Rin stared up at the stage in the auditorium, honey-brown eyes full of pride and happiness. A camcorder was perched on her shoulder, and she was grinning almost stupidly, filming the rows of high school graduates in those blue robes and weird hat thingies.
It was Sesshoumaru's graduation day, and right now, the principal was handing out diplomas. Rin, Inuyasha, Sango, and Ayame sat in the audience; they were all a year younger than the others. On Rin's left sat Inutaisho, then Mitsuko, and on her right was Mrs. Higurashi and Souta. In the row ahead was Ayame, Inuyasha, and Sango. Shippo and Souten should have been there, but no one had seen them all day.
Up on stage, Rin could see Sesshoumaru clearly, standing in the very center. Surrounding him was Jakotsu, Bankotsu, Kagome, Kouga, Miroku, Kagura, Hiten, and all the other graduates.
As the principal called out names of people Rin didnt know, her mind wandered to what had happened since November, since that day.
The group had learned of Kagura's home life, and now they were all on speaking terms at least; not exactly friends, but far from hating each other. Kagura and her brothers were getting psychiatric help, their mother was in rehab and doing better every day.
Rin had seen a psychiatrist a few months ago also, but she had recovered a bit more quickly. No charges had been filed against her.
Life was great for all of them actually. Rin almost laughed aloud as she remembered the previous Christmas, when she had finally met Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha's parents. Inutaisho and Mitsuko had taken a liking to her immediately, and had gushed over how Sesshoumaru had made a good decision in choosing Rin as his girlfriend.
Inutaisho had tormented Rin and Sesshoumaru, and Kagome and Inuyasha all that day with mistletoe, his hearty laugh filling the mansion.
Rin snapped out of her thoughts as the principal, Mr. Justus, called Sesshoumaru up to get his diploma and make a speech.
Yes, that's right... Sesshoumaru was valedictorian.
Rin almost burst with pride as he stepped up to the podium, smiling and taking his diploma. She stood to get a better shot of her boyfriend, making sure not to miss a minute of his speech.
Sess began speaking. Rin already knew what he was going to say; she had practically memoriezed his well-thought out speech. He had only rehearsed it in front of her a million times!
When his speech ended, Sesshoumaru earned a loud round of applause. By then, the diplomas had all been given out, and Rin had taped the whole thing.
Suddenly, there was a loud POP! Something above the stage burst, spilling confetti and balloons with "Congrats You Guys!" written on them. Remote control airplanes with congratulation banners weaved in and out through the rows of filled seats.
Rin burst into laughter, as did most others. Two grinning 8th graders waved down at everyone from the audience, seated in the catwalks. Shippo and Souten.
"I should have known they'd pull something like this!" Ayame shouted, giggling uncontrollably.
They could see Shippo messing with something, and suddenly V6's Change the World blared through the speakers, filling the auditorium with upbeat music.
Rin almost shrieked with excitement. This was definately a graduation to remember!
A laughing Sesshoumaru leapt off the stage and pushed through the crowd of people, diploma clutched in one hand. Rin handed the camcorder to Inutaisho and met Sesshoumaru half-way, hugging him tightly.
"Ohh Sess! I'm so proud of youuu! My boyfriend, top of the class"
He lifted her into the air by her waist and spun her around in a broad circle, kissing her when her feet touched the ground.
"So how do you feel Mr. Valedictorian?" Inutaisho asked, chuckling as he taped the whole scene. It was rather comical, seeing Sess like that: flushed with excitement, eyes glittering with happiness, and multi-colored confetti dotting his silver hair.
"I feel great Dad! I'm going to college next year"
"WE are going to college next year!" Jakotsu and Bankotsu jogged up, grinning. And it was true. The three boys had been accepted into several colleges, and were having a bit of a hard time choosing.
"Hey! Line up for a picture everybody!" Mrs. Higurashi shouted, digital camera in hand. Everyone lined up against the maroon painted wall, Sess and Rin in the center with their arms around each other, Jakotsu and Bankotsu to the left giving each other bunny ears with their fingers, Inuyasha and Kagome to the right of Sess and Rin, holding hands and making peace signs; Miroku was on the other side of Ja and Ban, holding Sango bridal style, Kouga and Ayame were on the other side of Inuyasha and Kagome holding hands with their arms raised in victory, and Shippo and Souten popped up behind everyone just as the picture was being taken.
Both Rin and Sesshoumaru knew they would never forget that day, posing for the picture, with inspirational music playing in the background.
Sess also knew he'd have to go out of state to college when it started up after this summer; knew he'd have to leave Rin for a while, but he tried to forget about that. Today, and every day for the rest of this summer, he was going to spend his time with her.
"Oi! Party at my place!" Shippo shouted suddenly, followed by a cheerful "Yeah!" from Souten.
Rin flopped back onto the couch at Shippo's place with a glass of punch, laughing. Inuyasha and Miroku were currently trying their hand at karaoke, singing Just Communication as a dare from Bankotsu.
"Man, you guys really suck at singing!" Souten managed to say through her giggles as she chucked a pretzel at Inuyasha.
"Hey, lets let the girls go up next!" Kouga suddenly suggested. "Ayame, Rin, Sango, Kagome, and Souten"
"Heyyy! No fair!" Sango chucked an empty sprite can at him. "You know I cant sing"
Miroku put on his infamous puppy dog eyes. "Please Sango-chan? For me"
"Argh! Fine"
Chuckling, Inuyasha hooked up microphones to the karaoke machine and sat on the couch, as did the other guys.
The girls gathered around the machine and whispered to each other. "So what should we sing?" Souten asked.
"I dunno, something inspirational..." Rin replied, thinking.
"Stand Up?" Kagome suggested.
"Sounds good!" Souten chirped.
"Okay then!" Sango shrugged, and popped in the tape. The girls formed a line, with Souten in the center, since she was the shortest, then Rin and Sango on either side of her, and then Kagome and Ayame on either side of them, and the song began.
"Great!" Jakotsu grinned, turning off Rin's camcorder. He had caught the whole thing on tape... "I'll send you all copies"
"Jakotsu you rat!" Souten screeched, trying not to laugh. "You didnt tell us you were taping it"
"How could I have resisted?" He snickered. "The camcorder was just lying right there"
"Get him girls!" Kagome cried out, giggling. All five tackled the poor boy and began messing up his black hair, tossing the clip that held it aside.
Sesshoumaru nearly doubled over in laughter as Jakotsu emerged from the dogpile, looking like a family of rats had nested in his hair. Inuyasha snickered and pointed, Miroku chuckled quietly, Shippo had his face buried in a couch pillow to keep from going into hysterics, and Kouga was beginning to turn blue from laughter. First the girls singing J-pop, and now this! Yes, these were good times, that was for sure.