Glass Tears of the Chosen

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A glass shattered against the far wall, spreading shards and warm brandy across the floor, surrounding a shivering young girl who pressed against the wall as if her life depended on it. A woman stood trembling in front of her, before she raked her hand through sandy-brown hair that brushed bony shoulders. Fiery blue eyes glanced at the trembling girl sitting in the center of the mess of glass shards and drink and she hissed softly.

"Look at what you've done! I want this mess cleaned up before I take action, and you won't like what will be coming to you!" she screamed, eyes bulging.

The little girl gave an abrupt nod, still not moving. The woman smirked, slowly coming closer to the shivering six-year-old. Glass cut into bare feet and bled onto the soft whites of the carpet, but she seemed not to have noticed as her hands tangled into the auburn brown locks of hair of the young girl against the wall.

"I expect this to be done before I return, and if I catch one speck of anything out of place, you will regret it dearly, understand?"

The little girl gave a painful nod and the woman released her, walking away. A few minutes later, the woman's feet bandaged, she returned and pulled on her coat. Walking to the door, she suddenly paused and her drunken gaze went back to the wide-eyed girl. She smirked rather nastily and shook her head.

"Remember, my dear Téa, I brought you into this world...I could just as easily remove you from it." With that, the woman left and slammed the door behind her, rattling the glass panes.

Silence reigned through the house, only to be sliced by the sharp sounds of the girl's sobs as she began to clean up the mess her mother had made again.


Téa walked in front of her full-length mirror, staring at her thirteen year- old body with something akin to horror. Colorful bruises ruined the pale flesh of her entire body, from her neck downwards. If one looked carefully, there were thin pale scars decorating her upper and lower arms as well as her upper legs from the many shards of glass broken by her mother. Tears managed to gloss her eyes, but she refused to allow them passage down her cheeks.

She hesitantly traced the bruises on her bare stomach, flinching at her own touch as they ignited a fiery pain. Dressing carefully for school, she wore baggy blue jeans worn through the cloth at the knees and a very loose turtle neck. She let her long auburn hair, grown to her waist; fall free today as she slipped something into her pocket and quietly left her room. Passing her mother's room, she heard the soft snores as evidence of the woman's sleep, and released a sigh of utmost relief.

It was bad enough having confrontations with her mother in the evening, but during the day as well? Surely Téa would not survive past morning if that was so. Scooping up her backpack, she tiptoed into the kitchen and just packed herself some saltine crackers and left her house. The junior high she belonged too loomed ahead and she dreaded entering its starch white halls with its judging children and uncaring teachers.

Fear twisted her stomach into tight knots as panic began to clench tightly around her fluttering heart. School had always been a nightmare for her, the young teens she went to school with whispered about her baggy clothing and her shy personality. How she seemed to jump at shadows and the simplest of touches. The teachers had long since left her alone, her quiet smarts having impressed them to the point where they thought she was nothing more than a silent genius type.

Téa's hands trembled as she spun in her locker combination, opening it with a small sigh of relief. She pulled free her books for her first four periods and closed the locker door, walking quickly to her homeroom. She never liked the hall confrontations, too many people and too many voices. As always, Téa was the first into her homeroom. Her teacher, Mr. Evans, greeted her warmly and only received a quiet nod in return. The seat she usually sat in was towards the back, beside the large windows that took up the entire left wall.

More students began to fill the halls as the buses soon arrived and emptied its shares of hyper-active kids. Cerulean blue eyes watched as the students in her homeroom began to file in, putting their things down before skirting into the halls once again to talk with their friends before homeroom bells rang. She felt a twinge of pain coming from a few of her bruises, but ignored it and continued watching people walk by the homeroom doorway. The five-minute belltone sounded, jolting her from her light doze.

Releasing a breath, she looked up as Mr. Evans greeted some of his students that came in early. Four minutes passed before the one-minute, or warning bell, belltone beeped and his more daring students rushed past him just as the final late belltone sounded. The male teacher smiled, shaking his head, as he walked back to his desk and began to take role. Then, he allowed them free reign over homeroom to do as they wished as long as they talked quietly.

