Glass Tears of the Chosen

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My perfect ballerina…

That's what her mother used to call her. When her father died, her mother enrolled her in dancing lessons to fill the void growing deep within her heart. She loved it, and at every performance she managed to snag the lead roles. Her mother always sat in the front row, holding a video camera. Before the abuse…before the alcohol, Lisa had been a happy woman trying to make the best of life for her daughter after her husband's death. But as her eyes grew bloodshot, and her breath reeked of whiskey and scotch, her appearances numbered fewer. Until the center seat in the first row remained empty. And the abuse began.

She tried to hide it, explained she tripped and hit the stairs. But the bruises numbered too many, and the slashes on her back became too noticeable. The other children whispered, the adults looked on in pity, but none would help her. They knew not how to reach her in such despair. Her hair grew long to hide the markings, the angry bruises, the angry slits in her pale skin. The flowing outfits she used to wear now fit another, and her spotlight dimmed into a dark shadow. No longer able to dance with her heart, she escaped the ballet and took solace in her Duel Monsters' deck.

That was when the Dark Magician Girl befriended her, taking life in a transparent form to comfort her after a terrifying night of slipping free of her drunken mother's clutches. She wept for the loss of dancing, and the fear that the next time her mother caught her would be her last.

It had been long since she graced the halls of a ballet theatre, long since she watched the stage in rapture, attention focused solely on the flowing gowns and intricate dances that the men and women poured hours and hours of practice into. She knew from experience that the slightest imperfection in a curved arch of the back, the slightest twist of the ankle too far extended could be a disaster to the entire production. It made her heart leap to see the women flutter across the stages in their point shoes, arms poised and extended as they bent at the knee to bow.

And below the stage, in a pit, came the lovely tuned strings of the violins, cellos, and harps. Flutes occasionally graced the atmosphere of music and the braying of silver trumpets, but none gave depth to the twirling figures on stage like the stringed-instruments. It was the way she imagined herself one day, on a stage with lights of soft blue lighting her visage and a gown of silken white skimming the ground as she performed a series of intricate dances and poised figures to the flow of rosined bows across fine strings.

And as Téa risked a glance at the two boys on either side of her whom made her birthday truly the happiest, mature plum colored eyes met her own. Yami raised a brow at her, before inclining his head back towards the stage. She leaned in towards him, whispering softly.

"Thank you…"

He shook his head. "You are thanking the wrong person."

She blinked once, and then turned to look at Yugi. His attention was on the stage, watching the dancing figures twirl in colors of deepest blue, softest purple, and glimmering green. He blinked and looked up at her, sensing her eyes upon him. Téa pressed her lips to his cheek.

"Thank you, Yugi," she murmured.

He blushed darkly, pulling back to look at her. "I wanted to make this birthday special for you."

She rubbed at her eyes with a gloved hand. "And it has been special, thank you so much."

Yes, truly…it had been too long…

Afterwards, the two boys treated the birthday girl to ice cream. In her skirts of periwinkle blue she followed them into a park illuminated by many street lamps and lights in the water fountains. Numerous couples lounged about with an occasional senior walking his or her dog on the cool night. The jade paths were carved strategically around stone benches beneath large trees with reaching branches that nearly touched the ground from their towering heights. The fountains were of black and white marble with carvings of unicorns and fairies spilling water into the curved bowls below.

Téa sank onto one of the stone benches, removing her shoes and setting them aside, consuming her delicious treat. Yami leaned against the tree beside her, nibbling on his vanilla cone as Yugi sat beside her and dug into his chocolate chip mint. She sighed in contentment once she finished and looked around the park, dark blue eyes wandering up to the nearly full moon flanked by blankets of shimmering stars swimming in a sky of warm velvet black.

"It was amazing…seeing the ballet again…" she said, keeping her voice low.

Yugi nodded. "It was our first time, wasn't it Yami? What did you think?"

Yami shrugged slightly. "It's an art form, yes? They had something similar to it in Egypt, though that form of dancing served…a different purpose."

Yugi ducked his head as Téa giggled quietly at the Pharaoh's meaning. She stood and twirled around in her skirts, toes skimming the lush grass. Pausing, her skirts settled about her legs as she turned to face Yami and Yugi, who watched her with interest.

"I love the Russian Ballet, the Masquerade is one of my favorites!" she sighed softly. "All those beautiful costumes and glittering masks…"

She balanced on a raised foot, arching the other in the air, curving her back with her arms poised above her in a fragile circle, fingers delicately curved and splayed downwards. Holding the pose for a few moments, she shook her head and straightened. Yugi closed his gaping mouth.

"How…you make it look so easy!"

She grinned and winked. "I had ballet lessons. It takes a lot of work…but it's something that sticks with you. I'm so happy my father is paying for my lessons again. I may not dance in another performance, but perhaps I'll get better…"

Yami nodded. "Practice makes perfect, or so they say."

