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Kagura is the school bitch instead of Kikyo so you know, but she has reasons... I guess I cant make any character PURE evil... Except maybe Naraku... Meh, read on, onegai?[/AN]

A senior pushed through the crowd of younger students, geography text and notebook clutched in his hands. He grumbled a bit and finally made it to his locker near the science lab. "Thank Kami-sama its Friday..." He muttered, placing his books in the tiny metal locker.

"Oi! Sesshoumaru!" A senior with dark hair pulled into a ponytail and blue eyes made his way to Sesshoumaru, shoving a few 8th graders out of the way. Sesshoumaru's golden eyes glanced down at Kouga's t-shirt: black, with a pack of wolves running across the front. Kouga was one of his closest friends, even if he was kind of annoying.

"Hey Kouga..." He said, nodding to the other.

"Yo Sess! I think I may have found another school activity you can do!" Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow. "Dont worry, it seems easy. All you have to do is give a month's worth of counseling or tutoring to a special needs student."

"I dont think--" Sess started, running his fingers through his long silver hair.

"It'd look good on your college application." Kouga interrupted with a smirk. Sesshoumaru wanted to get into a good college and just about every one knew it.

Sess seriously considered this fact. He already had fencing, art club, drama, Japanese, band, and track to add to his college application, not to mention he was taking every advanced course offered at Shikon High. But maybe this student-to-student counseling thing would look good on the application. It would show he was interested in helping others.

"Okay, I'll do it. Where do I sign up?" The silver-haired senior said finally.

"Already signed ya up!" Kouga grinned impishly and Sess rolled his eyes. "And there are benefits; you get 6th period off three days a week."

"6th period? Well thats nice..." Sess had band 6th period. Oh how he HATED band! Mr. Parham, the instructor, was so annoying!

"Yeah, well anyway you're to report to Ms. Takahashi's classroom 6th period and she'll pair you up with a special needs student for the next month."

"Thanks Kouga." Sess said, taking out his sheet music and trumpet case and going off to class.


Rin sat in the Special Needs classroom, staring at the chalkboard as the teacher helped some other kids with their homework. Rin had already finished hers. In fact, she was only in here because none of the other teachers knew sign language.

Seeing Rin was bored, the teacher aide, a pale college student with white hair, approached her. "Hi Rin," She said softly. The dark-haired student blinked honey brown eyes and signed a 'hello'.

"Nothin to do?" Ms. Miyazaki, or Kanna as she liked to be called, asked her. Rin shook her head. "I have something for you."

*What?* Rin signed. Kanna brought out a small book, covered in white silk and trimmed with sky blue ribbon. With it was a fancy white pen with blue ink.

"Here, its a diary. You dont talk, and you hardly ever even sign. I know you have lots of thoughts built up inside you, you can write them in here." Kanna smiled; Rin had always been her favorite student.

*Thank you very much, Kanna* Rin signed, fingers flying excitedly as she grinned. Kanna nodded to her and went to help some other students.

Rin opened the small book to the first sheet and took the pen in her hand. Placing pen to paper, she began to write.

~Dear Diary,

Hello, my name is Higurashi Rin. You're such a pretty little book, with that white silk and blue ribbon... Kanna is so thoughtful. Well, I guess i'm supposed to write my thoughts in here. First you might want to know a little about me though. I'm mute. Well, I *can* talk in the sense that my vocal chords are perfectly in tact, but I dont think i can talk. I havent spoken in 2 years, not one word. Because... 2 years ago, I witnessed my cousin Kikyo being killed. Everyone believes it was suicide, but I know better. I know who killed my cousin. Thats enough about that...

I have an older sister named Kagome and a little brother named Souta. There's also my crazy grandfather and my mom. Daddy left us when I was still little. Oh, Kagome's boyfriend Inuyasha just walked into the classroom. He's handing a note to Ms Takahashi. Thats right, Inuyasha is an office aide this hour. I wave to him a bit and he sends a smile in my direction.

He's always so nice to Kagome and me and the rest of our family. I have seen him get in a few fights though... Oops, Ms. Takahashi has an announcement to make. More later.

Love, Rin~

Mrs. Takahashi stood at the head of the classroom as Rin closed her new diary and laid down the pen.