Téa pulled out the thing she had slipped into her pocket before she had left her house, her duel monsters deck. Her love for the game never showed, but she had collected cards since she was secretly sent her first duel monsters starter deck from her father, who had lived in America before he died. She had carefully hidden all evidence of her love of duel monsters from her mother, taking great pains to keep all her cards hidden in various places among her room. Shuffling through her deck, she came to rest on her favorite card, the Dark Magician Girl.

This card, more than once, gave her the strength to keep living. She had a secret no one knew of, and if she told someone, they would probably think her insane. Her cards were alive, more than once she had been held in the ghostly arms of her Dark Magician Girl. Perhaps it had been a dream, Téa could never tell anymore what was dream and what reality was, but she believed her cards real. Another shrill belltone knocked her from her reverie as homeroom ended and first period began.


A forty-five minute recess was a welcomed period of time for Téa as she migrated over to the far side of the school yard and sat down against the wall that enclosed around the school. She removed her deck and shuffled through her cards, finding her Dark Magician Girl and removing it from her other cards. She gazed at the card lying between her thumb and index finger, wishing that she could bring her card to life again.

Then the card did something that surprised her. Dark Magician Girl winked at Téa, before going still once again. A small smile tugged at Téa's lips as she hummed softly in approval. A shadow fell over her, actually...three shadows fell over her and she felt her heart sinking as she slowly raised her blue-eyed gaze up to meet the three people now hovering over her. She was surprised to see the three most unlikely people looking back at her.

Tristen Taylor was taller than most of the boys in their grade with cool brownish hair that spiked sharply in the front and was slicked back from his ears on the sides. His hands were jammed into the pockets of his blue uniform. Joey Wheeler was a street punk that loved picking fights and had a bad boy attitude. Locks of dark blonde hair fell into his dangerously narrowed eyes as his hands, like Tristen's, were jammed into his uniform pockets.

Yet, those two were not the ones who caught most of her attentions. It was the young boy that stood in front of them with a soft, babyish face and gentle plum colored eyes. Black hair spiked in the back, outlined with a deep red, as soft gold bangs fell into his kind eyes. Yuugi Mouuto was short for his age of thirteen, but he had the mind of a brilliant duelist and a heart of gold. He leaned forward a bit, resting his hands on his knees so he was about eye-level with her.

"You're Téa Gardner, right?" His voice was soft, filled with compassion.

Téa could only nod, her voice stuck somewhere in her throat. Yuugi took sympathy on the poor girl, giving her a kind smile. He had heard the rumors about her, the quiet whispers of the girls as he walked past them. Many said this girl before him was always high on some type of drug, others said she had began the career of a whore. Yuugi believed none of these dirty rumors, but he knew Joey and Tristen believed at least the former rumor.

"I saw you were into duel grandfather runs a duel monsters shop. I'd be glad if you stopped by sometime to buy a pack of cards from us."

Téa blushed slightly, the faint red standing out upon her pale cheeks. She nodded and lowered her gaze back down to her deck, silently wishing the ground would just swallow her up. Yuugi then cleared his throat and stood straight, saying a soft good-bye to Téa and leaving her alone. Joey and Tristen followed behind him and once they were a fair distance away from the brown-haired girl, they stopped Yuugi.

"Yuug, jus' what are ya tryin' ta do?" Joey asked him, shaking his head.

Yuugi blinked. "I want to be her friend you guys. I don't think it's fair that she's alone."

"I don't think you should have any business with her Yuugi," Tristen muttered, glancing over his shoulder at Téa, "she's creepy!"

Yuugi chuckled softly. "No she's not. I think she's just shy. Give her a chance you two...I'm sure if you're nice to her you'll see just how kind she is."

Both gave him highly doubtful looks.


It had begun to rain outside before the last school bell would sound for the day. Téa sat beside the window in her last class, watching the dark clouds above as they spilled showers of rain upon the city of Domino. She sighed, imagining the time she was going to have walking home in the heavy downpour. Dismissed by their teacher instead of the bell, the class filed out into the halls and went to their lockers.