Téa hummed in agreement, passing a hand through her short auburn hair and tousling the locks. Above, the stars dwindled, snuffed out by the grasping fingers of dark clouds. Yugi looked up, and then to Yami.

"We should probably be getting home…those look like storm clouds," he said.

"Aw, can't we stay here for a few more moments?" Téa begged, turning her face towards the sky, eyes closed. "It's so peaceful here…"

Yami watched her, before his eyes widened slightly. A glow had surrounded her form, black with Shadow with a translucent thread of silver. It burned brightly to his eyes, centering around her heart where a dark purple glow pulsed to life. Yugi felt Yami's shift in emotions and stood slowly.

"Yami…what is it, what's wrong?"

But the Pharaoh did not answer and instead walked past Yugi to grip Téa's shoulders tightly, shaking her lightly.

"Téa, open your eyes!"

She did so, and their obsidian depths focused on him dully. Her legs collapsed and Yami held her, lowering her gently to the ground. Yugi was by his side, frantic now with worry. Others who had witnessed her fall were gathering around the three in a large circle.

"Yami, what happened to her?" his voice trembled.

Yami glanced at Yugi and shook his head, keeping his voice quiet. "Shadow has taken her…He is here, seeking her and unless we venture into her mind we will not be able to draw her back out."

Yugi looked down at Téa, eyes filled with fear and doubt. "But why is it affecting her like this?"

"Whether you realize it or not, Bakura and I have. Téa has become a thing of Shadow itself, an embodiment of Darkness. She alone possesses the dark powers of the ruler of the Shadow Realm. It is still a mystery to us, His plans and how they involve Téa…but this just proves he has already sown his seeds of power into her."

"Is she going to be okay?" A woman asked from above them.

Yugi nodded, before turning back to Yami. "How does this prove it?"

"He has entered this world from the Shadow Realm and is weak from his passing. So, in order to gain back enough strength to move, he leeches off Téa's life energy. She bears his mark." His hand rested on her forehead. "Though you cannot see it yet, it is indefinitely there. Though I know not how the Shadow Master managed to escape yet a second time from his confinements, we have no choice now but to break the shadow bond that he has established within her."

Yugi shook his head. "Won't it hurt her?"

"No, a shadow bond is merely what allows him to connect to her energy and steal it for his own. We have to stop him Yugi, or he will drain her dry!"

The urgency of Yami's voice convinced Yugi, and as he nodded Yami's fingers clasped over his wrist and the very air rushed from his body into a misted fog as darkness surrounded his vision. When he opened his eyes, he was in a hall of cerulean stone, gleaming in the flickering torches set into iron brackets in the walls. Yami was kneeling in front of him, shivering slightly. His skin was translucent and the blue veins beneath his flesh stood out in great detail. Yugi felt panic claw at his heart.


"Do not despair. It is merely this place that chills me so, draws my energy from me. The Millennium Puzzle will protect me," Yami explained, getting to his feet.

Yugi stood as well, dusting off the black slacks he wore. Yami was dressed similar, but his fading body seemed to blend with the white of his dress shirt. The smallest of the pair glanced around, touching the icy walls.

"Where do we go from here?" he asked.

"I know not, her energy is faint, drawn elsewhere. It would be easier to split up and cover more ground," Yami said through chattering teeth.

Yugi nodded. "All right and what if we find her?"

"Contact by the Millennium Puzzle, it would be easier," Yami said.

They turned and ran in opposite directions, down the dark blue halls with its flickering torches that cast no warmth upon them. Soon metal doors came into Yugi's view, bars of black iron running vertically across its surfaces. Any that looked unlocked Yugi opened with a high screeching noise. Dust and cobwebs greeted him as gray walls flickered to light, showing emptied rooms. He slammed the doors shut and continued on.

Yami found himself in a large circular space. He knew not that it was circular, for the walls were hidden in sifting black shadows, but the room seemed to mold around him in a circular fashion. Orbs of blue light bobbed here and there, images playing along their surfaces. He reached out, caressing one's surface and then jerked back, fighting the sudden pull that tried to dislodge him and suck him into the memory.

"Hm…memory orbs," he glanced about the room, hearing the faintest sounds of bare footsteps on cold stones.

A dark chuckle echoed around him and he glanced to either side, whirling to face the looming darkness that pressed on him from all angles. The bobbing orbs suddenly scattered, drawing back in a line as a single figure broke free from the shadows and walked towards him. Broken gold chains clinked across the cerulean floor as the blue light from the orbs played across the figure's gleaming pale skin. Gold cuffs winked in the play of light from around his wrists and his thin, slender form was clothed in tattered robes of faded silver. Blood red eyes watched Yami, framed by a wealth of onyx black hair. As he approached him, a smirk curled faded red lips as long, slender fingers reached up to caress the Pharaoh's cheek.

"Again we meet…my dear Pharaoh…" he whispered.

Yami sucked in a breath, which seared icy-hot in his lungs. "…Shadow Master…"