Okay, after one failed attempt at a YuGiOh fic, (which I've given up on. Sorry to those who were reading it! It was just, stupid.) I've decided to try again. Yes it's another humor fic, but I'll try to give it a plot. Also, with school starting on Sept. second updates will be slow. (I have to go to my dad's office to use the computer. I'm hoping to get one at home soon.) I think that's all. I'm also considering changing my name.

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The Wish

The ancient Egyptian tomb robber sat on a couch in a small Japanese apartment in the middle of Domino City, completely wasted. "Hikari, can you bring me another beer?"

Said Hikari poked his head out of the kitchen, a frown on his face. "Yami, I'm going to be late! Can't you get it yourself?"


"Honestly, I feel like I'm always having to take care of you! Sometimes I wish you could take care of me for a change!"

Unbeknownst to the feudal duo, A bolt of lightning appeared from the sky, illuminating the apartment for a second and then disappearing. As though it was never there.


Around half way through Algebra Ryou began to feel very dizzy. It passed quickly however, and he shook it off. Must just be hungry….

A second dizzy spell overtook him on the way home. Luckily for him the apartment was close by and he managed to get inside before collapsing on his bed, out cold.


Saturday morning came early to Bakura who was awoken by his hangover. "Oh Ra, my head…" This was when he noticed the large chocolate eyes staring into his. "AUUGHH!" The eyes blinked then quickly backed away to reveal a very small Ryou with very large eyes.

"Good morning sleepyhead!" He smiled sweetly before jumping on Bakura again. "What are we going to do today?"

Bakura didn't answer, still trying to gather his thoughts despite his pounding headache. "Wha-"

He was interrupted by a loud pounding on the door, and screaming that sounded suspiciously like a certain 5000 year old Pharaoh. "TOMB ROBBER! WHAT DID YOU DO!"

Despite his better judgment the tomb robber opened the door to reveal a very pissed off Yami holding a very small Yugi with very large eyes.


My first chapters are always incredibly short. I'll try to make the next one considerably longer but this just seemed like a good place to leave off.

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