"Class," The middle-aged woman started. "Monday we start a Student-to-Student counseling and tutoring program. Seniors who signed up will be coming during 6th period and I'll be pairing you off. If things dont work out, the senior can quit and you dont have to do the program any more, but I want everyone to at least give it a chance!"

There were a few groans from the punks in the back. The rest of the class seemed pretty unenthusiastic too.

'Great, just great.' Rin thought to herself. 'Some person I dont even know is going to come and most likely try to get me to speak again. I dread Monday...'


Meanwhile, in the band room, as Mr. Parham worked with the flutes seperately, Sesshoumaru thought to himself, fiddling with the instrument in his lap.

'What have I gotten myself into?! What if I have to put up with someone totally horrible, like one of those freaks with the weird colored hair and body piercings?' He shuddered inwardly. 'What if I dont make any progress?' Sigh. 'I dread Monday...'


It began to sprinkle lightly as Rin walked home with her sister Kagome and Kagome's friends Yuki, Eri, and Ayumi. Inwardly she cursed her luck. Rin hated the rain; it was so cold and wet... And it was raining the day Kikyo was murdered... The rain had etched bad memories into her mind permenantly.

The girls held their backpacks over their heads and ran the rest of the way as the rain picked up. It was pretty much storming by the time Kagome and Rin reached their house on Arrow St.

Kagome unlocked the door and walked in, followed by Rin. Sighing, the younger girl wrung the water out of her hair and skirt, then went up for a hot shower. Walking up the stairs she could hear Souta playing one of those video games of his.

"Souta! Dont sit so close to the TV!" Kagome scolded, taking out her homework and starting on the assigned math problems.

Upstairs, Rin took her shower and dried off, then went downstairs. Taking her new diary out of her school bag, she went back upstairs and locked herself in her room.

She pulled her damp hair into a low ponytail and sat in her windowseat with her diary and pen. Honey-brown eyes gazed out at the falling rain. It was so... grey... so depressing... The weather mirrored her current mood perfectly...


Sesshoumaru pulled his dark jacket over his silver hair as he ran out of the school to the waiting limo, bag in hand. The driver nodded a greeting to Sess as the senior sat on the cushioned leather seat. The door opened again as Inuyasha climbed in, silvery hair dripping wet.

Sess frowned slightly, before turning his head to stare out the tinted window. Inuyasha tried to make conversation on the drive home, but Sess just continued to stare.

The limo pulled up in the driveway of the large house on Youkai Blvd. It was a fairly large, 2 story house with flower beds around it. It housed the Iizuka family, Inutaisho, their father, Mitsuko, Inuyashas mother and Sesshoumaru's step mother, the two boys themselves, and a few housekeepers. There was almost always someone around, much to Sesshoumaru's distaste.

The Iizuki brothers headed inside and their wet jackets were taken care of by maids. Sess, school bag in hand, walked up the stairs to his bedroom on the 2nd floor.

Sesshoumaru's room was different from other teenagers' rooms. The walls were painted an off-white and there was cream carpeting on the floor. His bed had white sheets and a navy comforter and was always perfectly made. There was a bookcase filled with encylopedias and other reference books in the corner and his desk was by that. His desk was polished wood and the top was neat; everything in its place. Sesshoumaru's room was so clean it was almost scary...

He took his text books from his bag and stacked them in the corner of the desk. Picking up his pencil and sitting in the chair, he began on his homework...


Rin trudged downstairs for dinner when she heard her mother calling. Entering the kitchen, she looked around almost emotionlessly. It was the same grey-tiled, white painted kitchen they had always had dinner in. The grey marble-like counters were tidy and everything was clean. In the center was the old wooden table with antique chairs. There were lots of antiques in the house it seemed. Her grandfather was a collector.

She sat in the same chair she always sat in, beside her mother and across from her little brother Souta. Kagome and Mrs. Higurashi sat on either side of the grandfather, who was on the end.

Rin glanced down at the tablecloth; it was gray too, with a blue flower design. Grey grey grey, her whole life seemed to be grey! Life at 1307 Arrow St. was so... boring... so repetetive... Every day was the same for the mute girl.

For Kagome, it was different. She had guys asking her out left and right and was forever going on dates. Guys seemed to steer clear of Rin though. Just because she couldnt speak.

