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Silent Soul of the Sun: ::dramatic whisper:: No.

Maiden of the Moon: ::nods wisely::

Author's Note: Who here likes musicals?!

::cricket chirping::


Silent Soul of the Sun: ::laughs::

Maiden of the Moon: -_- You're not helping us any, Sango-chan.


Silent Soul of the Sun: Well, it's mine too.

Sango: . . .

Silent Soul of the Sun: ^_^~

Anyway, moving right along, this is me and my friend Sango-chan's first story together, and being such big fans of music, we've decided to make it a musical! Fun huh?

Silent Soul of the Sun: I'm not very good at these things. . . No help at all. . .

Maiden of the Moon: It's okay, only one of us can type on my lap top. . . and seeing how it's MINE. . . ^_~

Silent Soul of the Sun: Because you type faster then me since you spend your whole life just typing, typing, ty-

Maiden of the Moon: ::covers her friend's mouth:: ^_^;; Let's just start this fic, shall we?

Silent Soul of the Sun: ::rips her friend's hand away:: Fine, be that way. . . ::grabs a bag of chips::

Maiden of the Moon: ^_^ Well, please enjoy!

(Note: Before we use each song, we'll tell you the name of the original song, and whether or not we changed the lyrics- which we did do to some songs)



It comes from the dark, mysterious depths of man's mind.

Creeping slowly through the generations it has-


Like a deadly disease, it takes over everyone and everything in its path.

It consumes you.

What is this frightening entity?

. . .


Yes, music.

It takes over your mind, body, and soul!

It breaks your defenses, bends your will!

It makes you burst out in random song!

And this, all of this, is something our characters are about to experience first hand.





Maiden of the Moon and Silent Soul of the Sun: ::laughing evilly::

Maiden of the Moon: Okay! So please continue to read! ^_^

Silent Soul of the Sun: Please nothin'. Keep reading or else!

Maiden of the Moon: -_- What a way to lose reviewers. . .

Silent Soul of the Sun: ^_^

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