My Fake Fiancee

Chapter One: An Old Promise

Hamtaro was sleeping quite comfortably tonight. It was the middle of June and he was dreaming about the biggest secret he had ever kept, his feelings for Bijou. He knew he liked her since the day he first saw her on the branch in front of her house. He loved her cute French accent, her little blue ribbons, and her sweet smile. He frowned in his sleep when he thought of Boss. As long as Boss was around, he could never have her. But it was fun to dream. He couldn't wait until next week when Bijou was supposed to come back from visiting her family and friends with Maria in France.

**********Somewhere in a little valley in France***********

Maria placed Bijou's cage next to the one that laid next to her cousin.

" Oh Amelia, it's great to see you again, I really missed you and Josie" said Maria

" Oui, Maria, I could not believe how long it haz been" Replied Maria's cousin

"Muzzer, it iz very god to zee you again" said Bijou to her Josie

" Oh darling, it haz been zo long" Josie replied

" Have you been in touch with Amy, Laila, Jenny, and all my other friends?" ponderd Bijou

"Oui, and also, I have been in touch with Andre"

Bijou nearly choked on the sunflower seed she was eating

"Muzzer please tell me that you are still loyal to that promise, Maria broke the engagement with me and Andre the day that Carlos ripped off the head of Maria's doll. I just do not believe this, Muzzer. That Ham was cruel, mean, insensitive, and only liked me for my looks. I don't ever wish to see that.. that... Ham again" She blurted, with an outraged emphasis on the word Ham.

"Nonsense, Bijou. That engagement is still formal unless you have found another to take Andre's Place. And have you found someone?" Bijou's mother asked ending with a smirk.

"As a matter of fact, muzzer, I have. He is a sweet, brave, handsome, and such a lovable Ham." She said going into a trance of Hamtaro.

Josie's smirk had faded with these last few words

**********At a famous Cafe in Paris**********

"Wow these sites are amazing, Bijou was right, Paris is a Ham's paradise" Said Dexter with awe in his voice. Dexter was visiting Europe with his owner that summer.

"Zexter, is that you" asked a familiar voice

"Bijou? Talk about a small world huh?" said Dexter happy to see his old friend. His smile faded when he realized she was on the verge of tears. "Bijou what's wrong?"

"I'm...I'm.. engaged" She started sobbing after she said that last word.

"What, but that's impossible. You can't be.. you aren't.. are you?" Dexter asked thinking of how this could be possible.

"It was arranged when I was first born to a hamster of a friend of Maria's. I never liked that Ham, but he liked me. One day, Carlos, the Ham's owner ripped the head of Maria's favorite rag doll, and she ripped up the piece of paper that declared that I have to marry Andre" she said still sobbing. "It iz the kind of marriage that will only be broken if someone will marry me, and take Andre's place. If not, then I will marry Andre in four weeks time on my birthday. And then I will stay at France and live with Andre and never see you or the rest of the Hams again" She was going hysterical now.

"I have to get the Hams to help you" vowed Dexter. He quickly ran through the crack in the wall and onto the busy streets of Paris. He knew his owner would return any minute to the hotel, and they would be leaving Paris tomorrow and finally be going home. He only had four weeks to help her. He suddenly stopped when he thought of what he was going to say to Boss "I have time to worry about that later" thought Dexter

**********Two days later back in Japan"**********

Dexter ran through the doors of the eye glass store as soon as he had the chance and ran straight for the Clubhouse . When he got there, ran on top of the table straight to where Boss was.

"Boss, Bijou's engaged"