer suggested that Legolas might be faking it to avoid other people Thranduil believed him for a while, but right now he could tell that Legolas was most certainly was not faking. And if he was he was one good actor to have fooled his own father. Before Thranduil could respond he spotted lord Elrond and his party just coming in the entrance. As Thranduil looked over the new elves he gave a quick smile and reassuring squeeze to his son, hoping that maybe it would help some.

Thranduil felt a shy tug on his hand and looked down to see Legolas looking up at him.

" Manka na Arwen?" Asked Legolas as he turned back to the approaching group of elves.

/ He is showing at least some interest. /

Thranduil skimmed the crowd with his eyes looking for a small body of an elfing. He couldn't see one.

/ Where is she? Elrond said she would come. And that messenger said ' traveling with a child' this cant be some joke. I'll surly wring Elrond's neck if it is. /

"Ada?" asked Legolas " can you see her?"

The sound of his son's voice broke though his thoughts and he looked for Arwen again. This time searching to she if she was sitting with someone instead of by herself. Thranduil turned his eyes onto Elrond and realized that Arwen must have fallen asleep on the path because she was curled up in her father's lap.

"There she is Legolas. She's asleep in her fathers lap. Do you see her now?" asked Thranduil hopping he could keep Legolas talking just long enough to at least say something other than hello.

"Oh" was Legolas's response "I see her now. Thank you"

By Legolas's facial expression and his now subdued tone Thranduil could already tell he was losing the battle. He could say no more to Legolas for Elrond was now gently handing Arwen down to an elf Thranduil recognized as Glorfindel. Once Arwen was in his counselor's arms Elrond quickly dismounted and walked over to where Thranduil and Legolas were standing.

Thranduil felt Legolas stiffen slightly.

/not a good sign/

After exchanging the long, boring, formal welcomes Thranduil and Elrond noticed Arwen was awake and smiling brightly while she linked her small arm with her fathers larger one.

" Mae govannen king Thranduil" well met Arwen said as she bowed her head in respect.

" May I ask where Legolas is?"

Thranduil realized that his son wasn't him next to him holding his hand like he was a moment ago.

/good question/

Thranduil then felt Legolas grab the back of his robes in a death grip. And then stiffen even more if it was possible when Thranduil reached behind him and pulled his son in front of himself.

"Hello Legolas." Elrond said while looking down at Legolas with a kind, warm smile. "Your father told me a lot about you. This my daughter Arwen, you two should be about the same age."

"Hello Legolas." said Arwen

At first Legolas didn't answer.

Thranduil squeezed Legolas's hand and looked down at him and smiled. Legolas looked up at Thranduil and the expression on his face said that he wanted his father to answer for him but Thranduil didn't say a word.

/Legolas needs to stop depending on me to talk for him. /

That thought made Thranduil feel like he was the worst father world. He was reminded that he had to do everything by himself and how hard it was. He was just about to give in when he heard his son's quiet voice break though his horrible memories.

"Hello" Legolas said as he buried his head into his father's robes and didn't make another sound. Elrond thankfully took it as a sign that Legolas was done and didn't press further like some people did.

"I would think that you would like to rest and freshen up before dinner after making such a long journey." Thranduil said as he motioned for a servant to come near.

"Yes I think that is a good idea. Don't you Arwen?" Elrond said as he looked down at his daughter who was occupied by staring up a bird who had landed right above her head.

"Wha.. Oh uh yes?" Arwen said trying to recall what had been said to her.

Elrond smiled and shook his head.

"Then I will see you at the feast tonight lord Elrond. And you too Arwen." said Thranduil as he turned to the servant whom he had motioned too earlier. "Please show lord Elrond and his daughter to their rooms"