Kagome, Souta, Mrs. Higurashi and their grandfather started up a conversation about something or other. Rin wasnt listening to their animated chatter. She just poked at her vegetables a bit after eating the rest of her dinner.

Signing, she excused herself to do her homework, when actually she just headed up to her room to watch some subtitled anime. Always put off what can be done later, that was her motto when it came to the evil demons from hell aka homework.

Walking inside, she locked the door to her bedroom and glanced around. At least it wasnt grey in here. Rin's room was painted blue at the bottoms of the walls, then it got steadily darker until the blue turned to black, kind of like a night sky. At the top, in the black, were tiny silvery stars that she painted herself.

Her bedspread was dark blue denim and her sheets and pillowcases were sky blue; the carpet under her feet was navy and even the cushion in the windowseat was blue. She loved her room, it was her sanctuary, her escape from reality.

Popping a DVD into the player by her TV, she flopped back on the bed and watched a few episodes of Chobits. Around 9 she turned off the DVD player.

'That Chii is so lucky...' Rin thought to herself. 'Its obvious Hideki loves her so much, yet shes oblivious...'

Glancing out the window, she saw it was raining again, though it was beginning to slow down. 'Still raining...' A sigh. 'Rain rain rain... grey... so depressing... I hate the rain...' Honey brown eyes found the blank canvas in the corner of her room, along with the easel and paints. There was an old, paint-stained sheet underneath the easel to keep the paint off the carpet.

'Its been a while since I painted something new...' She thought, getting up and picking up her paints and brush. Rin started, pouting slightly with concentration. She finished around midnight; now on the once-blank canvas, was a depressing painting of a lone woman amidst a swirl of grey and black. The woman wore a lonely expression, one hand reaching out for someone, anyone...

After finishing, she did what little homework she had and sat in the windowseat for a few minutes, staring outside. Then she saw it, piercing through the black and the grey; a shooting star. Her face broke into a small smile and her eyes followed its path through the sky.

'I wish... I wish to meet my soul mate soon...'


Sesshoumaru finished his homework with ease. He was probably the most advanced student in the school. He put away his school books and assignments, then deposited his bag in its usual spot beside the door.

Stretching his muscles, stiff from sitting still so long, he heard a soft knock on the door.

"Yes?" He called. One of the housekeepers opened the door a bit.

"Dinner is ready Mr. Sesshoumaru."

"I'll be right down." His voice stayed cold and calm as ever. The housekeeper nodded and hurried back downstairs to help serve.

Sesshoumaru sighed. It was just another day. He headed downstairs to the dining room and took his seat at the long table. Gold eyes took in his surroundings.

The dining room, a plain white room with crimson carpeting and the long polished wood table, was filled with people; housekeepers bustling in and out setting dishes on the table, his father Inutaisho at the head of the table, surrounded by delegates and visiting businessmen, his brother Inuyasha chatting animatedly with Mitsuko, most likely about his newest girlfriend Kagome, and then there was him, sitting alone at the opposite end of the table.

Sesshoumaru felt outcasted from even his own family. He had felt that way since his mother died and Inutaisho remarried to Mitsuko. And Inutaisho made it known that Inuyasha was his favorite son. Thats probably why Sesshoumaru felt he needed to be perfect, to be better than Inuyasha... But it wasnt easy being perfect; in fact, it was the most difficult thing anyone could ever imagine.

He always had to do things right the first time, always had to keep that calm, emotionless facade. It was... depressing to say the least...

Dinner was served and Sesshoumaru ate in silence, listening half-heartedly to the conversations his father and the businessmen, and his step-mother and his half-brother were carrying on.

He finished and excused himself from the table, going up to his room. Sess was tired, but he couldnt sleep yet... He picked up a book, The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, and read for a few hours.

Golden eyes glanced at the clock on his night table. Midnight already? Well, RotK WAS a good book... He marked his place with a bookmark and laid the book on his desk. Then he saw it through the window, a shooting star streaking through the black of night.

'Its stupid... but why not? It isnt like anyone will know...' He thought to himself, and whispered aloud, "I wish I could find someone that I dont have to be perfect around, someone I can tell my secrets to without fear of wether the secrets would be safe... I wish to meet... my soul mate..."

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