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Chapter Twelve—Guardians

It was gray, but not raining. Small beams of sunlight managed to work their way through the thick coating of clouds, casting tiny bright spots on the ground, but that was all. It seemed like the weather had been exceptionally gray as of late. It was depressing.

And in the midst of this utter grayness, someone knocked on the front door of the Kinomoto house. Since no one else was home, Sakura walked down the stairs from her room and answered the door.

"Konnichiwa, Sakura-chan," Yukito said as cheerfully as he dared. She was still a mess—anyone could see that. Especially someone who had known her as long as he had.

"Konnichiwa," she murmured back, stepping aside so he could come inside. "Onii-chan's not here right now, but he'll be back soon. You can wait, if you want."

Yukito nodded slowly. He hesitated for a second, then started to speak again. "Sakura-chan—"

But she was already halfway up the stairs, and she didn't stop or turn around. He knew she heard him. She was too close to not hear him. But she ignored him—something she never, ever did.

"Things aren't getting any better," a small voice said from his left.

He turned. "Kero-chan."

The small plushie-like Guardian fluttered up to Yukito's eye level. "I need to talk to Yue."

A nod. "I understand. I'll change."

Yukito's eyes fell closed; two snowy white wings spread from behind him and closed around him; the magic circle of Clow Reed flared on the ground around him. A silver-white light eminated around the cocoon of feathers, and a moment later, the wings reopened, revealing not Tsukishiro Yukito, but a somber pillar of silver: Yue, the Moon Guardian.

Kero followed suit. He was enveloped in golden feathers, and transformed into the full form of Kerberos, the Guardian Beast of the Seal. "She's been like that since Tomoyo died," he said softly.

"I know," Yue replied; he seemed to be even more somber than usual. "Yukito's been keeping an eye on her. He's worried." He paused, before saying, a little more quietly, "And so am I."

Kerberos' golden eyes widened a tiny bit at this admission from his usually detached elder sibling. Yue rarely admitted concern over much of anything, no matter how important it may be.


Yue twisted the knob and carefully pushed the door opened; it moved soundlessly on its hinges. He peeked in through the crack between the door and the wall.

From that vantage point he could see his young Mistress sprawled out on her back on top of her bed. She hadn't even bothered to crawl under the covers, and she was still wearing her jeans and pink shirt. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing was deep and even, if a bit ragged. All the signs said that she had fallen asleep. And the slight hiccuping quality of her breathing was probably a result of crying again.

"She's been sleeping a lot," Kerberos said behind him. "And when she's not sleeping, she's crying, or just walking around in a daze. Not even the Li kid can pull her out of this." A pause. "Actually, he's not doing much better." Yue nodded slowly, not taking his eyes from Sakura.

It had been years since the Final Judgment, when he had proclaimed this girl's ten year old self as the new Master of the Clow, and almost as long since they had discovered the reincarnation of Clow Reed. He had watched her through the eyes of his false form, watching her grow up and change, becoming more powerful and more confident. And over time, his acceptance of her had become more than just a matter of her defeating him in the Final Judgment. He had actually grown to love his new Mistress.

"Nothing's working," the Sun Guardian still continued his commentary, while Yue continued to study Sakura's pale, sleeping face. "She hasn't smiled in ages. And for Sakura, that's a big deal." He stopped then, and looked up at his older brother. "Do you have any ideas?"

Yue pulled back and for the first time since they had been standing outside Sakura's bedroom door, he looked down at his feline counterpart. "I'd say give it time, but it sounds like you've already done that. So I really don't know." His gaze shifted back towards the door. "The human heart is overly complex. There's no way to read it."

For the second time, Kerberos looked startled. First the admission of concern for the well-being of their Mistress, and then such deep insights into the multiple layers of the human psyche. But he shook it off and simply said, "Wait a little longer, than?"

"That's all we can really do," Yue sighed. He knew it was the truth. There really wasn't much they could do. But it didn't ease the feeling of helplessness one iota.


The door cracked open a tiny bit, and two pairs of eyes peered in: one set of eyes was brown-red, and the other was green and more cat-like. They were both fixated on the figure in the room; said figure was seated in a large red chair beside a fireplace. There was a book in the person's lap, open, but the person's eyes were focused straight ahead, at some item visible only to that person's eyes.

"He hasn't moved in almost twenty minutes," Nakuru said softly, not moving her eyes away from her creator, master, and friend. "And he's still not eating like he should."

"He won't let anything go," Spinel added. "He's heartbroken."

Suddenly, Nakuru moved away from the door, and gestured for her feline counterpart to follow. The small Guardian shot one last look at the figure in the library before obliging. He followed her into another room. She shut the door behind him.

Without a word, Nakuru's eyes fell closed. Magic swirled around her, and black ribbons engulfed her, like a cocoon. After a few seconds, the ribbons vanished, and in the place of the brown-haired, brown-eyed young woman was the cherry-haired, ruby-eyed Moon Guardian.

Spinel followed suit, transforming from a small black plushie-like creature into a sleek black panther with blue butterfly wings sprouting from his back.

"I don't know what to do with him anymore," Ruby Moon sighed, running one gloved hand through her long pink hair. "Nothing I say or do gets through to him, and if I try to talk to him or push him a little bit, he gets angry. I mean, furious. Like he's on the very verge of losing his temper." She sighed unhappily and leaned against the wall. "He's never gotten that angry with me before."

Normally, Spinel would have leapt on that and make a wisecrack, certain to enrage his overly energetic counterpart, but considering the circumstances, no insult even made it through his mind. Instead, he nodded. "He doesn't pay attention anymore. I've been watching him almost constantly, and he didn't even notice I'm there. But his nerves are shot. He's not letting himself grieve, and it's just eating him up. He's bleeding inside, and if something isn't done, it's quite possible that he could just bleed to death."

Ruby nodded grimly; her eyes were bright with tears. That in itself was proof of how bad she felt the situation really was. Ruby Moon or Akizuki Nakuru, it didn't matter which form she was in. She never cried. Yet one solitary tear made its way down her face, leaving a damp trail in its wake.

"I can't just force-feed him," she said softly. Her voice was surprisingly steady for someone as close to tears as she was. "And he barely says two words to me anymore."

"He wakes up at night," Spinel said softly. "I watch. He says her name in his sleep, and then wakes up in a panick. If I make an educated guess, I'd say he's reliving the day Tomoyo-san died. He saw the accident, and he sat there and watched her die."

Ruby tapped thoughtfully at her chin with one finger. The tears still welled in her eyes, but no more had yet managed to escape. "He had feelings for Tomoyo-chan. That doesn't help."

"So grieving, broken-hearted, and locking every damn thing up inside," Spinel half yelled. "What are we supposed to do if he won't let us help?"

His counterpart didn't answer. She lost her self control, and started to cry. And the conversation pretty much ended there. After all, how could one heal a broken heart?

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