Please, everybody, listen to me this one last time:

I know what you're all gonna say, that I'm a stubborn little jealous freak, but just take this time to listen.


That word probably means nothing to any of you, but it means a whole reputation for me. "My Fake Fiancée" was my coming-out fic. It was my original. I devoted all my time to that one story.

And there was something special about that story…

I actually thought of Ham-Humans before anyone else. I figured out that if the Hams were ever to become human, then they would keep some of their hamster attributes, like the ears and the tails for the boys.

But now…

Some of you are taking away my trademark. It started when one writer first took that idea, but she had enough respect to change them back, and I honestly thank her for that. You know who you are. You actually gained a lot of respect from me just by making that one move. So, officially, thank you.

But others…

Some people take that idea, even quote directly from my story, and tell me to "back off" and that I have no right telling them what to do. Imagine how that makes me feel. It's like making a mouse named Michael who wears red suspenders with yellow buttons, and calling the idea your own.

So now, let me take this opportunity to officially tell you that I quit. I quit Hamtaro! I give up! It's not fair for me to see Ham-Humans progress so well in fics that aren't mine, but are so similar they might as well be mine. I am retiring from this anime show, and I have no intentions to come back. The "My Fake Fiancée" trilogy will not be posted, and neither will the sequel to "Paper Roses" that was going to be my Christmas gift to all of you readers.

For this you can thank anybody who has Ham-Humans in their stories. You may all think that I'm being a bit too overprotective over something I have no license for, but you could only truly understand if you were here, in my shoes, writing this last comment.

To all of you "respected" authors who are using what I first came up with, give yourselves a pat on the back! You got rid of me! I can't deal with this anymore! At the moment I'm honestly crying, because I was driven away with frustration from a category that I loved to write for. You authors disgust me. I think so low of every one of you.

For all of those who stuck by my side, thanks. After reading this, you might hate me, respect me more, or whatever…I won't be back in this category. I have an extremely difficult academy to attend, friends to hangout with, and my Yu-Gi-Oh fics have been severely neglected.

You'll all think that I'm over-touchy, but this is how I honestly feel. When I saw the Ham-Humans appear in two new stories over the course of the same week, well, to quote a great author…

"It did hurt; now the scar will never disappear…"