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With a stretch and a sigh, Daidouji Tomoyo walked down one of many hallways crisscrossing the inside her mansion home, heading towards the front door. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, too beautiful of a day to spend sitting inside at home. She had plans! Going out with Sakura, Li, and Hiiragiziwa was definitely a more appealing prospect.

A few of the household workers waved, smiled, or nodded to her as she passed, and she returned the greetings with a soft smile. She had known many of them for her whole life, and they were like family to her. If even one of them left, things would feel so different.

As she left the house, she looked around. It was so lovely, and huge by almost any standards. It was the home of a princess, and although Tomoyo had every right to think of herself as a princess, she didn't. She was sixteen years old, and still as down to earth as she had been when she was ten. Well, she was down to earth, except for when it came to recording Sakura's exploits onto video, of course.

She really did lead something of a charmed life—she was the daughter of one of the wealthiest women around, she had wonderful friends at school, and she had the chance to go on the kind of adventures one would expect to see only in the movies. But that was just par for the course when one was best friends with the Master (or rather, Mistress) of the Cards, a hot-headed Chinese sorcerer who just couldn't make his tongue cooperate when it came to vocalizing his feelings, and the reincarnation of one of the greatest magicians who had every lived, the very person who had made the cards in the first place.

It was amazing to think that the escapades with the Cards had been all of six years ago. Now, after all this time, things really hadn't changed that much. Sakura and Syaoran were practically joined at the hip, but Sakura was almost always able to tear herself away from her beloved boyfriend to spend time with her longtime best friend.

Eriol. He had come back to Tomoeda when they were fourteen, with Spinel and Nakuru, aka Ruby Moon, in tow. He hadn't changed very much, physically or personality-wise. He was still mysterious, still wise far beyond his years, still smiled with that knowing little smirk of his, but age had taken its toll, and he had gone from a cute child of ten to a very handsome sixteen year old. This fact was not lost at all on Tomoyo, who had one day woken up and discovered that boys were actually very interesting things. For some reason, she found Hiiragiziwa to be even more interesting than any other guy.

And for some reason, she would sometimes catch him watching her, much as he tried to hide it. And she had realized that those little, covert glances were very desirable things to collect. They hadn't really talked about it, but she was expecting them to have a little chat any day now.

Tomoyo often wondered how it was that she could possibly have come to be so lucky in life and now (possibly and hopefully) in love. But she was thankful, she thought, as she paused at the corner across the street from the park. She was thankful for everything she had been so blessed to receive in her life.


Across the street was Sakura, waving, with that huge smile of hers taking up most of her face, and green eyes dancing with that unwaivering happiness she always possessed. Behind her, Eriol raised a hand in a slightly smaller wave of greeting, and Li merely lifted his chin in his usual manner.

Tomoyo paused at the curb by the corner and glanced up and down the street before darting out into the road, one hand clutching her purse (which contained her favorite video camera, suitable for recording Sakura's ultra kawaii behavior), the other hand in the air, waving in return.

Suddenly, everything around Tomoyo went silent. She could no longer hear cars driving nearby, birds chirping, a dog in a nearby front yard, children at the ice cream truck down the sidewalk, or Sakura calling to her. It all went completely silent, and the world before her eyes seemed to go in slow motion around her. She couldn't feel anything, either. The pavement beneath her feet might as well have vanished, and the breeze continued to dance through her hair, but she didn't feel it at all. The color vanished as well—the world had gone to black, white, and shades of gray. It was the single most disconcerting thing she had ever experienced in her life—quite a feat, considering that she had spent quite a lot of time chasing cards and recording onto video all sorts of magic.

She didn't have time to ponder what it meant.

Because in the next instant, she heard the sound of squealing brakes.

And in the second after that, she saw colors again.


She felt something, too.

A momentary rush as she was airborne, then the hard, cold, unyielding pavement.

And pain. Pain unlike anything she had ever felt before in her life.

Red, which faded to brown.

She heard one more thing. Screams.

Sakura screaming. Eriol screaming. Even Li screaming. Her friends were screaming at her, screaming her name, but she couldn't respond. She need desperately to respond, to let them know she was all right. She needed to tell them that there was nothing to worry about. But she couldn't.

She couldn't breathe at all. It hurt…it hurt so much. Why did it hurt so much? What had happened? What was going on? Even in all her intelligence, she couldn't quite comprehend it.

And finally, brown faded to black.

The treasured video camera, which had recorded so many parties, moments, and most of the exploits and adventures of the Card capturing team, shattered against the concrete.

And Daidouji Tomoyo knew no more of her friends or the street. She fell into the soft, warm, comfortable blackness, into a place where nothing existed anymore. And the pain was gone.

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