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Touya pushed the door open and let his sister walk in before he did. She didn't even notice the gesture; her eyes were focused on the ground. She hadn't said a single word since they had left the hospital, a remarkable feat for Sakura. She hadn't looked at anyone, either. And she hadn't smiled.

Fujitaka and Yukito filed in behind the girl, both watching her intently. But she didn't seem to notice that they were there either. For all the attention she paid to it, the rest of the world might as well not have even existed.

It was dinnertime, and according to the schedule, it was Sakura's turn to cook. But Touya just couldn't find it in himself to remind her of the fact. Truthfully, he himself wasn't even hungry.

"I'll be in my room, okay?" Sakura said softly. They were the first words she had spoken since the doctor had confirmed that Tomoyo was gone. It was positively unnerving for her to be that quiet. Part of Touya wished that she would start screaming and crying or something.

But she didn't. She simply walked up the stairs towards her bedroom, taking slow, dragging footsteps. Not once did she take her eyes from the floor. A few seconds after she disappeared from sight, the sound of a door closing echoed down the hall.

The three adults still downstairs looked forlornly at the spot where she had last been visible. But there was nothing they could really do.


Kero flew into the air as the door opened and Sakura walked into the room. "Hey, kiddo!"

She looked at the small magical creature for a long moment, then turned away and flopped onto her bed without bothering to reply. She buried her face in her arms.

"Eh?" Kero muttered, landing on the bed beside her. He patted the back of her head. "Hey, is something wrong? You sick or something?"

There was whisper in response, muffled by her arms, and so soft that he could barely hear it. "Tomoyo-chan is dead. She's dead."

"NANI?!?" Kero jumped up into the air. Then he hovered and regarded her with a doubtful look. "This is a joke, right? I mean, you're joking? Haha, Sakura, funny."

She lifted her head, and Kero's jaw dropped. Her eyes were tear-filled, and small streams were running down her face. A damp spot had already formed on the comforter. "Iie, Kero-chan. She's—gone…" Sakura finally lost her composure, and buried her face in the comforter again, sobbing as though her heart was broken.

The little guardian beast floated a few inches above the bed, staring at the sobbing form of his mistress. To say that Kero was shocked would be a drastic understatement. He landed carefully by Sakura's head and continued to watch her cry, unsure of what to do. Finally, he managed a few words. "Tomoyo…is…dead?"

Sakura nodded, but did not speak.

Then she heard a sound she did not recognize. It almost sounded like someone hiccuping. She lifted her head and looked at her Sun Guardian. Her tear-filled eyes widened in amazement.

Kero was crying. Tears were falling from the dark eyes and tumbling down the small face, soaking into his fur. He had both paws pressed to his eyes, as though trying to hold the tears in, though the act was in vain. "No way…"

Sakura swept the little creature up into a hug. "I know…I know…"

And they cried together. It was strange, though. The old adage said that pain shared was pain halved. But neither of them felt any better, even though they had someone to mourn with.

It still hurt. It still hurt too much to bear.


The moon was high in the sky. A full moon. Yue's symbol, Sakura thought absently.

Kero was sleeping on her pillow. Her father and brother had gone to bed as well. And that was fine with her. She just needed to be alone with her thoughts for a while. The night was a very good listener.

She closed her eyes and remembered. That instant was forever branded into her memory, no matter how much she desperately wished she could forget it. But right now she made herself think about it. She forced herself to relive that horrible moment again and again within her own mind.

The screeching brakes. Tomoyo being hit. Tomoyo flying through the air. Tomoyo hitting the pavement. Not moving. Blood everywhere. Screaming. Crying…

Tears slid down her face again, though there were no sounds to accompany them. None of the gut-wrenching sobs she had displayed earlier. And she was grateful for that. She didn't want her family to wake up right now. They would be concerned, she knew, and would probably try to get her to talk about it. She didn't want to talk about it, though. She only wanted to think about it.

It was painful, like rubbing salt in an open wound. Yet she made herself go through it again and again. The pain felt strangely good; it was almost masochistic. It was a drug addiction, like feeding a drunk the liquor he shouldn't have. And she couldn't stop.

More tears fell, and she felt the first sob rising in her throat, but she shoved it back down firmly, not allowing it to burst forth and alert anyone to her current state.

It was so hard to believe.

She and Tomoyo had been best friends since the third grade, when they had been seated next to each other in class. Since then, they had been almost inseperable through elementary school, middle school, and into high school. Where many friendships had broken up during the troubled time of adolescence, theirs had actually grown closer and deeper. They were sisters in everything but blood. They knew each other inside and out, knew each other's deepest, darkest secrets, and accepted it all. It was the kind of friendship some people only dreamed about.

The Clow Cards. Sakura almost smiled at those memories. Way back in elementary school, during her days as Cardcaptor Sakura. Tomoyo had found out the day after her first capture. She had captured Sakura's first flight on camera; Sakura had panicked, and Kero had leapt to her aid—right in the middle of their classroom.

That had been the moment when the Cardcaptor team had been born. Later, it had grown to include Syaoran and Meilin as well. Sakura was the Cardcaptor, Li was the know-how, Kero was the advice, Meilin was the noise, and Tomoyo was the videographer, costume designer, despenser of advice, and occasional crying shoulder.

She had once confided that she sometimes felt like a 'groupie,' but that she wouldn't let that stop her from documenting every single moment of Sakura's bravery that she could. Sakura had laughed and made some comment to the effect that Tomoyo would always be there to record, no matter what.

Excpet that wasn't true. Tomoyo wasn't here to record anymore. The videocamera, Tomoyo's signature of sorts, had been found in the bag she'd been carrying. But it was all but shattered from the impact. Broken. Just like Tomoyo.

Just like Sakura.

And the moon continued to shine, showering the sleeping city of Tomoeda with its soft light.


Tomoyo ran an angry hand through her hair and fought back tears of her own.

Maya had absented herself, and it was probably a good thing that she had. If she hadn't, there was no telling what Tomoyo would have done if there had been someone to take her feelings out on. For all she knew, she might have tried to punch the angel—she knew for sure that that's what Maya was.

But alone, she merely clenched her fists so hard that her nails dug into her fists and closed her eyes against the sight of her perpetually cheerful best friend crying silently, alone in her room, with only the moonlight for company.


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