Téa released a breath as she traded her books for those she would need for her homework and slung her backpack over her right shoulder, brushing a lock of her waist-length auburn hair away from her face. Hesitantly she stood on the school steps, debating on whether to run home or walk when she took a deep breath and stepped into the rain. Ice cold droplets pattered against her as she walked away from her school, soaking her in a matter of moments.

Her hand dipped into her left pocket, feeling her deck there and she felt a tug somewhere in her body and felt another presence walking beside her. When she turned her head to her right, there stood a transparent Dark Magician Girl. She giggled quietly and winked at Téa, walking beside her silently as they made their way together to Téa's home. The silver jeep her mother drove in was not in the driveway, much to Téa's relief. At least she would have a couple of hours peace before the terror of the night drew upon her.

Shivering, she closed the door quietly behind her and then smiled gratefully up at the Dark Magician Girl when she felt her drape a blanket across her shoulders. Walking upstairs, Téa entered her room and changed out of her wet clothes and with care set her beloved deck on her desk. Dark Magician Girl sat on the edge of Téa's bed, watching her closely for any signs of a cold or pain from her abused form. Her pale green eyes narrowed as she noticed the fresh bruises decorating her Mistress's pale body.

"Did you receive those last night?" her voice was quiet with a slightly girlish lilt to it.

Téa blinked and glanced back at her, before looking down at the ugly colors that marred her skin, before nodding slowly, shrugging as if it was no big deal only to wince in pain as the bruises on her back were jarred roughly. She quickly pulled on baggy clothing over her body and sat beside her favorite duel monster, taking out her homework.

"I am worried about you..." Dark Magician Girl whispered.

Téa looked up from her math homework and shook her head. "I'm thirteen Dark Magician Girl...I can handle this now."

"No, you are far from understanding the danger you are in Mistress."

Téa blinked once again. "What do you mean by that?"

Dark Magician Girl shook her head, adverting her green gaze. "I meant nothing by it Mistress."

Téa nodded, allowing the subject to drop for the moment as she resumed her homework. The phone ringing some time later snapped her from her science homework and she reached over to her desk and grabbed her phone, bringing it up to her ear.


There was a slight pause; before Yuugi's small voice came from the other side. "Hello, is Miss Téa there?"

She smiled slightly. "Speaking, hi Yuugi..."

"Oh, uh...hi Miss Téa. I wanted to ask if you wanted to watch a duel with me and my friends here at the game shop."

She smiled sadly at the blunt hope in his voice, but she knew the consequences of disobeying her mother. "I'm sorry Yuugi, I can't."

"Oh..." he sounded disappointed.

Her heart clenched tightly in regret, and she bowed her head. "Maybe some other time..."

"All right...I'll see you tomorrow then." He hung up.

Téa sighed and hung up her phone as well, releasing a groan and plopping back on her bed. Dark Magician Girl watched her, before her eyes slid to the phone her Mistress had just been using. Earlier she had recognized a familiar energy leaking from the boy's right pocket of his school uniform pants. His deck was in his pocket as well, but that's not what intrigued her. What intrigued her was the familiar energy felt similar to her lover's power, the Dark Magician, only stronger.

A small smile touched her colorless lips. If that boy indeed held the Dark Magician as she thought, then already he would be able to stand by her Mistress in utmost loyalty, just as the Dark Magician stood loyally by her.

She then looked back at her Mistress who was smacking herself in the head with a pillow numerous times and her eyes sparkled with a mischievous light as a mental image of her Mistress dressed in a princess costume and the little Mouuto boy dressed as a knight helping her fight her greatest foe flittered through her mind. A thought then entered into her mind that drove all happiness and sparkle from her, like a flame instantly snuffed out.

Téa's mother, tainted by hatred and rage, was already her greatest foe and yet her Mistress had not seen half of what her mother could do to her when aided by the filthy darkness in her corrupted heart...


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